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He Worked at Lower Sileru Hydel Power Station (4x110 MW) for 3 years

•Worked as shift in-charge for load dispatching in an optimal way
•Guided the maintenance team on protection and relaying

He worked as Project Manager for various power projects with APSEB

•He worked in Hydro Electric Projects and handled following areas
•Planning and co-ordination of equipment supplies.
•Preparation of tender documents, Evaluating tenders
•Contracts, monitoring of projects, site inspection
•Materials Management
•Purchasing of materials, inventory control, vendor rating

He also Worked on the following areas at Power Station (4x110 MW) for 3 years.
•In charge of shift duties for satisfactory functioning of the Hydel stations generation
•Guided the load dispatch center at Hyderabad on various technical issues
•Successfully exported and imported power in critical conditions with neighboring states.
•Guided load shedding & load management in critical situations
•Reduced the minimum time for successful synchronization of units in case of emergencies
•Successfully handled the black outs during the monsoon season
•Reduced the down time of maintenance
•Guided the maintenance team on protection and relaying
•Maintained the power station during the shift with minimum technical staff in different floors.

•He worked on many power projects and handled project management in Generation, Transmission and Distribution Areas :

•Worked on computer models (CYME) on Power Systems (i) Load flows (ii) Short Circuit Studies (iii) Stability Studies etc.

•Associated with International Consultants like M/s Pricewaterhouse Coopers, M/s Arthur Andersen, M/s SNC-Lavalin, M/s Sargent & Lundy etc., while dealing with the World Bank/DFID/CIDA funded projects in the Power Sector during Reforms project in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
•Worked on Hydel Power Stations optimization model supplied by SNC-Lavalin Consultants, Canada and also Least Cost Generation Planning models.
•Associated with GIS applications in Power Sector and Distribution Network Studies (PTI Software Products).
-Power system SCADA Applications and Energy management System

He Worked as a Project leader for “USAID PROJECT” on “Integrated Resource Planning for APSEB” for one year •He Worked on computer model “IRP – Software Manager” developed by EPRI, USA and supplied by M/S EPS Solutions Inc. USA for APSEB. •Developed power system expansion plan, least cost plan with DSM and without DSM •Conducted sensitivity analysis on the model by changing the objectives like maximizing the profits, minimizing peak demand and unreserved energy, maximizing generation. •Analyzed the impact of Demand Side Management on generation planning •Developed load forecasting models •Studied the impact of alternative technology sources on generation planning •Simulated Hydro & Wind generation using IRP model by fine tuning the model to suit to Indian conditions •Presented and published a paper “DSM Projects” in the National Seminar at Hyderabad •Demonstrated IRP model for participants during the training program conducted by M/s. Hagler Baily Consultants, USA & IIE, at ASCI, Hyderabad. •Involved as a faculty for IRP courses conducted by ASCI for the trainees, sponsored by PFC.

He handled many issues related to project planning at macro and micro level for power projects and I T related infrastructure projects, identfying critical items, preapring schedules, budget financial planning, identifying various activities, work break down structures, PERT /CPM charts, Bar charts expected delivery periods slippages, identifying suppliers, vendor management etc.

He prepared realistic project schedules in a scientific way for various power projects and I T projects while working at the power companies in INDIA and abroad as a consultant . He worked as a consultant to E C of Saudi Arabia thru USA Consultancy Company.

He organized and participated actively with MNC on Project reviews at regular intervals on The World Bank funded projects for giving project appraisal and project monitoring for successful / timely completion of projects in India and abroad. One example is AP Power REFORMS Project in INDIA in which many international consultants were involved. He worked as a chief coordinator for the Project.

Details of one of the Projects Handled by him is as follows .

He Worked as a team member in the World Bank Project on “Environmental Issues in the Power Sector – A.P. Case Study”.

•Worked on computer model “AS-PLAN” supplied by Analytical Solutions – USA for developing power system expansion plan, least cost planning model – for APSEB.

•Computed the least cost plan for APSEB, using the above computer model Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad.

• Guided the team as a project leader in creating the various scenarios on the model

•Trained the team members on utilizing the model in creating the scenarios

•Conducted sensitivity analysis

Assisted the financial analysts in utilizing the outputs of the modeling results, analyzing various technical results for computing future financial analysis, and the implications of power system planning on financial performance

•Studied impact of load forecast and Demand Side Management

•Associated in the finalizing draft report for submission to the World Bank along with the team (Dr. Bates, Dr. Imran from World Bank).

•Worked with the consultant, M/s. Environmental Resources Management (ERM), UK (Prof. Nigel Lucas) on utilizing the computer model for creating various technical scenarios, like 1) BAU, 2) T&D Losses, 3) DSM, 4) Interfuel Substitution 4) Clean technologies, 5) Fuel linkages & constraints.

•Worked for one year on the World Bank project.

•Presented a paper on T&D losses

He worked on many software projects and associated with the selection of I T models, selection of project management software suitable for power sector etc.

He gained lot of experience in power engineering substations management energy management planning and coordination of substations etc system improvements •Handled AP Reforms Project along with consultants in Distribution area. •Worked with Arthur Andersen, ICICI, Jardine Flemings on Distribution Privatization, Asset Valuation, Asset Registers, •Tariff study, Cost of Service for Distribution, T&D losses, • Efficiency Improvements project, System Improvements project, Energy Audit, Estimation of T& D Losses, Loss Reduction methods performance standards for Regulatory purpose. •Worked extensively on Computer modeling Power system SCADA, Energy management System •Associated with CYME International (USA) Software on Transmission and Distribution Network Studies •Worked on The World Bank funded Reforms projects along with the Consultants M/s Pricewaterhouse, M/s Arthur Andersen, M/s SNC-Lavalin etc.,in Generation, Transmission and Distribution areas and on computer models., Load Forecasting DFID funded projects etc.

He worked in electric power utilities. He worked on GIS applications in utilities, SCADA purchase, materials management stores inventory, spare parts management etc . He also worked on Distribution Area in AP Power REFORMS Project INDIA •Worked with Arthur Andersen consultants ICICI, Jardine Flemings on Distribution Privatization, Reconfiguration, Asset Valuation,, Asset Registers, Estimation of T & D losses, Load Forecasting etc. •Worked with SNC – Lavalin Canadian consultants on Tariff studies, Tariff calculations for cost of Service for Distribution Transmission areas, Energy audit, Losses reduction methodologies etc. •Worked with Sargent & Lundy ( Chicago) on Efficiency Improvements pilot project in Distribution area System Improvements project, cost / benefit analysis performance standards for Regulatory purpose study on metering, Billing and collections etc.

He worked in the distribution area and utilized computers for cost reduction and maximizing profits. He worked on energy management, load forecasting, load management, frequency control, voltage regulations, line losses etc. in distribution .he worked on planning studies. He worked on energy conservation projects, he worked on many Efficiency Improvements project in Distribution area, System Improvements project, cost / benefit analysis performance standards for Regulatory purpose, study on metering, Billing and collections

He has experience in management of power stations, substations, financial planning, operation and maintenance management. He worked on optimization models for cost reduction, energy conservation, energy management, load management, financial management etc.

He worked extensively on computerized MIS, decision support systems. He worked on optimization models and created various scenarios with drivers like maximizing generation, minimizing costs, minimizing down time. He generated various MIS reports. Created database, efficient MIS reporting system for power companies, utilities, I T companies industries, hospitals, big stores etc. He worked on MIS for optimization of asset management, spare parts management, inventory etc. also. He developed E I S. He published papers while working with funding agencies like CIDA, DFID, THE WORLD BANK on the funded projects

functional consultant on power domain
functional consultancy on gis applications on power domain,utilites,generation,transmission distribution areas
training project management MIS



Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1968 Degree: B.E Subject: elctrical engineering Institution: andhra university
Year: 1971 Degree: M.E Subject: power systems Institution: andhra univeristy

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1972 to 2001 Employer: andhra pradesh state electricity board Title: senior engineer Department: projects Responsibilities: project management,planning coordination,purchases, stores inventory,energy management scada, i t applications in power domain software modelling,business development,mis,gis applications electric utilities,project monitoring, technical liasion with consultants,handled the worldbank funded projects,energy conservation,environmental issues in power sector,sytem improvements,efficiency improvements,hydel modelling computer modelling optimisation models,cost benefit analysis,pre sales support,training documentation,substation management,transformers management,inspections,approval of test certificates
Years: 2002 to 2003 Employer: Infotech enterprises Title: senior manager Department: gis Responsibilities: worked on G E smallworld gis package,
gis aplications in generation,transmission,distribution, providefunctional expertise in power domain,electrical enggineering domain,integration
Years: to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: professor Department: elctrical Responsibilities: teaching training,college administration,setting up
computer / electrical laboratories
planning coordination,

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1972 to 2001 Agency: electricity board Role: senior engineer Description: project mangement

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: to Present Country / Region: saudi arabia Summary: power generation

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars

conducted training programes,published and delivered papersenvironmental issues in the power sector ap case study ..The Worldbank funded project,
power system expansion planning studies
integrated resource planning
Vendor Selection
identified power transformers suppliers vender development regstration
Marketing Experience
comissioned various power projects,substations,worked in hydel power stations
used power utilities domain knowledge in It application in power sector,used G E smallworld gis package worked on hydel modelling ,integrated resource planning models created scenarios for energy conservation , worked on optimisation models for minimising costs, maximising generation benefits,worked om DSM projects trained about 10000staff on computer software developed i t applications,
Other Relevant Experience
functional domain expertise in power sector and utilities
traing documentation for I T applications for computer companies,
provided presales presentations, presales support
technical presentation of products mis reports,creating business scenarios business plans,strategies,investments

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