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Expert in Power Electronics, Motor Drives, Renewable Energy, Etc.

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AC frequency converters are frequently used for AC motor drives. He has written 7 books and many publications covering this area.
A CCV is a frequency changer which can be direct or through a dc link. He worked as CCV expert in a litigation case in Australia and also wrote technical papers on the subject.
In this converter, AC is first converted to DC, filtered and then converted to fixed or variable frequency AC. The former is for UPS system and the latter is for AC motor drive.
DC-DC converter is usually for regulated power supply to electronic apparatus. It can also be transportation in a DC motor drive.

This is usually for AC motor drive or UPS system.
He has written 4 books on electric motor control. Motors can be DC or AC.
A power converter using power semiconductor devices is usually defined as power conditioner.
A power converter that generates DC from AC.
A thyristor that can be turned on and off by gate pulse.
Electric power conservation is very effective using power electronics.
Control of converters are possible by ASICs and DSPs.
Power conversion and control by power sem. devices.
Power supply can be DC or AC and this uses power electronics heavily.
PWM controls voltage of inverter with minimal harmonics.
Wind, PV or fuel cells are possible renewable energy systems which are very important energy sources in recent years.
UPS system gives reliable DC or AC supply when the utility power fails.

GE - High frequency link power conversion project General Dynamics Land Systems - DC-DC power converter development for Electric Vehicle Delco Remy - Fuzzy Logic based EV control Kolmorgen Corp. - Advanced technology in motor drives Bendix Corporation - Power electronic ignition system for car.

Areas of Specialization: Power Electronics and Motor Drives
(Includes Devices, Converters, Machines, Industrial and Servo Drives, Simulation, Advanced Control, Digital Control, Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Drives, Wind Generation systems, Photovoltaic Systems, Artificial Intelligent Technique Applications in Power Electronics and motor drives)

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Knoxville, Tennessee - Chattanooga, Tennessee - Johnson City, Tennessee - Asheville, North Carolina

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1966 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Univ. of Calcutta, India
Year: 1960 Degree: M.S. Subject: Elec. Engg. Institution: Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
Year: 1956 Degree: B.E. Subject: Elec. Engg. Institution: Univ. of Calcutta

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2003 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant Department: Researcher and Educator Responsibilities: 5. Project Experience (As Principal Investigator): (Only selected projects-not in particular order)

1. Wind electric generation system (UT-EPA) – Fuzzy logic based control and performance optimization
2. Electric Vehicle Microcomputer control with DC motor drive (GE-DOE)
3. Switched Reluctance Motor Drives (GE)
4. High Frequency Link Power Conversion for AC Motor Drive (GE)
5. Soft-Switched Resonant Link Inverter Induction Motor Drive (RPI-GE)
6. Soft-Switched High Frequency Non-Resonant Link Power Conversion for Motor Drive (UT-US Navy)
7. Control of Sector Wound Linear Inductor Motor Drive for Federal Railroad Drive (GE-FRA)
8. Hybrid Vehicle Microcomputer Control with stepper motor engine control and DC propulsion Drive (GE-DOE)
9. Sliding Mode Servo Control of Induction Motor (GE)
10. Scalar Decoupled Control of Induction Motor (GE)
11. Electric Vehicle Control with Induction Motor Drive (GE-DOE)
12. Electric Vehicle DSP Control with IPM Machine Drive (GE-DOE)
13. Microprocessor Based PWM for Induction Motor Drive (GE)
14. Microprocessor Control of Residential PV system (GE-Sandia National Lab.)
15. Position Sensorless Servo Control of PMSM Drive (UT-EPRI)
16. Expert System Based Selection of Motor Drive Products (UT-TVA)
17. Expert System Based Automated Design of Induction Motor Drive(UT-TVA)
18. Fuzzy Logic Based Efficiency Optimized Control of Induction Motor (UT-EPA)
19. Neuro-Fuzzy Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive (UT-GM)
20. Power Converter System for 5 MW Superconducting Magnet Machine for Ship Propulsion (UT-U.S.NAVY)
21. Neural Network Based Space Vector PWM of Induction Motor Drive (UT-GM)
22. Multi-Level Converter Space Vector PWM (UT-Mitshubishi and GM)
23. Fault Investigation and Fault Tolerant Control of IM Drive (UT-TVA)
24. Neural Network Based Feedback Signal Estimation for A Vector Drive (UT)
25. Adaptive Hysteresis Band PWM Control of IM Drive (UT), etc. etc. (See Publications and Patents)
26. Fault Investigations in Converters (UT-TVA)
27. Electrolytic Capacitor Elimination of Converters by DC-Link Active Filter (UT-TVA)
28. Fuzzy control DC Motor Drive (UT-GM)
Years: 1987 to 2002 Employer: University of Tennessee (Now Emeritus Professor) Title: Department: Electrical Engg. & Computer Science Responsibilities: Teaching and research in power electronics and motor drives
(Established university’s Undergraduate and Graduate Power Electronics Programs and Power Electronics Research Laboratory)
(Concurrently – Chief Scientist and Distinguished Scientist, EPRI-Power Electronics Applications Center, Knoxville (1987- 2000)

6. Courses Taught:

Power Electronics and AC Drives (UT-G)
Advanced Power Electronics and Drives (UT-G and RPI-G)
Recent Advances in Power Electronics and Drives (UT-G)
Electrical Energy System Components (UT-UG)
Power Electronics (UT-UG and RPI-UG)
Power Electronic Circuits (UT-UG)
Hydro Electric Power (IIEST-UG)
Electro Technology (IIEST-UG)
Advanced Circuit Theory (IIEST-UG)
Industrial Electronics (IIEST-UG)
Digital Circuits (RPI-UG)
Electrical Machines and Power (UT-UG)
Analog and Digital Computing (IIEST-G)
Motor Drives for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (UT-UG+G)

Years: 1976 to 1987 Employer: General Electric R & D Center Title: Department: Power Electronics Laboratory Responsibilities: R & D in power electronics and motor drives
Years: 1971 to 1976 Employer: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Title: Department: Elec. Engg. Responsibilities: Teaching and reasearch in power electronics and drives
Years: 1960 to 1971 Employer: Title: Associate and Assistant Prof. in EE Department: Responsibilities: Teaching and research in Elec. Engg.
Years: 1982 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Department: Responsibilities: Part time consulting, research, technical writing, IEEE Professional work, book writing, etc.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1993 to 1997 Agency: U.S. Navy Role: Sponsored research Description: Novel motor drive with soft-switched high frequency link converters
Years: 1993 to 1995 Agency: U.S. EPA Role: Sponsored research Description: Research in wind generation system
Years: 1996 to 1997 Agency: NASA Role: Sponsored research Description: EV/HV drive development
Years: 1999 to 2000 Agency: U.S. Navy Role: Sponsored researech Description: Ship propulsion drive

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2004 to 2006 Country / Region: Perth, Australia Summary: Mullins Handcock- Technical Expert witness in mining drive

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Life Fellow, IEEE
Member, Organizing Committee, 3rd World Congress on Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics
Member, Executive Committee, World Congress on Material Science and Nano Technology, Amsterdam
Member, Intl. Conf. on Energy Science & Elec. Engg., New Zealand, Welcome Address
Member, Organizing Committee, Intl. Conf. of Electrical & Electronic Engg.(ICEEE), Canada
Member, Organizing Committee, Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, Montreal, Canada.
Member, Organizing Committee, World Physics Congress LA, Welcome Address
Member, U. S. National Academy of Engineering
Chair, IE Society Honors & Awards Committee
Chair, IE Society Distinguished Lecture Committee
Honorary General Chair, International Future Energy Conference, Taiwan,
Honorary Chair, Qatar Workshop on Power Electronics, Doha, Qatar
Member, IEEE Awards Board
Member, IEEE Medal in Power Engineering Committee
Chair, IEEE Medal in Power Engineering Committee
Vice-Chair, IEEE Medals Council
Member, IEEE Medals Council
Member, IEEE Awards Planning & Policy Committee
Member, IEEE Energy Policy Committee
Member, Editorial Board, Proceedings of the IEEE
IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
International Review of Electrical Engineering (IREE), Italy
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems
Journal of Power Electronics, Korean Inst. of Power Electronics
European Trans. on Electrical Power
Asia-Pacific Engineering Journal
Inst. of IETE, India
MDPI Open Access Journal on Energy and Electronics
Int’l. Electro-Soft Journal
Journal of Electrical Engg. and Electronics Technology
WSEAS Trans. On Business and Economics
Praise Worthy Prize
Electronics Journal
Int’l. Jour. Of Applied Control, Electrical and Electronics Engg.
Electrical and Power Engineering Frontier (EPEF)
Journal of Engineering Science and Research Technology
Chairman, Power Electronics Council, IEEE – IE Society
Chairman/Co-Chairman, Power Electronics Program, IEEE-IECON
Member, Advisory Committee, PEDES and Power India Conf.
Member, Advisory Committee, ICEPEC
Member, IEEE-IECON,Int’l. Advisory Committee
Guest Editor, Proc. IEEE Special Issue on Power Electronics and Motion Control
Chairman/Co-Chairman, Power Electronics Program, Int’l. Symp. of IE Society
Vice-Chairman, IEEE IAS Distinguished Lecture Program
Co-Chair, Technical Program Committee of IEEE-PESC, Toledo,
Co-Chair, Int.l. Steering Committee, Int.l. Conf. on Elec. Machines and Systems, Beijing,
Chairman, Power Electronics Committee, IEEE IE Society
Co-General Chairman, IEEE Int’l. Conf. of PEDES, Australia
Associate Editor, IEEE Trans. of Ind. Elec.,
Associate Editor, IEEE IE Society Magazine
Chairman, IEEE – IA Society Industrial Power Conv. Committee
Chairman, Awards Committee, IEEE IA Society Industrial Drives Committee
Member, IEEE Lamme Medal Committee
Member, IEEE IA Society Outstanding Achievement Award Committee
Member, IEEE Fellow Committee
Member, Int’l. Steering Committee, ICEM2005, Beijing, China
Member, IEEE IAS Neural Network Council
Power Electronics Adviser to China, Brazil and Chile
Member, National Power Electronics Committee, USA
Member, Int’l. Council for Power Electronics Cooperation
Member, ASEE
Member, Technical and Program Committees, CICEM, China
Member, Int’l. Steering Committee, Power Electronics Conf., Algeria
Member, Int’l. Conf. on Energy, Automation and Information Technology, IIT, Kharagpur
Member, Honorable Organizing Committee, PCC, Osaka
Member, Int’l. Steering Committee, PEDS Conf. Bali
Member, Advisory Committee, IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Conference, Thailand
Member, Int’l. ACEMP Conf., Kushadashi (Steering and Organizing Committees)
Co-Chair, Int’l. Committee, 6th Int’l. Conf. on Elec. Machines and Syst., Beijing
Member of Honorable Board of Organization, Int’l. Power Elec. Conf., Tokyo
Member, Int’l. Scientific Committee of Electralis, Belgium
Member, Int’l. Honorary Board, Int’l. Conf. on Elec. Drives and Energy Quality, Romania
Member, Int’l. Steering Committee, IEEE Int’l. Power Electronics Congress, Mexico
Member IEEE Spectrum Advisory Board
Program Reviewer, Electrical Engg. Dept., Nevada University, Reno
Member, Int.l. Advisory Committee, IEEE-ICIEA, China
Founder Member, Power Electronics for Universal Brotherhood
Member, Advisory Committee of IASTED Int’l. Conference, Palm Springs, CA
Member, Int’l. Steering Committee, PEDS, Singapore
Member, Editorial Advisory Committee, Int’l. Journal of Industrial Electronics.
Member, IEEE-IAS Drives Committee
Member, IEEE –IAS Industrial Power Converter Committee
Member, Int’l. Steering Committee, CIEP-04, Celaya, Mexico
Member, Int’l, Advisory Committee, IEEE-ICIEA Xian, China
Honorary Chair, IEEE-POWERENG, Portugal
Paper Reviewer: IEEE IA Trans.
IEEE IE Trans.
Proc. of the IEEE
IEEE- IECON, IAS, PESC, ISIE, IPEC, PEMC Int’l. Journal of Mechatronics
IEEE Trans. On Mechatronics
Int’l. Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Elec. & Electronic Engg.
European Power Elec. (EPE) Conf.
Int’l. Jour. Of Circuit Theory and Applications
IEEE IE Society Magazine, Etc.
Book Reviewer: Automatica,
John Wiley
IEEE Press
Prentice Hall
CRC Press
IEEE Spectrum interview for Power Electronics and Drives
(Member, Spectrum Advisory Board)
Member, Session Chair, Tutorial Speaker, Invited Speaker, Panelist of large number of national and international conferences
Organized and conducted Panel Discussion: IPEC, Tokyo
Plenary speaker, Int’l. Power Electronics Conf., Busan
Plenary speaker, IEEE-Intl. Symp. In Alt. Sources of Energy and Energy Quality (SIFAE & CE), Bogota, Colombia
Plenary speaker, NPEC, Roorkee IIT, India
Distinguished lecturer, Texas A&M University
Plenary Speaker, Nikola Tesla 70th Anniversary Zagrev, Croatia
IEEE Distinguished Lectures: Argentina, Bombay and Pune, Delhi, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Auckland and Christ Church, Hyderabad (Faraday Memorial Lecture), Delhi and Kokata, Taiwan
Licenses / Certifications
Professional Appointments
Chairman, IEEE Power Electronics Council
Member, Proc. IEEE Editorial Board
Associate Editor, IEEE IE Trans
Power Electronics Chair, IEEE IECON
+ many others

Academic Qualifications:
• Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Electrical Engineering, Calcutta University, India, 1966
• Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison,1960
• Bachelor of Elec. Engg. (B.E.), Calcutta University, India, 1956 May
Awards / Recognition
Member, U.S. National Academy of Engineering
IEEE Lamme Medal
IEEE IAS Outstanding Ach. Award
IEEE Mittelmann Award
IEEE Newell Award
IEEE Meritorius Achievement Award
+ Others
Publications and Patents Summary
8 technical books in power electronics and drives
262 technical papers
21 U.S. Patents
+ several book chapters

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Technical Expert Witness Projects:
• (2009) Expert witness report on NAVY Aircraft Barricade Stanchion Motor Controller (equipment malfunction)
• (2007) Expert witness report in wind generation systems (patent controversy)
• Expert witness report in electric/hybrid vehicle drive (patent controversy) (January 2008 - )
• (April 2003 – 2010) Expert witness report in cycloconverter-synchronous motor drive faults (equipment failure)
• (2010) Expert witness report in cycloconverter-synchronous motor drive faults (equipment failure)
• (January 2004 ) Expert witness report in converter power supplies (patent controversy)

Consulting Experience:
• U.S. Federal Government (National Science Foundation) Power Electronics research adviser for university career and SBIR projects
• (Dec. 2009 – Jan. 2010) Evaluation of switched reluctance motor patents – Advice on long term potential of SR drives
• (June 2004) Evaluation of USDA proposals for wind generation and photovoltaic projects and giving advice in this area
• (December 1999 – April 2000) Evaluation of power converters for 25 MW superconducting magnet ship propulsion for U.S. Navy
• (August 1998 – July 2000) Consultation in power electronics and motor drives
• (June 1999 – January 2000) DC-DC power converter development and design for Army hybrid vehicle
• (October 1995) Technology advancements in servo and industrial drives
• (July 1994) Technology trends in power electronics and drives
• (December 1993 – February 1994) Fuzzy logic based control of electric vehicle drive
• (March – May 1993) Analysis of induction motor vector control
• (1991) Vector control of elevator induction motor drives
• (June – September 1974) Lighting control by power electronics
• (April 1974 – November 1975) Development and design of power electronics apparatus for ozonator & General Consulting
• (June 1973 – July 1975) Development and design of high frequency link power converter
• (September 1975) Evaluation of power electronics ignition system for cars
• (June 1987 – May 1989) General consultant for power electronic projects
• (July 1993) Recent advances in power electronics, General consultation
• (September 1993- March 1995) Development of fuzzy logic based induction motor control for efficiency improvement in wind generation system
• (June 1987-July 1989) R & D and applications of power electronics and motor drives
Training / Seminars
The expert has extensive teaching and research experience in power electronics and motor drives that includes power converters, PWM techniques, microcomputer/DSP control, electric/hybrid vehicle drives, renewable energy systems, and artificial intelligence (expert system, fuzzy logic and neural network) applications in power electronics and motor drives.
Vendor Selection
The expert has many experiences providing vendor selection in various industries.
Other Relevant Experience
He has been a power electronics consultant in a large number of industries.
Other Work Experience:
• Distinguished Scientist, EPRI-Power Electronics Applications Center, Knoxville (1989 – 2000)
• Chief Scientist, EPRI-Power Electronics Applications Center (1987-1989)
• Adjunct Assoc. Prof. of Elec. Engg., Renssaeler Polytechnic Institute (1976 – 82)
• Senior Adviser, Beijing Power Electronics R & D Center (1990 –1992)
• Visiting Danfoss Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark, 1997
• Visiting Professor, University of Padova, Italy, (2003)
• Visiting Professor, Federal University of Mato Grosso Sul, Brazil, 2006
• Visiting Professor, Sevilla University, Spain, 2008
• Visiting Professor, European Ph.D. School on Power Electronics, Italy, 2010

Language Skills

Language Proficiency

Fields of Expertise

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