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Expert is the inventor of surface mount (SM) assembly. He has set up over 500 SM centers in the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan. He initiated SM at Motorola. Additionally, he has considerable experience auditing SM work centers so as to determine world-class status. He can provide problem analysis and supply suggestions to improve yields and reduce costs while enhancing reliability. His work in SM was voted the "Best of Year" Award at Expo-SMT, two years in a row. He has also won the "Best of the Year" award from NEP/CON. His background covers the bare PWB, design guidelines, and surface mount paste and wave soldering with an emphasis on soldering to six sigma levels. Failure analysis is also a specialty that Expert offers.

Expert has 15 years experience in SM technology and is the holder of the first patent in SM soldering to cover wave, reflow, and hand assembly. Before retiring from Motorola, Expert was their world-wide expert in SM soldering and cleaning. He has developed soldering processes involving both manual and automatic in-line. He is an expert in the application of nitrogen to IR no-clean flux and solder reflow. He has worked with solder joint design and reliability as well as PWB pad design and layout including finite element computer modeling. He teaches design guidelines, material selection, paste printing, component placement, soldering, cleaning, and testing for the University of Wisconsin at their Continuing Education Center.
Expert also provides an in-house service for surface mount seminars. These seminars cover design, materials, pad configuration design, soldering, cleaning, and test (quality control) for accelerated testing. Prior clients include H-P, Motorola, General Motors, and IBM as well as contract houses such as Solectron.

He has developed aqueous cleaning and saponification processes to eliminate electromigration. He is . His soldering and cleaning work were awarded the US Reliability award and the NEPCON best technical paper of the year. As Lockheed-Martin, his PWB work merited him the top award in science 3 out of 7 times. He has developed a non-destructive one-minute test for insulation resistance (THB) that simulates 15 years of real time electro-migration testing.

Expert developed flux spraying, preheating and soldering of no-clean fluxes. He is familiar with solder joint design for no-clean fluxes, nitrogen atmospheres for no-clean flux optimization, and the use of no-clean fluxes to eliminate electromigration. When no-clean fluxes are used it is no longer necessary to clean the flux residue off the soldered assembly. He has developed a test to determine no-clean residue integrity.

In recent years Expert has developed Ni-Au processes to replace HASL By doing extensive work with DOE technology, the Ni-Au process benefits now exceed HASL regarding flat surfaces and shelf life solderability. His processes with Ni-Au have been implemented worldwide and cost reduction and quality improvements have been substantial-in some cases improvements to 20%. The "black band" problem has been eliminated and product yields to 100% are realized in production.

By developing an accelerated test for PWB insulation and electromigration, Expert has reduced testing from 30 days to 1 minute. The 1-minute test simulates 15 years of real time. The test can be set up in one hour and the cost of the equipment is only $800. Expert has proven the results with many companies including IBM, Microsoft, and Solectron. His testing shows that if no-clean residues are not properly deactivated, field problems result.

Expert has developed high resolution printing and stenciling processes using optical techniques. This involves printing from 8-50 mil centers. Expert has applied this printing to tape automated bonding.

By using Finite Element Modeling, Expert has found the significance of heel and toe fillets in FPT. From this knowledge, he has established new wave soldering and paste processes to improve yields to six sigma for companies such as Motorola, H-P, and General Motors. The new footprint designs and processes have improved cost by 65%. The new processes include PWB design and stencil modifications. Expert's work has completely eliminated intermittent field problems in joints. Internationally, his processes have been proven for quality and cost benefits.

Expert has invented wave and reflow soldering machines. His background includes soldering with and without nitrogen to six sigma levels, including no-clean type fluxes. He has a method to assure the safe use of no-clean fluxes.

Expert teaches how to design and manufacture printed-wiring boards to six sigma performance levels. He has initiated design, materials, processes, and quality control methods.

Expert is proficient in using accelerated test methods (vibration, shock, surface insulation resistance, THB, thermal and chemical techniques). These methods simulate up to 40 years of actual product life. His ALT methods have real time relationships.

Expert shows companies how to design and build PWBs to six sigma performance. The technique covers design, PWB specification development, processes, and quality control.

Expert has a novel background for both active and passive component placement. This background embraces dimensional stack-up, tolerances, placement error, and other placement controls to enhance yields.

A technique developed by Expert "Trend Analysis," identifies problems effecting production yields and yields solutions to production problems. By understanding process/design/material interactions, 100% first-time yields are achievable. The "Trend Analysis" technique is so simple to use that over-the-telephone solutions are possible.

In this area, Expert provides consultation in PWB fabrication, incoming inspection, laminate, and solder mask specification. He also provides a unique service in bare PWB vendor selection and survey techniques to reduce bare board costs by 25-30%. He developed printed-wiring board processes for the bare PWB and teaches in-house courses on how to write specifications to increase PWB yield.

SOLDERABILITY MEASUREMENTS FOR SM PADS. This technique measures the surface integrity of SM QFPD pads. The assessment measures joint integrity by adhesion/cohesion methods and correlates to peel testing but does not require equipment and is simple to use. The cohesive/adhesive assessment criteria is a go/no-go technique that is easy to apply. The process includes a specification written plan.

Expert is available for in-house training in his areas of expertise, including surface mount PWB soldering and cleaning.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Tampa, Florida - Orlando, Florida - Port Saint Lucie, Florida - Palm Bay, Florida - Lakeland, Florida - Melbourne, Florida - Deltona, Florida - Daytona Beach, Florida

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1951 Degree: BS Subject: Engineering Institution: Syracuse University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1987 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Department: Responsibilities: Surface mount and printed wiring board design/assembly consultants
Years: 1976 to 1987 Employer: Motorola Title: Manager of SM & PWBA Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1958 to 1976 Employer: Martin-Marietta Title: Department: Research and Development Responsibilities:

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
Expert is a licensed Professional Engineer.
Awards / Recognition
Expert has been honored with the National Reliability Award for his work in soldering and cleaning, Best Paper of the Year award by NEPCON, a gold medallion for science, a silver inventor's cup award for surface mount-PWB designs, and both the Inventor and Author of the Year awards by Lockheed-Martin.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert holds numerous patents including those relating to PWB design and fabrication, soldering and cleaning, and surface mount assembly. He teaches seminars on SURFACE MOUNT PWB SOLDERING and CLEANING. His book and video tape was voted the top training award at EXPO SMT two years in a row. He also initiated six sigma soldering at Motorola. He has authored a book and has published numerous articles.

Fields of Expertise

surface-mount assembly, surface-mount assembly workmanship standard, surface-mount printed circuit board, surface-mount solder joint reliability, solder fatigue, soldering, soldering material, surface-mount solder joint, solder joint failure, solder joint failure analysis, aqueous cleaner, aqueous parts cleaning, electronics aqueous solvent, soldering cleaning, surface-mount cleaning, fluxless solder, fluxless soldering, no-clean flux, no-clean solder, solder flux removal, soldering flux, electroless nickel plating, electromigration, highly-accelerated life testing, solder paste printing, solder, reflow soldering, flow soldering, multiwave soldering, printed-wiring board reliability, accelerated testing, accelerated solder joint testing, six sigma quality, surface-mount component, yield enhancement, printed-wiring board fabrication, printed-wiring board laminate, printed-wiring board solderability, printed wiring board assembly, solder joint reliability, standards of workmanship, copper metallizing, multilayer printed circuit board manufacturing, surface cleanliness, microelectronic soldering, small outline integrated circuit, printed circuit board reliability, saponification, blind via, process potential, semiconductor flat pack, no-clean soldering, solder property, electronic packaging technology, printed circuit board substrate, laminated plastic, organic solder, surface mount resistor, surface-mount technology reworking, plated through-hole technology, etched printed circuit board, solder plating process, printed-wiring board drilling, soldering tool, alkaline cleaner, acid-core solder, cleaning validation, printed wiring assembly cleaning, solder joint analysis, cleaning material, surface-mount technology adhesive, solder paste stenciling, solder testing, chip shooter, thermal test, reflowing, vapor-phase reflow soldering, solder paste quality assurance, thermal cracking, printed-wiring board assembly process, solder development, electroplating through-hole mass transfer, detergent technology, printed-wiring board plating process, printed circuit board manufacturing facility, solder wetting, stress testing, creep-induced solder joint failure, printed circuit board corrosion failure analysis, wiring board, surface mount water cleaning, through-hole flow soldering, fine-pitch technology, surface-mount equipment, printed wiring industry plating process, printed circuit design, printed circuit board packaging, printed circuit board manufacturing, printed circuit board laminate, printed circuit board cleaning, printed circuit board, electronic encapsulation, infrared radiation energy, surface-mount soldering, highly-accelerated stress screening, conductor jointing, thermal degradation, ultrasonic cleaning, surface analysis, solder paste, production management, through-hole printed circuit assembly, precision cleaning, life testing, cleaning

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