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In 1962 he pioneered the used of Hercules Aquapel at Wolvercote Paper Mill and has introduced the technology to mills in UK, Eastern Europe, Israel, Turkey since that time. Wolvercote was one of the first mills to use chalk as a filler. Inveresk specialised in making 'permanent' artist papers.

Working with the Paper, Printing and Packaging Industry Research Association (Pira) in the 1970s he developed the idea of a cereal straw biorefinery and, since that time, he has been associated with the development of the BioRegional MiniMill to develop the idea further. A semi commercial plant is about to be commissioned.

For more than ten years he ran Cross and Bevan Laboratories where he worked on pulping processes (wood and non-wood), use of non-traditional cellulosic materials for paper and board making, pulp testing etc. This work included the use of black liquor as a sizing agent, and the development of non-traditional chemical recovery processes. A very important feature of this work was the closing up of pulp and paper mills to protect the environment and improve profitability. He carried out projects for the UK Government, European Industrial Bank and UNIDO.

Cross and Bevan specialized in all aspects of pulping, paper and board making and especially cellulose chemistry. As stated previously projects were carried out for EIB, UK Government and UNIDO. There was also a significant amount of 'on-site' training involved as well as product development and customer liaison.

As Chief Development Chemist (Plain Papers) for Inveresk he was engaged in the development of a range of technical papers (photographic paper and card, filter papers, security papers, decorative laminate bases, industrial laminate bases, cheque papers, artist papers)and oversaw their commercialisation. Later as Assistant to the Group Technical Director and then Technical Director he became involved in the development of a range of coated products including short run printing plates, detergent packs, labels, self-copy papers and ink jet papers.

He has worked in many countries solving problems ranging from raw material sourcing, harvesting and storage, pulping, chemical recovery, stock preparation, paper and board making, coating, finishing to customer liaison. He has written and edited a text book for paper and board coating personnel for PITA (Paper Industry Technical Association) and has given papers on the exploitation of non-wood fibres for paper and board making. He has also produced training manuals for paper companies starting up new mills and restarted and ran the Frogmore Paper Mill (site of the first Fourdrinier) for the Paper Trail Project. He later became Technical Director. Now he is a Director of BioRegional MiniMills (UK) and consultant to a project developing a new flooring material based on cellulose. The latter project involved the development of a new high consistency refiner.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1961 Degree: HNC (Chemistry) Subject: Chemistry Institution: High Wycombe College of Further Education
Year: 1982 Degree: MRIC Subject: Chemistry Institution: Home
Year: 1982 Degree: MBIM Subject: Management Institution: Home

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alkaline paper, alkaline papermaking, paper aging, biorefinery, lignin, black liquor, cellulose chemistry, cellulosic pulp, cotton linters, energy-efficient pulp processing, innovation, paper additive, paper bleaching, paper chemical property, paper chemistry, paper mill chemistry, papermaking, paper-stock preparation, recycled paper manufacturing, kenaf, paper industry, pulp processing, commercialization, material product development, new consumer product development, new product assessment, new product design, new product development, conical refiner, disc refiner, dry-end paper operation, manufacturing, paper, paper calendering, paper clay coating process, paper coating formulation, paper coating material, paper coating process, paper converting operation, paper drying, paper finishing, paper machine design, paper mill, paper mill machinery, paper pressing, wet-end paper operation, garment product development, composite preform, composite fiber, hydrogen peroxide production, market trend, natural product chemistry, paper grade, alkyl ketene dimer, cationic starch, composition board, deckle, millwide information system, fiber-reinforced composite structure toxicity, joint venture, field testing, paper durability, paper equipment, paper embossing, paper cutter, paper impregnation, paper adhesive, composite material design for manufacturability, headbox, paper laminating, carbohydrate chemistry, paper optical property, new chemical process operations, paper linting process, paper curl, paper grade property, rapid product development, design for cost, material manufacturing, paper mill corrosion, composite structure design, product development cycle time, paper mechanical behavior, new product market survey, integrated product development, non-impact printing product development, device product development, design for manufacturability, paper moisture measurement, paper nonhazardous solid waste management, paper machinery, paper optical testing, paper moisture, new product development management, marketing, design process, legal patenting, paper reeling, qualitative organic chemistry, paper handling, organic chemistry, composite material processing, composite material, composite structure, applied organic chemistry

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