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Expert in RF, Wireless, Microwave, Analog, Digital and Video System and Design Engineering

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Expert is an RF/Microwave Engineering Consultant with 33 years of experience in the areas of RF, Microwave, Wireless, Analog, and high-speed Digital/FPGA designs.

Expert recently completed a Patent Research project on an ITC Section 337 lawsuit that involved a number of international companies. He applied his RF/Tuner and general Electrical Engineering background experience to analyze and show in detail how the defendants circuits and product elements were infringing upon the claims of the plaintiff.

In addition to this one case involving a particular area of electronics design and Patents (TV Tuners), Expert has a deep background in all types of electronics technology. He can readily conduct Patent Searches, understand and provide proof of Patent Validity, and provide proof of Patent Infringement for most areas of electronics. This includes typical electronics systems and design elements, such as Wireless links/systems, Wearable technology, Computing systems, Processors, Memory, Programmable Logic (i.e. FPGAs), Semiconductors, Displays, Batteries, Antennas, etc.

In addition, for many of the designs that Expert has completed over the years, he has also completed Patent Searches to determine initial viability to justify pursuit of a Patent, followed by writing of Patent Technical Descriptions and Claims. He did this for a recent Patent that he was the author of and was awarded.

Expert has a complete Lab to support testing and characterization of electronics, which can be used to add weight/justification to arguments made toward proving defendant product infringement, for example.

Expert has attained a significant level of experience in doing work at his own office for my Clients over the last 25 years with excellent success, and believe that I can assist in clients' needs for Patent Research. Past Clients include Susman Godfrey, Goodrich Aerospace, National Semiconductor, Motorola, and others.

RF/System/Design Engineer
10/05 to 10/06

Designed Airborne Zigbee and Chirp based 2.4Ghz ISM band Wireless Data Link:

* Evaluated 802.11 approach to the design. Determined that it would not support the highly dispersive Airborne environment. Decided on dual approach of Zigbee and Chirp at 2.4Ghz.
* Designed programmable Analog Bandwidth/Gain ADC input circuit, with variable bit rate, to allow various analog signals to be quantized and sent by wireless RF link.
* Designed RF circuitry which included Zigbee and Chirp based Transceivers, RF Amplifier with programmable constant current source, RF Balun, RF Output Filter, RF receive protection circuit, Diversity Antenna system.
* Designed Microcontroller/Memory circuitry using Atmel RISC based low power device.
* Designed double-redundant Lithium Ion Battery Charge/Discharge/Protection circuit to provide power to all circuitry.
* All circuit designs were carefully done to dissipate a minimum amount of power, insuring long life for the Battery Pack.
RF Project/Design Engineer

Responsible for the design and development of the SurfBoard ATM Two-Way Cable Modem Client Unit:

* Designed a 64QAM Downstream Downconverter/Demodulator using low cost components.
Demodulator employed inner Trellis, outer Reed-Solomon coding with Raised Cosine
baseband filtering. Exceeded BER requirements through careful cascade
Gain/NF/Intermod Analysis.
* Designed a QPSK Upstream Modulator, including Randomizer/Differential Encoder
logic as well as QPSK I/Q Modulator/Driver. Verified adjacent channel
interference and BER of design.
* Oversaw development of Digital Hardware/Software through an outside Vendor.
This included development of Downstream ATM cell delineation technique, Time
Sync Control Loop design, and Upstream Encoding format.
* Part of team developing Down and Upstream Phy Layer specifications for Cable
Modems. Generated Analyses and Specifications.
* All designs were accomplished at very low cost, with worst case analyses to
assure high production Yield. Deliveries of the product are starting at 50K-100K/year.
RF Design Engineer

Responsible for the design and development of the Application Circuit for the DVB compliant QPSK Satellite Receiver Chipset:

* Designed the L-Band I/Q Tuner, 90Mhz A/D, Power Supply, and LVDS Data Interface circuitry for a
QPSK Satellite Receiver. Designed successfully at high performance and low cost (2-layer PWB), to
show potential users the QPSK chip can be implemented reliably and cost effectively. Verified BER
performance to within 0.5dB of specification. Participated in QPSK chip architecture reviews.
* Designed a QPSK Baseband simulation test system, to allow for testing of the QPSK Demodulator IC
at it's analog or digital baseband input directly. Designed an I/Q Differential Encoder/LUT and a
100Mhz FIR filter into an Altera FLEX 10K FPGA to provide for Nyquist raised cosine response of the
serial input I/Q signal. Calculated and verified filter tap coefficients on Mathcad and MATLAB.
Designed 100Mhz D/A Converters for the 10-bit FPGA output data, with programmable D/A
Anti-Aliasing Filters, I/Q Downconverter, and all Control circuitry. Ran Analysis on frequency
selective fading for test. Supervised layout of PCB, insuring noise was not added to input QPSK signal.
RF Project/Design Engineer
2/99 to 4/02

Responsible for RF Design of I-Series In-Flight Entertainment System. RF System design,
Video/FM Headend and Seatend design:

* System Design: Full RF Plant Analysis: System Gain, BW, S/N, IP3, CTB, CSO, using
* Headend Video Transmitter: Ultra-miniature 50-800Mhz Headend CATV SSB Video Transmitter,
Differential Video/Audio Input Buffers, Dual Stereo Audio MPX generators, Video Modulator, Vestigial
Sideband Filter, 6Mhz BW I/Q Splitter, I/Q SSB Upconverter, Synthesized 62.5Khz step LO,
Programmable Tracking Filter, Midband 50dB Video AGC circuit.
* Headend FM Audio Transmitter: Differential Audio Input Buffer, Stereo MPX Generator,
Modulator Synthesizer/Output buffer.
* Seatend Receiver: 50-800 Mhz RF Input Buffers/Digital AGC circuit, Stereo FM
Synthesizer/Tuner/Demodulator with 4.5Mhz Audio PLL, 50-800Mhz Video Tuner (on-board 32V
switching power supply, Video/Audio Demod/Decoder with dual Stereo Audio Decoders/Channels,
Audio Switch/Volume control
* Supervised all RF board layouts. Successfully ran functional tests on all circuit boards.
RF/Digital System/Design Engineer
5/03 to 7/04

Designed very high bandwidth Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) system used to find small variations in impedance characteristic of aircraft wiring and harnessing:

* Created system requirements with customer assistance. Included requirements for high speed Step Generator and ADC.
* Designed proprietary Step Generator circuit for TDR output, including dual port to allow both stimulus and sampling. Prototyped circuit and achieved goal of risetime < 200pS.
* Devised method to support 5Ghz repetitive ADC bandwidth used for TDR reflected waveform sampling.
* Designed high resolution 200pS phase shift clock circuit using DDS, 5Ghz ADC including anti-alias filtering, high speed interface/control CPLD, Memory circuit to store sampled data, PCMCIA interface to allow interface/control to entire circuit.
* Entire circuit was implemented onto a small PCMCIA form factor board, which plugged into HP IPAQ battery powered control PC.
* Successfully tested the 1st prototype, achieved 5Ghz high bandwidth TDR performance. Customer was able to find very small perturbations in wire impedance of harnesses returned from the field, successfully showing locations in the wiring that were about to fail. Delivered design analyses, test data, and drawings to customer.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1983 Degree: BSEE Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: University of Michigan

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2003 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President Department:
RF/Wireless/Analog/Digital/Video System/Design Consulting Engineer
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1987 to 2003 Employer: Pertek Engineering, Inc. Title: Vice President Department:
System/Design Consulting Engineer

Vice President, supervisor of projects
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1983 to 1987 Employer: Hughes Aircraft Title: RF Design Engineer Department: Radar Systems
Design of Radar Master Oscillator
F14/F15 Upgrades
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to 2016 Employer: Frequency Science, Inc. Title: President Department:
Developed system level concepts and designs for Ultra Broadband and High Dynamic Range Digitizer Receivers.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Member IEEE
Awards / Recognition
Was awarded a Navy SBIR contract to further develop the ADC Processing technology. Further developed and improved system level performance in Matlab simulations. Generated complete reports to the full satisfaction of the Navy.
Publications and Patents Summary
Developed multiple Patent applications, was awarded a US Patent for a portion of the ADC Processing technology developed on the Digitizer/Receiver project.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert recently conducted Patent Research on a very large ITC Section 337 international lawsuit involving TV Tuner ICs (and the TV's that used them), which are used in all major manufacturers of HDTV Televisions.

* Participated in initial technical reviews of the Client Patents, including detailed Claims review and Patent Validity, followed with a full review of all potential infringing products (ICs).

* Found that every reviewed product infringed upon multiple of the Clients Patent Claims. Generated multiple Claims Charts to detail this information for the Client.

* Proceeded to then find and show how the infringing ICs were used in the end-product manufacturer HDTV Televisions. Provided detailed analysis showing exact use of the infringing elements in the actual TV schematics.

* Wrote lengthy reports detailing all infringement use cases, which were used in the Expert Witness Report as included in the submissions to all defendant Lawyers. These reports were used in the Expert Witness testimony before the ITC Judge.
Vendor Selection
Highly experienced in selecting components for prototype and production designs. Purchases and kits components, and supervises Contract Manufacturing resources during assembly.
Other Relevant Experience
* System Engineering of RF/Wireless/Analog/Digital Hardware and Systems:
* Take customer System requirements and derive all detail Hardware/Software reqs.
* Generate System and Subsystem Block Diagrams and Specifications from customer reqs.
* Provide analysis of System Spectrum, Gain, Dynamic Range, Timing, etc..
* Generate realistic Schedules, Integration Plans, and Test Reports.
* Provide technical management to design team.

* RF/Wireless Systems Design:
* Wireless Communication Systems Link Design: Gain, SNR, BER, Range, Fading, Multipath, etc..
* Spread Spectrum Systems: WiFi, 802.11, Zigbee, Bluetooth, QAM, B/QPSK, FSK, Chirp.
* Phase and Amplitude modulation of all types, Vector modulation, I/Q.
* RF Modem, High speed Digital FIR Filter design.
* Low noise/high speed A/D-D/A design to 1Ghz at high res: RF, Audio, Video.
* Wide Range DDS designs including I/Q phase/delay adjustable outputs.
* Highly stable Crystal, PECL Oscillators, VCXOs, 1-160Mhz, overtone or fundamental.
* PLL and High Speed direct synthesizers from Mhz to Ghz.
* PLL Frequency Multipliers: low noise, wide lock range, programmable multiple.
* Up/Downconverters to 10Ghz, Mixer Intermod analysis/Filter design.
* RF Transistor Amplifiers, VCOs.
* Passive filter and diplexer design: LPF, HPF, BPF, Notch: Chebyschev, Butterworth, Bessel, Elliptic, etc..
* Digital Frequency Discriminator and Phase Discriminator.
* Matching Network design using VNA/TDR measurement and CAD Optimization techniques.
* Coplanar Waveguide/Microstrip/Stripline Transmission Line and Element Design.
* TEMPEST compliance: High isolation, low detectabilty design.
* EMI: Calculation of radiated fields, reduced EMI via PC Board and Shield designs.
* Antenna Design and Analysis: Multi-octave Planar Antennas, other 3D Antennas (Dipole, Helix, etc..).

* Analog Systems Design:
* Op-Amp designs: Low-noise, High Frequency/Power: Filters, Precision Rect., Drivers, Delay Lines.
* Instrumentation Amp designs: High Speed/High Accuracy, Transimpedance Amp design.
* Arbitrary Waveform Generators, F/V and V/F circuits, Multipliers.
* Comparator designs: High speed with Hysteresis, Current Mode Switch.
* Audio Amplifiers, Mixers, Equalization.
* Linear Regulated Power Supplies, Voltage Regulators, Zener Diode, High Power H-Bridge.
* Battery Chargers and Management: LiIon/NiMH/NiCd.
* Temperature sense and compensation design.

* Digital Systems Design:
* Ethernet, USB, T1 Comms Link design.
* High speed Synchronous Logic/Vector gen/Simulation into CPLD/FPGA using Altera Quartus, Quicklogic
Quickworks, Xilinx ISE.
* Microcontroller design, Memory/FLASH interfaces.
* High Speed PCB Transmission Line design for LVPECL, LVDS, ACT, AS, ECL, GaAs technology.

* Video Systems Design:
* NTSC/S-Video and HDTV RF/Analog and Digital Video System design.
* Video/Audio Tuners/Modulators/Encoders: CATV NTSC RF/Analog Tuners/Modulators, programmable RF frequency, dual Audio MPX channels
* Video/Audio Demodulators/Decoders: Analog/Digital NTSC/S-Video, ATSC 8-VSB, dual MPX Audio
* Video Amplifiers, Switches, Peaking circuits.
* Video Sync Stripping/Processing, Pixel Clock generation, Blanking.
* Video Sampling, Frame Buffering/Storage, Signal Processing, Format Conversion.

* Misc Design:
* Test Set design: Instrument Control/Data Collection, GPIB, RS-232. BASIC/C Programming.
* Backplane design: controlled impedance/coupling, low loss power planes.

* CAD:
* CAD programs for design/simulation: Ansoft Designer/HFSS, AWR, Qucs, OpenEMS, NEC, PSPICE, HSPICE
* Mathematical analysis using Matlab/Mathcad: Comm. Link Analysis, PLL stability, Fourier analysis, etc..
* Schematic Capture on ORCAD, KiCad, Eagle, incl Net and Parts Lists, PCB Layout on PADs PCB, KiCad

Fields of Expertise

antenna industry, antenna development, radio-frequency scanner, radio-frequency absorption, radio-frequency absorber, radio-frequency radiation safety, radio-frequency power amplifier technology, radio-frequency power, radio-frequency emission process, cellular radio frequency link system, feed forward radio-frequency amplifier, radio frequency modulator, radio frequency engineering, natural radio-frequency interference, RF countermeasure, 802.16x, active filter, amplifier circuit, amplifier output stage, amplitude modulation, analog circuit, analog circuit design, analog circuit simulation, analog demodulation, analog multiplier, analog-to-digital conversion, audio signal, band-pass filter, band-stop filter, battery charger, battery monitoring system, bipolar transistor, chirp signal, circuit analysis, circuit simulation, code division multiple access, code division multiplexing, combined analog/digital circuit, communication system, communication technique, communication theory, compromising emanation, computer-aided design, computer-based electronic system simulation, crosstalk, crystal-controlled oscillator design, demodulation, digital communication, digital radio-frequency signal, digital-to-analog conversion, digital-to-analog converter, digitizing system, direct sequence spread spectrum, electric circuit, electric circuit theory, electric filter, electric filter synthesis, electrical matched filter, electrical oscillator, electrical product development, electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic field, electromagnetic interference, electronic breadboard, electronic circuit, electronic circuit analysis, electronic circuit modeling, electronic circuit simulator, electronic communication equipment, electronic equipment design, electronic product development, electronic signal receiver, electronic system design, electronics design engineering, electronics engineering, electronics modeling, field-programmable gate array, frequency discriminator, frequency division multiple access, frequency filter, frequency modulation, frequency synthesis, high-frequency amplifier, high-frequency communication, high-speed analog to digital conversion, HSPICE software, industrial scientific medical band, lithium-ion battery, local oscillator, low-noise oscillator, low-pass filter, microwave circuit, microwave engineering, microwave filter, military standard-461, modulation technique, new product design, new product development, nickel-cadmium battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, oscillator, phase detector, phase-locked loop, phase-locked loop design, power amplifier, power-supply circuit, product design, programmable logic device design, PSPICE software, quadrature phase shift keying modulation technique, quartz crystal oscillator, radio communication, radio communication circuit, radio communication electrical equipment, radio frequency, radio frequency synthesizer, radio receiver, radio frequency amplifier, radio frequency circuit, radio-frequency detection, radio-frequency electronic equipment, radio-frequency filter, radio-frequency mixer, radio-frequency oscillator, radio-frequency power amplifier, radio-frequency shielding, radio-frequency transmission, resonant circuit, RS-232, RS-485, secure communications equipment, series circuit, simulator, SPICE simulation software, spread spectrum communication, synthesizer, system design, tempest system, time division multiple access, time-domain reflectometry, transducer circuit, voltage-controlled oscillator, wave-generating circuit, wideband code division multiple access, wireless communication, wireless data transmission, wireless local area network, amplifier, AM demodulation, stereo, video capture, digital communications network architecture, electrically small antenna, radio-frequency switch, coaxial switch, electronic equalizer, active transient suppressor, digital multiplier, logarithmic amplifier, electromagnetic immunity, pulse-delay network, lossy line, class-AB amplifier, universal asynchronous receiver transmitter, amplitude shift keying, electromagnetic theory, resistor network, baseband, frequency-to-voltage converter, asynchronous data transmission, frequency division multiplexing, electronic modulator device, radio frequency device testing, analog instrumentation, NTSC television signal, demultiplexing, radio-frequency connector, earphone, quartz clock, engineering system test, feedback control system, combinational circuit, television audio signal, sideband, bistable multivibrator, capacitor microphone, direct current, product improvement, AM radio electronic equipment, electromagnetic shielding material, electronic circuit element testing, Fourier analysis, CCD camera, solid-state amplifier, magnetostatic shielding, backplane, communications technology, electric pulse circuit, phase inverter, transistor-transistor logic circuit, electric-power converter, high-frequency semiconductor, high-definition television system, analog-signal processing, data communication, television transmission, optical communication, hybrid integrated circuit design, circuit design, wave-function generator, line filter, swept-frequency oscillator, microwave frequency, Federal Communication Commission standard, audio-frequency amplifier, video-frequency amplifier, electromagnetic noise, FM communication, tunnel diode, sampling circuit, relaxation oscillator, radar, power transistor, point-to-point radio link, passive filter, modem, microwave passive component, microwave communication, integrated logic circuit, field-effect integrated circuit, electrostatic discharge control, electronic switching, digital filter, digital audio equipment, dielectric material, broadband communication, all-pass filter

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