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Expert has over 20 years' Mechanical Engineering research experience in both academics and the industry.

Expert has 22 years' CFD experience in both commercial and non-commercial tools, grid generators and solvers.

Expert has over 20 years of experience in complex flow and heat transfer analysis, e.g., turbulence, aerodynamics, conduction, convection, radiation, thermal stress and thermal contact resistance, and other fields.

Expert has over 5 years of experience in component and system design, simulations, validation and testing.

Expert has over 4 years of experience in energy economy, energy management and audits, and energy-efficient planning.

Expert has over 4 years of experience in Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprint tools.

Expert has 12 years of experience as professor at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Expert has over 20 years of experience in CAD tools.

Expert has over 25 years of experience in programming together with parallel programming tools.

Expert is a proficient reviewer for higher-ranked scientific international journals. He is also a consolidated author/editor of prestigious scientific articles and books.

Expert has over 5 years' Project Development experience involving Brazilian, European and U.S. agencies.

Carlos Feu Alvim, Omar Campos Ferreira, Olga Mafra Guidicini, Frida Eidelman, Paulo Achtschin Ferreira, Expert Santos Bernardes.

As a consultant, Expert has compared the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG's) in the nuclear generation of electricity in Brazil with those of other sources.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2011 Degree: Postdoc Subject: Mechanical Engineering - Energy Efficiency, Life Cycle Assessment, Optimization Institution: Centre de Recherche Public Henri-Tudor – Luxemburg
Year: 2008 Degree: Training Subject: Mechanical Engineering: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Institution: The Energy Conservation Center (ECCJ), Japan
Year: 2007 Degree: Postdoc Subject: Mechanical Engineering:Energy Systems - Solar Updraft Power Plants Institution: Stellenbosch University – South Africa
Year: 2004 Degree: PhD Subject: Mechanical Engineering:Technical, economic and ecological Analysis of Solar Chimneys Institution: Institute of Energy Economics and the Rational Use of Energy (IER) – University of Stuttgart
Year: 1996 Degree: Master Subject: Mechanical Engineering: Thermal Analysis of Solar Chimneys Institution: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – UFMG
Year: 1994 Degree: Bachelor Subject: Mechanical Engineering Institution: Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais – CEFET-MG

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2020 to 2020 Employer: Framatome GmbH & Neumüller GmbH Title: Senior Development Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Code development and maintenance (Fortran/C++), Validation, modeling of individual components, design of thermal equipment and system components, research 3D printed heat exchangers, etc.
Years: 2019 to 2019 Employer: SigmaNEST GmbH, Germany Title: Senior Application Engineer Department: Dep. of Mechanical Engineering Responsibilities: To provide technical CAD / CAM support and communicate solutions to end users via telephone, email and the Internet; to provide training for customers, on-site, in-house training facility, and over the Internet, to install CAD/CAM software and run test programs on their machines to test the software capabilities, to offer demonstrations for technical sales support and competitive analysis, etc.
Years: 2017 to 2016 Employer: Lutena Vakuum GmbH, Germany Title: Senior Product Development Engineer Department: Dep. of Mechanical Engineering Responsibilities: Entire computer-aided development process for a new vacuum pump: CAD design, prototype development (for 3D printing), development of a mathematical model for numerical simulation, CFD simulations and parameter optimization the visualization, the discussion and the interpretation of the simulation results. Other activities: vacuum conveying tests, support in the field of maintenance and installation, assembly, production, test and trial runs of vacuum conveyors and vacuum pumps, self-construction of a test and test stand for vacuum pumps, sheet metal CAD, etc.
Years: 2014 to 2017 Employer: University of Hamburg Title: Senior Researcher Department: Dep. of Mathematics Responsibilities: Conduct R&D CFD, 1D and 3D simulations on Solar Updraft Power Plant models, Nusselt number and friction factor derivation for the flow in the collector, publish papers and present research findings. Research coaching of graduate students.
Theme: Development of a Robust and Simple Mathematical and Computational Model for Solar Updraft Towers Analysis and Optimization.
Years: 2013 to 2014 Employer: Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei Title: Adjunt professor Department: Dep. of Thermal Sciences Responsibilities: Professor: Thermodynamik II, Energie & Umwelt (Master)
Disciplines taught (graduate and undergraduate courses): Thermodynamics II, Energy and Environment, Multidisciplinary Integration Work
Years: 2012 to 2013 Employer: Centro Universitário UNA Title: Adjunt professor Department: Dep. of Mechatronics Responsibilities: Disciplines taught (undergraduate courses): C++ Programming, Technical drawing
Years: 2012 to 2012 Employer: Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Title: Adjunt professor Department: Dep. Energy Engineering Responsibilities: Disciplines taught (undergraduate courses): Transport Phenomena, Thermal and Hydraulic Machines, Energy Supply Technologies I, Energy Supply Technologies II, Energy Systems Contextualization II, Techniques for Graphical Representation
Years: 1997 to 2011 Employer: Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica – CEFET-MG Title: Adjunt professor Department: Dep. of Mechanical Engineering Responsibilities: • 13 years of activities including graduate course establishing
• 3 international projects development
• taught of graduate and undergraduate lectures
• seminar organizing
• 5 Bachelor’s, 1 Master theses supervision, 7 master and 3 PhD theses examinations
• 4 year Dean of the Mechanical Engineering Department
• Council advisor and research coordinator
• Disciplines taught (undergraduate and graduate courses): Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Machine Design, Mechanical Drawing, Fluid Mechanics, Energy and Environment, and Life Cycle Assessment
Years: 1996 to 1997 Employer: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – UFMG Title: Substitute professor Department: Dep. of Mechanical Engineering Responsibilities: Technical drawing, CAD

Career Accomplishments

Awards / Recognition
Recognized reviewer:
Applied Energy (2 years)
Solar Energy
Applied Thermal Engineering (2 years)
Renewable Energy (2 years)
Solar Energy
Applied Mathematical Modelling
International Journal of Thermal Sciences

Outstanding reviewer :
Renewable Energy (2 years)
Solar Energy (3 years)
Energy Conversion and Management
Applied Thermal Engineering
Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing – International Solar Energy Society
LCA Award – Runner-up for the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Assessment Award for LCA Projects in Development Countries, Zurich, Switzerland
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has a Ph.D. and studies at a renowned German University obtaining the Ph.D. degree with the overall marking “magna cum laude”. His undergraduate and graduate knowledge in thermal sciences, manufacturing, design, environmental sciences encompasses the publishing (918 citations, h-index: 15) in the most relevant journals in this field, specifically Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Solar Energy, etc. In fact, he became a recognized reviewer of these journals achieving the review of many papers and receiving awards.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Case #1: Comparison of the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the generation of electricity in Brazil with those of other sources, ecen consulting, Brazil
Training / Seminars
OpenFOAM Programming, OpenFOAM Turbulence, Netzwerk als Strategie der Karriereentwicklung für Wissenschaftler, Perfekt ins Forschungsprojekt II: Projekte leiten, Wissenschaftliche Abstracts schreiben – effizient und überzeugend, CD-Adapco, STAR-CCM+ Online, Project management fundamentals, Project management, Advanced Energy Audits for Commercial and Industrial Facilities, Sustainable Building Design, Financing of Energy Efficiency Projects, Beginning Energy Audits for Commercial Buildings, HVAC and Refrigeration, Life Cycle Analysis, Energy Simulations with TRNSYS, Visual DOE and DOE-2 simulations, Industrial Energy Audits for Industrial Facilities, Introductory training in Umberto® 4, Numerical computation of turbulent flows in research and practice, Parallel Programming Workshop, MPI and OpenMP for beginners and advanced topics in parallel programming, Computer Fluid Dynamics - High Performance Fortran Seminar with STAR-CD, Tutorial for fast solvers of large systems of equations, LCAiT – Training in LCA.
Other Relevant Experience
A. Development of a method for geometric optimization of the active structures within a pneumatic vacuum generator based on fluid mechanical simulations
B. Bases for Sustainability Assessing of Energy Systems in Baden-Württemberg. University of Stuttgart. Activities: LCA of several Energy Generation Technologies in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, 2001
C. Life cycle Assessment of selected Upcoming Power Generation Technologies. German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). Activities: Further development of the integrated software for LCA ”Balance“ (hybrid approach), Germany 2002
D. Project sponsored by the USAID in cooperation with the Colorado University (USA). Develop Graduate Curriculum in Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, 2005
E. Project sponsored by the Brazilian National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development – CNPq in cooperation with Colorado University (USA): Technical expertise in sustainability and Energy Efficiency Technologies in Buildings and Industrial facilities, 2003 - 2004

Examiner: Ph.D. Thesis: 4 (e.g.: Principal examiner at the University College London) Master Thesis: 7
Graduate and undergraduate advisor: Master Thesis: 2 Undergraduate works: 5

CNPq Scientific Initiation Fellow at CEFET-MG – Thermal Sciences: 03/91 - 02/92
Coaching of undergraduate Students– Mechanical Engineering Department – UFMG: 08/94 - 12/94
CAPES Master Fellow at UFMG: 03/94 - 02/97
DAAD Ph.D. Fellow at University Stuttgart: 12/99 – 12/2002
Stellenbosch University Postdoc Fellow: 01 – 12/2007
JICA Training Fellow: 06 – 07/2008
Alexander von Humboldt Postdoc Fellow: 08/2014 – 01/2017

AETHRA A test device for automobile suspension (vibration) Brazil, 1997
MECAM A small freight elevator Brazil, 1997

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Advanced (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
German Advanced (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
Spanish Basic (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
Portuguese Mother tongue

Fields of Expertise

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