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Expert in Plasma Cleaning and Treatment, Plasma sources (Magnetron, Hollow cathode, DBD amd others), Medical devises, Metals, Polymers, Thin Film and Surface Technologies, Deposition by Sputtering

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Expert is the president of a consulting firm. He has more than 20 years of experience in industrial research and development and more than 30 years experience in academia. He worked for BOC Coating Technology investigating and developing vacuum and plasma technologies and thin film coatings in order to transfer the results to production. He was a Research Professor in the Department of Materials Engineering and later in the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. He is a Director of Plasma and Surface Analysis at Orthobond, Inc. in North Brunswick, NJ. Expert has taught graduate and general educational courses in gas discharge physics, plasma processing, vacuum deposition technologies,and thin solid films at colleges and scientific conferences.

Expert created a consulting company that has provided consulting to more than 30 clients that include large and small companies. Expert with his co-workers conducted research and development supported by government grants and contracts with industry. He also gave seminars and one-day courses at both conferences and promises of private companies.

Expert has made substantial contributions to the development and implementation of reactive sputter-deposition of dielectrics by pulsed DC reactive magnetron sputtering (PDCRS) and pulsed DC gas flow sputtering (PDCGFS) using a hollow cathode. He has developed two new technologies, Biased Dual Magnetron Sputtering (BDMS) and Dual Anode Sputtering (DAS) that are now established industrial processes. He is actively developing various plasma processes including plasma cleaning of large surface areas (PCLA) of metals and other surfaces, plasma oxidation, plasma enhanced CVD with shower-head type radical source (SHPECVD), and water purification using discharge in bubbled water(DBW), and gas and surface treatment using atmospheric dielectric-barrier discharge (DBD). The success of expert in R&D is based greatly on its tight collaborations with Stevens Institute of Technology, Structured Materials Industries, BOC Group, Advanced Energy Industries, and other companies.

Plasma cleaning and treatmentVacuum deposition of thin films including magnetron sputtering and evaporationPlasma processing

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York - Yonkers, New York - Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City, New Jersey - Paterson, New Jersey - Elizabeth, New Jersey - Bridgeport, Connecticut - New Haven, Connecticut - Stamford, Connecticut - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1967 Degree: PhD Subject: Solid State Physics and Optics Institution: University of Estonia

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2015 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Director of Plasma and Surface Analysis Department: Responsibilities: Lead research, development, and commercialization of plasma treatment of medical devises.
Years: 2007 to 2008 Employer: AMBP Tech Corporation Title: Chief Technology Scientist Department: Responsibilities: Lead research, development, and commercialization of laser formation and processing of advanced surfaces.
Years: 2007 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Author and Editor Department: Responsibilities: Author and Editor.
Years: 2006 to 2010 Employer: Structured Materials industries, Inc. Title: Consulting Director of PVD Technology Department: Responsibilities: Conducting research and development of vacuum deposition technologies including magnetron and gas flow hollow cathode sputter deposition.
Years: 1996 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President Department: Responsibilities: • Consulting in the field of vacuum deposition technologies, thin films, and plasma sources and technology
• Conducting contract work for government and private companies (SMI, AMBP, Thin Films Inc., Energy PhotoVoltaics, Advanced Energy Industries, and others)
Years: 1981 to 1996 Employer: The BOC Group Technical Center Title: Lead Scientist Department: Responsibilities: Development of new thin film deposition processes, surface cleaning and treatment, and design, fabrication and analysis of various coatings.
Years: 1963 to 1980 Employer: Institute of Physics Title: Senior Scientist Department: Responsibilities: Conducted projects within the Latvian Academy of Sciences and industrial laboratories in the field of solid state physics, vacuum electronics, and nuclear radiation.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
American Vacuum Society, Society of Vacuum Coaters
Awards / Recognition
BOC Group Technology Award and two Awards of the Latvian Academy of Science.
Publications and Patents Summary
More than 100 papers and 10 Patents

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Teaching various one- and two-day courses and giving reveiw seminars at SVC, AVS, and other conferences as well as at on-sites of various companies,
Marketing Experience
Expert has provided consulting to more than 30 clients that include large and small companies in manufacturing of various functional coatings, e.g., on windows, optical devices and mechanical tools, plasma treatment of various surface used for medical and other needs. His consulting has helped to solve technical problems of employed manufacturing processes, improve yield and quality of existing products, to install new cost-effective manufacturing processes
Other Relevant Experience
2013-2014 Stevens Institute of Technology, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, Hoboken, NJ -Visiting Professor- Teaching graduate course: Plasma Processes
1997-2006 Stevens Institute of Technology, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, Hoboken, NJ -Research Professor- Advising work on Ph.D. theses- Teaching graduate courses: Physics of Gas Discharges and Plasma Processes- Taught graduate courses: Solid State and Surface Physics
1968-1978 State University, Department of Physics, Riga, Latvia Adjunct Professor- Taught undergraduate physics courses- Advised work on Ph.D. and MS theses
1978-1980 Polytechnic Institute, Department of Semiconductor Technology, Riga, Latvia -Adjunct Professor

1. Toughed short courses at various companies and at SVC, ICMCTF, and SVC conferences: Thin Film Deposition, Thin Film Phenomena, Plasma Cleaning, Evaporation as a Deposition Process, and Sputter-deposition of Thin Films
2. Conducted a BOC Group’s seminar: Surface and Thin Film Phenomena.
3. Created and managed a consortium of three companies, to design and manufacture transparent electrochromic devices.
4. Conducted collaborative work with University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of British Colombia, Rutgers University, University of Pennsylvania, Uppsala University (Sweden), Rudolph Co., National Research Council (Canada) in exploring potentially new technologies.
5. Proposed and conducted 14 projects within the Latvian Academy of Sciences and industrial laboratories and engaged in collaborative work with Latvian State University, Riga Polytechnic Institute and industrial semiconductor laboratory.

Language Skills

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Fields of Expertise

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