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Expert in Skin Care, Body Lotions, Hair Care, Cosmetics Product Development, Formulation and Marketing

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Expert's broad background in personal care product development and marketing includes 15+ years of experience developing and marketing the following types of products: skin care, hair care, bath and body, sun care, soaps, candles, and cosmetics as follows: lipstick, eye shadow, blush, lip liner, eye liner, face powder and nail polish. She works with a number of manufacturers, container companies, and fragrance houses across the US as she attends to every detail of the development and marketing of personal care products. She is highly knowledgeable about cutting edge actives in personal care products, and specializes in anti-aging facial and body care--although she is by no means limited to the development of anti-aging products. She is also highly skilled at strongly positioning products to have the most unique possible selling advantage through her knowledge of the industry and excellent marketing communications skills.

Through conducting a competitive analysis, as a first step in working with a new client, Expert helps to best position her client's product within the marketplace to have a strong and unique selling advantage amidst the competition, thus enabling her to help the client build a strong and successful brand. From there, she writes and business plan for the client to help them obtain funding for their project and to ensure optimum success. She then helps the client select the best manufacturer for their product, with whom she works closely to help develop the product or product line.

She coordinates the components of graphic design, trademarking of product names, container selection, fragrancing, fulfillment of the products, testing of the products prior to launch, stability testing and developing marketing strategies for launching the product line. She, herself creates the marketing story around the product line and works with the website developer to ensure the integrity of the brand and its message is carried through every area of the website and on any collateral materials created to sell the products.

Four years ago a client contracted with Expert to help her develop a line of bath and body care products. Expert strongly suggested the client included idebenone, a super-antioxidant barely unheard of that that time, in order to position the body care line as anti-aging. Expert has a sense through her research of skin care, that this was where the market was going---an anti-aging focus not only for facial product, but for body care as well. At the time of her recommendation, which the client did agree to, there were only one or two anti-aging body care products on the they are the norm. More often than not, in both mass and prestige markets, body care products have an anti-aging benefit. A client needed a business plan in order to secure a bank loan for her skin care line. The banker told her upon review of her plan, which was written by Expert, that it was one of the best business plans she'd ever seen. A client wanted a natural firming agent in all natural, no-animal products or chemicals skin care line. Expert suggested wheat protein on a conference call with both the client and the manufacturer (a highly respected chemist). The manufacturer said to his knowledge wheat protein did nothing to firm the skin. Expert was able to email him on-line resource information to substantiate her claim right during the phone call. Both client and manufacturer were very impressed. One of the top skin care and hair care product manufacturers in the country wrote a recommendation for Expert after working with her to develop several products during her time at Regis. He said, " Expert has her finger on the pulse of cutting edge ingredients and creating a unique selling advantage for a product unlike anyone else I've ever worked with in her capacity."With her strong abilities in the area of budget management and cost cutting for her clients, and because Expert saves every email, she is able to go to bat on behalf of her clients, holding the manufacturer to initial price quotes, which often mysteriously increase once the product is actually produced. She recently saved a client thousands of dollars on a single product in such an instance.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Spokane, Washington

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1999 Degree: None Subject: Mass Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Product Development Institution: University of MN School of Business and various other

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2002 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: CEO/Owner Department: Personal Care Industry Responsibilities: Assists her clients with the development and marketing of a wide variety of personal care products from concept to completion and distribution. She attends with precise detail to each and every phase of the product development and marketing process.
Years: 1998 to 2002 Employer: Conklin Company Title: Director, Family Care Division Department: Family Care Division Responsibilities: Was responsible for the conception, development and marketing of personal care products including hair care, skin care, vitamin supplements and protein bars and drinks.
Years: 1995 to 1998 Employer: Regis Corporation Title: Director of Product Development Department: Marketing Responsibilities: Responsible for the development and marketing of over 300 personal care products including hair care, bath and body care, sun care, cosmetics, and candles.
Years: 1988 to 1995 Employer: Mary Kay Cosmetics Title: Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics Department: Sales Responsibilities: Responsible for helping women build their independent sales teams of cosmetic consultants. While she was very successful at this by way of utilizing her vast marketing background, she was always more interested in the ingredients inside the product than actually teaching others how to sell the product.
Years: 1985 to 1988 Employer: Duncan, Nelson, Lambert Title: Ad Agency Account Director Department: Ad Agency Responsibilities: Responsible for directing advertising activity for a number of large clients which included the development of marketing plans and ad development for TV, radio and newspaper, along with day-to-day account management.
Years: 2002 to 2004 Employer: Aveda Title: Certified Aveda Trainer Department: Independent Contractor Responsibilities: Taught classes to salon retail advisers at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis on proper application and selling of skin care, hair care and cosmetic products.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Expert has developed an conducted an abundance of training courses in the areas of marketing and sales of personal care products as well as application of products.
Vendor Selection
Expert works with a vast number of manufacturers of personal care products throughout the US. She also works with a variety of container companies and fragrance houses throughout the country. Through her vast network and resourcefulness, she is also able to easily find the ideal source for whatever project she is working on.
Marketing Experience
Expert has her finger on the pulse of trending and cutting-edge ingredients in the skin care and body care arena, as well as hair care and cosmetics. She continually keeps abreast of trends and new findings through a variety of trade journals as well as through attending industry shows and classes. She invariably provides the manufacturer with suggestions what to include as the most effective actives, according her research, for many of the products she works to develop. She has invested an enormous amount of time in studying the anti-aging skin care market and researching baby boomers' interest in turning back the clock and warding off the aging process. Her specialty is in helping a client develop anti-aging skin care and body care products, although her work is by no means limited to this.
Other Relevant Experience
Expert offers a tremendous attention to detail and follow-through as a consultant. She also has a strength for leading the client, but always enabling the client to feel that they're in charge of the process of developing their product line. Her knowledge can save a client a tremendous amount of money, as she attends to details that even many manufactures do not. She also has a way of writing extremely strong marketing copy and making the purchase of most any product irresistible.

Fields of Expertise

cosmetic industry, cosmetic product, cosmetic product manufacturing, cosmetic product package, cosmetic raw material specification, hair conditioner, hair-care product, hair-care product formulation, ointment, personal care product, shampoo, shea butter, skin care cream, skin care product, sunscreen, titanium dioxide, after-shave, baby personal care product, cosmetic exported product, cosmetic sponge material, dental floss, deodorant stick formulation, deodorizer, depilatory, eye shadow, feminine care product, hair bleach product, hair color product, lipid-free skin cleanser, liquid soap, oral hygiene product, permanent hair-wave product, toiletry, bath and body product, anti-aging skin care product, permanent wave, skin care formulation, skin care product development, skin irritant, cosmetic product chemistry, raw material, avocado, cosmetic product development, perfume, human skin, translucent soap, almond oil, butterfat, calcium stearate, astringent, rosemary, over-the-counter cosmetic, witch hazel extract, skin feel, cosmetic product formulation, skin permeation, hairspray, cocoa butter, skin color, skin structure, skin cancer, sun, Food and Drug Administration cosmetic regulation, anticaries product, skin protectant product, topical antifungal product, bar soap, lotion, cosmetic stability, jojoba oil, veterinary hair-care product, skin absorption, ultraviolet radiation energy, carrageenan, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, skin, perfume chemistry, melanin production, melanin, hair, glycerol

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