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Expert in QA/QC Issues in Civil Constructions in Oil Fields Especially in Deserts

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He has knowledge and experience in dealing with major problems in construction of buildings like soil investigation, type of concrete to be used, soil classification for backfilling, proctor tests and compaction test inspections, types of concrete to be used. Dealt with quality documentation for materials and for every activity in construction.

He has experience in inspecting in building major issues and says care shall be taken into consideration that at what depth the foundation has gone inside the natural soil and what is its safe bearing capacity, what caused to the failure of structure. Any water logging below the building etc.

He has experience in different roofs in different climates and he says that care shall be taken into consideration like roof that can with stand heavy rains, roofs for garage, roofs for ware houses, roofs for workshops where EOT cranes run inside the building, roofs for RCC building at 14mtrs height without intermediate slabs, roofs for holding heavy vibrating machines etc. He has experience in building walls in different climates and care shall be taken into consideration like concrete wall, concrete block work, earthen bricks, solid and hollow bricks, lime stone wall etc. depending on the foundation and beam it is resting on and also to withstand what kind of climate.

He gained experience while building roofs and found that roofs fails mostly during construction stages and if they fail after construction, the reasons behind it can be sudden earth quakes, gradual settlement of foundations in course of years or if any heavy moving equipment hit the building structure or due to heavy storms.

He experience that mostly diseases in buildings occur due to dampness in the walls and improper ventilation, proper curing of bricks and concrete structure can avoid dampness in the building. Proper ventilation can be provided by providing sufficient inlets for outside wind to flow inside. Proper roof drainage is also one major factor in dampness of any building. Proper roof lining and slope shall be provided in every roof.

He has experience in construction of cantiliver members and says that cantilevers shall be adopted to beams, slabs, and roofs. Cantilivers shall be designed carefully when you are loading them again on top of them. The construction of cantiliver also shall be carefully executed. The major factor in any cantilever is the main reinforcement lies on top layer.

He has vast experience in subject of concrete failure which is a vast subject and which can be discussed indefinitely, there can be infinite reasons for concrete failures, the best thing is to go through ACI standards in which concrete failures are explained in depth. In brief we can explain some major reasons for failure are if we use wet and old cement or improper mix of aggregates, poor water cement ratio, wrong slump, odd climatic conditions while doing concrete. Not enough curing, no proper cover to reinforcement, improper mix design, due to excess chlorides and sulphates in the aggregates etc. like this there can be N no of reasons.

He has experience in concrete failure analysis and he says that analysis can be done by collecting the concrete sample from the failed structure and sending to lab for chemical and physical analysis and also by checking the settlement of foundation due to soil settlement and also the exposed whether conditions, rebar used is of what quality, checking the inspection reports of date of casting, water used in concrete etc.

He has total 17yrs of experience in construction field, which is a very vast subject and includes everything that man made objects on earth visible to our eyes. Construction involves planning, testing, monitoring, manpower, equipment, tools, time and money. Every construction activity shall be insured from natural disasters and can be claimed after. Construction contract is a deal between the client, contractor and 3rd party to execute the project successfully including time to time release of funds. Construction defects can be discussed in brief where the practices of contractor are below standards and unusual. They are international practices available which obey ISO standards. Construction deficiency occurs when good construction materials are not available locally like sometimes we don't find good water or soil or aggregates near by the construction spot, in such cases we call construction deficiency occurred. Construction design deficiency happens when the designer could not collect the right loads and other data required for the project like wind, seismic loads, soil bearing capacity etc. which leads to disaster of structure, Even, over reinforced or under reinforced structures also fails. Foundation settlement is a common failure we come across in our daily life. They do happen due to improper compaction of soil in and around the building. The soil around the building also plays an important role. Water logging in and around the building, constructing structures just on surface of ground without going much deeper foundations also leads to settlement bcoz the top 500mm soil is always loose soil and considered as accumulated soils from rain and wind. Construction engineering is the over all science involved in every aspect of construction mainly in planning and cost control. Construction equipment plays a major role in construction industry to ease and quick work with minimum manpower and can be used where humans cannot reach or do. Construction industry is like a backbone of any society and country, the growth of any city is directly proportional to the growth of construction industry. Construction inspection has seen a new era after ISO has started implementing in all projects, it makes the system so transparent which makes inspections and documentation total and clear. Construction materials plays a very important role in the quality and cost of any construction. International branded materials are proved to be best and economical, though they are expensive. Construction planning is the backbone of any construction activity or project in minimising time of construction and in procuring the materials in time. Planning softwares have changed the world of planning entirely.

He has experience in construction planning and says it is the most important activity in construction, which involves proper planning of all activities incl. approval and procurement of materials, approval of drawings and other aspects.

He has thorough knowledge on soil and says soil can expand in wet conditions, hence the plastic limit of soil shall be taken into consideration while using soil at anyplace. there six varieties of soils from A1 to A6 as per ASTM standards.

He has knowledge in flooring materials which are of different kind made to use in different areas from industrial, chemical, manufacturing, production, commercial to residential areas. There are vast choice of flooring which can be decided according to the use/purpose and climatic conditions.

He has experience in construction of different foundations and he says foundations fails when it is over loaded and when it fails to distribute to the soil properly. Foundation shall rest on hard surface always to avoid settlement and shall never exposed to continuous water logging around it, hence foundations shall always be protected with compacted soils all around like we call plinth protection of building. residential building construction is part of every civil engineer career which involves many items unlike industrial or office building. Residential building involves homely look with proper drainage and ventilation with all food plastic pipes and other non toxic materials to protect the inhabitants from diseases and ill health. residential housing is a group of houses like townships etc where large community of people live beside each other. Vertical settlement can take place when the soil around the building slides and also when foundation fails due to several reasons. Construction of pipe foundations including straight pile/inclined piles in sandy and in sea shores for jettys can be done easily without much effort. He executed a big project with pile foundation for a floating jetty. Construction of acid proof tile lining is also interesting which is useful in chemical and petroleum industry. Construction of electrical substations from 33KV to 132KV and erecting power lines for both 33KV and to 132KV is a interesting involves ground clearance and clearing the way for stringing and construction of towers and poles in different areas like forests, hill tops, rivers and agriculture crops which needs to pay compensation for damaged fields while erecting and stringing. Erection and construction of microwave towers for cellular phones also involves skill and efficiency to erect from 30mtrs to 75mtrs height for antenna. Construction of mass foundations for heavy machines, thermal power plants, conveyor belts, township in nuclear power plant are part of his experience. The major quality issues to be practiced in oil&gas areas are QC plan, QA/QC documentation of materials, day to day inspections, field tests, material certificates, third party inspection certificates etc and construction in severe hot conditions of desert where structures lie in hot desert soils with high content of calcium and sulphates in heavy sandy winds are challenging aspects for any civil engineer.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1990 Degree: 3yrs full time Diploma in Civil Engineering Subject: Civil Engineering Institution: State Board of Technical Education & Training,Hyderabad,Andhra pradesh,INDIA

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2007 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Civil Inspector Department: Engineering department Responsibilities: He is associated in an oil field of 90 oil wells in maintenance & construction of all civil works. he prepares scope of works for new jobs. He inspects QC of all ongoing civil activities by contractors. He is responsible for all QA/QC documentation at site.
Years: 2007 to 2007 Employer: South Rub Al-Khali Company(Shell), Saudi Arabia Title: Civil Supervisor Department: Logistics Responsibilities: He is associated with construction of new approach roads, Run ways, Drilling platforms, sand duke, water wells for proposed drilling activities of oil wells in remote desert of Saudi Arabia. He is responsible for all safety during construction activities at site.
Years: 2005 to 2007 Employer: Veba Oil Operations, libya Title: Civil Inspector Department: Engineering department Responsibilities: He is associated in an oil field of 90 oil wells in maintenance & construction of all civil works. he prepares scope of works for new jobs. He inspects QC of all ongoing civil activities by contractors. He is responsible for all QA/QC documentation at site.
Years: 2004 to 2005 Employer: Bentini, Libya Title: QA/QC Civil Assistant Department: QA/QC Department Responsibilities: He individually inspects all day to day site inspections for all civil works to be commenced on that particular day and prepares relative QA & QC docs. he convinces clients that the work is going on as per project specs and ITP.
Years: 2003 to 2004 Employer: Larsen & Toubro(L&T), India Title: Senior Civil Engineer Department: Operations dept. Responsibilities: He is responsible for the progress of work on daily basis and get it performed by local petty contractors, he make sure the work carries out as per project drawings and specs.
Years: 1995 to 2003 Employer: Tata Projects Limited, India Title: Junior Engineer Department: Civil Engineering Department Responsibilities: He got relocated to 8 projects in 7yrs span from Defence project, Telecommunication towers infrastructures, High voltage transmission lines, Thermal power plant, 132KV sub station construction & township for 2000MW nuclear power plant in India. His duty is to make the sub-contractors work as per the project specs in the given time.
Years: 1991 to 1995 Employer: RNR Agencies Title: Civil Engineer Department: Acid proof dept. Responsibilities: To promote acid proof tiles, paint to all industries in visakhapatnam and orissa and reporting to the management in the end of the day.
Years: 1990 to 1991 Employer: JJ Associates, India Title: Site Engineer Department: Pile Foundations Responsibilities: His first project in life is executing pile foundation drilling and concreting of 300 piles of 300mm diameter on sea shore for NMDC, India.

Additional Experience

Vendor Selection
He has sufficient experience in locating vendors/suppliers through internet and his own connections.
Marketing Experience
He is qualified in the fields of Oil&Gas, Energy sector for Transmission lines & Sub-stations, Buildings, Mass concrete works, Mass earth works., Power plants.
He has 17 years of experience in civil construction field. He is very well thorough with ASTM & ACI standards. Strong convincing skills . Can convince any client in the field of Oil&Gas structural concrete & soil activities.
Other Relevant Experience
He is very strong at ASTM & ACI standards and capable to resolve any problem by reference of ACI & ASTM standards.
He Underwent training in safety & qa/qc documentation.

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