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Expert in Process Automation, Robotic Work Cell Design, Mechanical Design, Machine & Product Design, 3D Models

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Expert has been involved as lead design engineer and project manager on numerous manufacturing automation projects for more than a decade.
These projects have varied from dedicated "hard automation" systems designed specifically for a single product to flexible automation cells designed for multiple products. These flexible cells commonly employ industrial robots, asynchronous conveying systems, machine vision and tooling designed for fast change-over.
The key to success in any automation project is getting the concept right at the start. There will always be challenges along the way but if the concept is good, they can be worked through successfully. There is no substitution for experience if the architect of the system is to pick a winning concept.
Expert has applied automation across many industries. Having been independent and not tied to one system integrator has given him a unique perspective, critical to getting it right the first time.

Expert has a rare combination of experience in both the mechanical design of end products and the automated equipment that makes them. Specifically he has worked on projects for cosmetic applicators, medical devices, hand tools, packaging products, fabrics, soft goods and various electro-mechanical and pneumatic devices.
He currently uses Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks as primary 3D modeling tools. He also uses AutoCAD for 2D layouts. AutoCAD drawing files can if required, be generated from the 3D packages.

Early prototyping a crucial in any new product development effort. Expert has in-house mini CNC capability for smaller plastic parts and trusted sources for Rapid Prototyping, CNC, Water jet, EDM, Sheet metal etc.
Although Expert does not provide control system design, he has close working relationships with providers of micro controllers and PLC type systems and believes that concurrent engineering is the best method of getting to a successful product.

Expert has extensive experience in designing machinery for handling web materials. Projects have involved tension control, unwinding, rewinding, heat sealing, bag making and laminating. He has handled many materials including papers, films, foams, laminated webs and adhesives.
Specifically he has designed systems for medical label printing, building materials, inflatable packaging products, paper-film laminates and custom bag making machines.

Expert has designed many machining fixtures for simplifying the making of production parts. These are usually of hardened tool steel and employ as far as possible, commercially available tooling components including manual and pneumatic clamping systems.

Expert has designed custom extruders, mixers and other rotating machinery for a polymer research lab. investigating the modification of polymer melts.
He has also designed and worked on machinery which mechanically forms extruded polymer sheets into cellular lightweight materials.

Designed a complete robotic work cell for producing a medical component. Cell includes two injection molding machines, a six axis robot, a pallet conveyor, post molding assembly, degating, machine vision QC and places the finished part in its packagingDesigned robotic welding cell with three, six axis robots. One assembling and two welding assembled steel components. The unique end of arm tools made this process possible and realized considerable quality improvements and flexibility over traditional methods.Did mechanical design on a unique packaging paper dispensing machine. The novel design allowed the use of various paper thicknesses and web widths and with the use of advanced motor technology became the fastest machine in the industry.Designed and managed the construction of a complete laminating line. The system unwound, applied adhesive to, cooled and rewound sixty inch wide webs. There were dual unwinds and rewinds, a slot die adhesive application system and a refrigerated chill roll in the system.Provided design consulting on a polymer melt modification development project. Work involved the design and testing of various melt handling systems including extruders, mixers, and proprietary rotary processing systems.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2000 Degree: MS Subject: Management of Technology Institution: Rensselaer Polythechnic Institute
Year: 1992 Degree: BE (equiv to BS) Subject: Mechanical Engineering Institution: University College Dublin, Ireland

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2002 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner / Operator Department:
Engineering Design, Consulting and Project Management. Automated manufacturing equipment and tooling.
Manufacturing process improvement.
Product design and development.
Machine design and building services.
Industries served:
Robotic Automation tooling: Custom end of arm tooling (EOAT), auxiliary feeders, equipment and cell design.
Adhesive application systems: Serving mainly the web converting and printing industries. Including winders, chill roll, nip and complete laminating systems.
Plastics molding / forming: Plastics process R&D including custom melt handling machinery.
Automated Injection Molding Cells: Take-out, insert and multiple molding press cells including de-gating and assembly. Use both Articulated and Cartesian robots.
Packaging: Protective packaging R&D and automated packaging systems, including paper dispensing, inflatable and PU foam systems.
Soft Goods: Automated fabric assembly, Bag latching hardware design.
Ergonomic material handling: Designed gripping and lifting tools for material transport cart.
Concrete: Designed custom patterning equipment as part of decorative concrete product development.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1998 to 2002 Employer: Latex Foam Products Title: Project Manager Department:
Rebuild Project Manager
Following a catastrophic fire, which destroyed the Ansonia plant, initiated development of various aspects of rebuild strategy.

Management and design responsibility for capital projects totaling $7M as part of rebuild effort.
Introduced process automation improvements with realized operational savings of $3M per year
Aiding upper management in insurance negotiations and site evaluations.

Sr. Project Engineer
1998 to 2001
Develop new technology and products for cosmetics division of 200-employee foam cosmetic applicator and foam bedding manufacturer.
Successfully manage projects through full lifecycle with responsibility for comprehensive research and development, proposals, risk analyses, business plans, capital budgeting, and adherence to specifications and timelines.
Effectively direct multifunctional teams in product development and initial production.
Consult with major cosmetic industry representatives to discuss product needs and provide sales team technical support.
Design, build and facilitate purchase of machinery/process equipment.
Invented new cosmetic foam projected to generate $2M in annual revenue. Conducted all process and machine design for product development.
Retained a key client and penetrated new markets by developing a residual chemical odor removal process to enhance product marketability.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1994 to 1998 Employer: Sealed Air Corporation Title: Project Engineer Department:
Created products and related production & end user equipment for leading global Packaging Corporation.
Designed inflatable packaging bag production equipment; supervised installation and implementation in USA and Europe.
Invented pneumatic inflation device for packaging products.
Managed off-site capital equipment projects

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: to Present Country / Region: Ireland Summary: He was raised and educated in Ireland and spends some time there every year.
He is interested in working with clients in Ireland as well as the US.

Additional Experience

Vendor Selection
Expert has a substantial knowledge of manufacturing processes and component and material suppliers specific to automation, robotics, packaging and fabrication.
Marketing Experience
Automation - As a supplier to automation and robotic integrators and end users since 2002, he has current knowledge of that industry from both a business and technology point of view
Other Relevant Experience
Autodesk Inventor,
MS Project

Language Skills

Language Proficiency

Fields of Expertise

assembly machine design, assembly robot, assembly sequence planning, automated machine design, automated machinery, automatic handling, automatic handling equipment, automation technology, conveyor design, factory automation, industrial machine design, industrial machinery, machine, machine design, machine design review, machinery, manufacturing automation, precision machine design, robotics, special machine design, 3D printing, manufacturing process design, computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, concurrent engineering, consumer product design, cosmetic product development, design for cost, design for manufacturability, device product development, engineering, engineering design productivity, innovation, new consumer product development, new product design, new product development, new product development management, rapid product development, laminating machinery, paper machinery, paper mill machinery, paper-web-forming machinery, machining fixture, machining jig, machining tooling, tooling, polymer process machinery, polymer process tooling, rotating machinery, process machinery, robotic design, 3D design, consumer product ergonomics, high volume, low cost product design, plastic product development, cam design, computer-aided manufacturing design, automation control, high-speed tool, food machinery, machine installation, crash sensor, machinability, infrared light curtain, joint venture, field testing, consumer product packaging, power tool, welding machinery, factory, factory management, mixer design, plastic tooling, injection mold, electrical machinery, precision machine tool, force ratio, coating machinery, bearing design, high-speed spindle, continuous motion assembly, food service robotics, product development cycle time, electronics manufacturing automation, integrated product development, medical device manufacturing automation, die (device), material product development, machine safety, numerically controlled machine tool, computer-aided robotic design, design for testability, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided automation, automated inspection, high-speed mechanism design, factory integration, molding device, manufacturing control, design process, industrial engineering, printing machinery, machine tool, flexible manufacturing

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