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He has fourteen years of experience in the field of plant biotechnology managing the day to day production of greenhouse source plant targets for laboratory research.

He has a unique skill set managing the successful production of corn for biotechnology research and the recovery of viable progeny from laboratory sourced T0 plants in the greenhouse.

He has developed successful protocols for source plant targets for wheat, rice, barley, cotton, canola, and tomatoes for laboratory research needs.

He has devised unique protocols for recovering T0 progeny from both Dicots and Monocots.

He has worked within the field of plant biotechnology for fourteen years managing the production of plant targets in the greenhouse for laboratory research.

He is skilled in the field of maize production in the greenhouse.

He has developed successful protocols for recovering viable progeny from transformed plants.

He is thoroughly competent establishing and supporting wheat, rice, barley, cotton, canola, and tomatoes for laboratory research needs.

He has successfully devised pest management protocols which eliminate or minimize the damage that insect pests can bring to the greenhouse.

He has held a certified pesticide applicator license in both Iowa and North Carolina.

He has 27 years of experience with corn in both field and greenhouse research.

He has 13 years of corn disease research experience designing, initiating field plots, collecting seed, filling packets, planting, cultivating, collecting disease notes, entering data, pulling the data into a usable form, and creating a catalog of disease scores and traits based on the observations from 24 separate national locations.

He has successfully operated a corn research quarantine facility which allowed one to take inbreeds from foreign sources and increasing the seed for use domestically.

He has hired, trained, coached and mentors seasonal high school and college employees.

He has collaborated with suppliers of greenhouse units designing, unique facilities for bio level II biotechnology research.

He has taken existing greenhouse expertise and applied it to greenhouse design to meet the needs of researchers.

He has designed and coordinated the construction of four greenhouse facilities. One of approximately 6,500 square feet, one of roughly 5,000 square feet, another of approximately 10,000 square feet and a fourth of approximately 20,000 square feet.

He has utilized existing greenhouse construction technologies and incorporated then in new ways to maintain environmental control without sacrificing growing space.

He has collaborated in the design of new mechanical devices for use in the greenhouse to save space and reduce energy requirements.

He has worked with suppliers of greenhouse control systems to purchase, install, and devise control protocols to take full advantage of their products.

He has managed all aspects of day to day greenhouse operations including control systems, plant protocols, pest suppression, hiring, training, mentoring, and evaluating employees.

He has devised and implemented construction of a steam sterilization system built with existing off the shelf equipment to meet the needs of rendering biotechnology active plant material inert for less than $25,000.00 as opposed to an autoclave system.

He has remolded non Bio Level II greenhouse facilities into facilities that meet the necessary requirements of the established protocols.

Consultant for The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. I surveyed greenhouse system, plant phytotron systems, existing plant protocols, and work force. I reviewed and prioritized potential changes to the facilities, plant protocol methods and improvements to labor procurement and training.Consult for Edenspace Systems Inc. I surveyed the greenhouse system and the existing plant protocols, and the work force. I reviewed and prioritized potential changes to the facilities, greenhouse layout, and plant protocols and the need for dedicated full time greenhouse employees. Follow up was by a written report and further interaction via e-mail and teleconferencing.Consult for Agrivida Inc. I surveyed their greenhouse system, existing plant protocols, pesticide protocols, and fertility regime. Written report reviewed and prioritized potential changes to the facilities, greenhouse layout, and plant protocols. Follow ups via e-mail and teleconferencesDuring his time at Syngenta he was involved with the planning and design of the North Carolina State University greenhouse additions through Rough Greenhouses of Cincinnati Ohio.

He did the same for an Illinois seed company, Beck's Seed Inc. They had many visitors through the Syngenta facility as Syngenta is a global company. Some were employed by Syngenta and some were collaborators. Expert's role was to explain why they did what they did and how that was enhanced by the facilities that he had designed.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Raleigh, North Carolina - Greensboro, North Carolina - Durham, North Carolina - Winston Salem, North Carolina - Fayetteville, North Carolina - Cary, North Carolina - High Point, North Carolina - Greenville, North Carolina - Rocky Mount, North Carolina - Lynchburg, Virginia

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1973 Degree: BS Subject: Agronomy Institution: Western Illinois University
Year: 1971 Degree: Associates Degree Subject: Liberal Arts Institution: Rock Valley Junior College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2004 to 2009 Employer: Southern Piping Company Title: Preventive Maintenance Consultant Department: Service Division Responsibilities: Identify and contact potential new customers.
Survey their equipment and calculate a proposal cost
Sell the contract
Years: 1998 to 2004 Employer: Syngenta Biotechnology Inc Title: Greenhouse Manager Department: Greenhouse Division Responsibilities: He designed 20,000 sq ft of new greenhouse facilities incorporating an automated control system for heating, cooling, shading, lighting, and irrigation.
He designed upgrades and retrofit of existing greenhouse facilities
He led the effort to retrofit existing greenhouse structures, reglazed the units, exchanged control system, automated irrigation system, added exhaust fans, Side vents and reinvent the cool cell system to maintain appropriate temperature control.
He devised successful plant protocols in support of the biotechnology research in the laboratory.
Years: 1990 to 1998 Employer: Pioneer Hi-Bred Int (Now a DuPont Co.) Title: Greenhouse Manager Department: Greenhouse Division Responsibilities: He designed 10,000 sq ft of new greenhouse facilities incorporating automated control systems for heating, cooling, shading, and lighting.
He coordinated the greenhouse work with the research scientist’s needs and schedules.
He devised successful plant protocols supporting biotechnology research in the laboratory from plant targets to recovery of viable T1 seed for corn, wheat, rice, and cotton.
Years: 1977 to 1989 Employer: Pioneer Hi-Bred Int (Now a DuPont Co.) Title: Senior Research Associate Department: Disease Research Department Responsibilities: He was the lead technician supporting the corn disease research effort.
He was the lead technician establishing a corn disease data base.
He designed a plant quarantine greenhouse system that to allowed inbreds originating from outside of the USA to be increased for domestic use. He incorporated an advanced lighting system relative to the 1981 construction period.
Years: 1973 to 1997 Employer: Pioneer Hi-Bred Int (Now a DuPont Co.) Title: Senior Research Associate Department: Alfalfa Research Division Responsibilities: He was responsible for all field and greenhouse work supporting the alfalfa research effort in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
He applied all necessary fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides.
He designed and coordinated new alfalfa research facility and greenhouse to support the alfalfa clonal research effort.
He develpoed unique clonal propigation protocols resulting in superior plants and 99% survival in the greenhouse and the field.

Additional Experience

Vendor Selection
He has worked with general contractors and HVAC suppliers, managing new construction projects.

He has negotiated with subcontractors supplying HVAC equipment, ductwork, insulation, controls, and professional test and balance companies securing the best pricing available.

He has coordinated the subcontractors work with that of the general construction process to maintain seamless cooperative installation of the HVAC systems.
Other Relevant Experience
Working with the research scientists, suppliers, and contractors, designed and managed construction of a 10,000 sq ft and a 20,000 sq ft Bio-Level II range of greenhouses.

Systems had automated controls for lighting, heating, cooling, irrigation, and shading.

Developed greenhouse protocols to support biotechnology research with corn, wheat, rice, cotton, canola, tomatoes and soybeans,

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