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EXPERT has extensive experience designing and conducting complex marketing research projects, and in incorporating research results into marketing and business strategies for major corporate industrial and products clients. For example:
- He conducted research to determine market segmentation and priority, buying decision processes at all stages of the value chain, competitive dynamics, and product value and pricing strategy for a family of new building products, characteristics of competitive materials and processes.
- He planned and conducted an extensive set of marketing research studies to identify applications and competitive materials to target with a new engineering polymer, including determining market segmentation and priority, buying decision processes at all stages of the value chain, competitive dynamics, and product value and pricing strategy.
- Based upon field research, he devised technology licensing strategy, negotiated licenses, and developed marketing strategy for a decorative building material.

EXPERT has extensive experience conducting marketing research projects, managing market and business development programs, and developing marketing and business development strategies for:
- chemicals and plastics producers
- intermediate chemicals and polymers converters
- professional and consumer end users
His experience includes materials such as:
- polyester intermediates, oligomers, and polymers (terephthalic acid and DMT, other organic acids and glycols) and unsaturated polyester resins; physical and chemcial recycle of polyesters
- nylon intermediates and polymers (adipic acid, otehr organic acids, diamine)
- polyurethane raw materials, ingredients and formulations (ester and ether polyols, PTMEG, isocyanates)
- epoxies and epoxides
- organic solvents and intermediate materials
Conversion industries and processors, including:
- coatings formulators
- injection molding
- film and sheet extrusion
End user industries, for example:
- building materials distribution, contractors, architects, designers
- medical devices
- consumer electronics
- commercial and consumer housewares, sports bottles
- infant care products including bottles
- eyewear and ophthalmics
- specialty decorative glazing products, security glazing
- alternative energy
- bio materials and bio fuels, biodegradable plastic
- fossil fuels
- clean coal, gasification

EXPERT developed and executed business strategies and market development programs for a spectrum of technology intensive business ventures, for example:
1. He led development of business plan and acquisition strategy leading to creation of subsidiary providing Business Processing Outsourcing services in the Health, Safety and Environmental area.
2. He led development of business plan for a new industrial chemical, and he led the global market development sales team.

The EXPERT was instrumental in planning and implementing key elements of client's Stage Gate process and in leading Stage Gate project teams.

PROBLEM: Client needed an actionable segmentation of the approx 75,000 home builders in the US, to guide introduction of new building product.

SOLUTION: conducted a portfolio of marketing research projects: in-depth interviews with national, regional and local builders; focus groups; interviews with workers and managers at construction sites; telephone survey of building products dealers. Expert developed and presentated analysis and recommendations to corporate leaders and collaborated with business managers to create and execute market development strategy and plans.

RESULT: Client incorporated Expert's recommended market development approach into the successful launch of the new product. PROBLEM: Client's R&D had developed a new specialty polymer formulation but lacked insight about its potential applications "fits" and its value versus incumbent materials.

SOLUTION: Expert designed and executed a series of anonymous internet based panel discussions among polymer and end user industry experts, identifying attractive end uses and strengths, weakness and potential value vs incumbent materials. Expert presented conclusions and recommendations regarding market development targets, priorities and programs to R&D and corporate leaders.

RESULT: Client adopted Expert's recommendations and engaged the Expert to conduct detailed marketing research programs in high priority segments. Client successfully introduced dthe newpolymer formulation into multiple market segments. PROBLEM: Client's R&D had developed a new process to make a significant industrial chemical, but Client lacked insight as to its value vs existing manufacturing processes.
SOLUTION: Expert designed a business research program, and engaged and managed third party experts to analyze competitive process economics, raw material logistics, and downstream integration of current producers. Building on these results, Expert conducted additional research to assess each producer's competitive positioning and strategic intent. Expert provided assessment of the competitiveness of the new process technology to R&D and business leaders, including analysis and prioritization of potential partners and competitors.
RESULT: Expert recommended commercialization targets and strategies, including technology licensing approaches not previously considered by Client. Client is in on-going licensing discussions.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: San Antonio, Texas - Austin, Texas - Waco, Texas - Killeen, Texas - College Station, Texas - Bryan, Texas - Round Rock, Texas - Temple, Texas

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1975 Degree: MS Subject: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Institution: Kansas University
Year: 1972 Degree: BS Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: Univ of Texas - Austin, TX

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2008 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Principal Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Marketing and business strategy consulting
Recent experience includes building materials and green building designs; engineering polymers for housewares and infant care products, medical devices, ophthalmics and eyewear, home appliances; paint, coating and polymer intermediates; chemicals-from-coal; solar energy and alternative fuels; bio-materials and plastics recycling; flexible and rigid packaging materials and systems.
Product and materials expertise includes:
Polymers – Polyamides, polyesters, urethanes, olefin copolymers, vinyls, epoxies
Chemicals – Specialty intermediates (alcohol, ester, carboxyl, oxirane, amine), Active Solvents, SynGas / Methanol derivatives
Years: 1996 to 2008 Employer: Eastman Chemical Title: Undisclosed Department: Global marketing Responsibilities: Led and played pivotal roles in launching key market and business development initiatives; in building the Marketing Research team and Eastman's marketing capabilities; and in managing major consultant relationships, including:
- Specialty chemicals
- Specialty polymers
- Business Process Outsourcing service provider
Years: 1975 to 1996 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Market Research Manager Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Led reorganization of internal and market facing polyester recycling operations
1. Led reorganization of internal and market facing polyester recycling operations
2. Planned and executed marketing research, market development, and new business development programs supporting DuPont’s Nylon and Polyester Intermediates unit
3. Led development of business and marketing strategy for a new coatings ingredients business unit
Years: 1972 to 1973 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Engineer Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Marketing engineer - Custom molding shop

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1984 to 1989 Country / Region: South America Summary: Liaison with company subsidiaries and distributors in South America:
- Marketing and sales training
- Product training
- Field market development in-region
- Marketing research projects conducted in region

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
- Marketing and Market Research for Technical Employees
- How to .... Marketing Research
- Assessing and Addressing Risk in Stage Gate Projects
- Business Insights for Stage Gate Projects
Vendor Selection
Deep, extensive experience with all phases of business and managment consultant contracting: identification, assessment and selection, project scope development, contract negotiation and administration, project management.
Developed consultant management system, and provided company-wide training in consultant management fundamentals.
Marketing Experience
Deep, extensive experience in a broad spectrum of commodity and specialty chemicals (eg alcohols, esters, amides, isocyanates, epoxides, olefins, etc) and plastics (polyesters, polyamides, polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylics, etc), industries which consume and convert these products (injection molders, film converters, coating and adhesives formulators, polymer systems integrators, etc), and end user industries (automotive, building products, food/beverage packaging, consumer packaging, medical devices, electrical and electronics, etc).
Other Relevant Experience
Marketing and business strategy development for new products and new markets.
Effective, insightful linkage between consumer aesthetics and the client's technical community.

Fields of Expertise

business intelligence, competitive intelligence, information retrieval, market assessment, market research, chemical industry market research, competitive chemical production analysis, customer segmentation, market segmentation, market trend, plastics competitive analysis, value proposition, industrial chemistry, polymer chemistry, plastics business intelligence, chemical recovery, industrial chemical, business development, stage gate process, business strategy, innovation, marketing, chemical marketing, niche marketing, plastics business development, polymer marketing, strategic marketing, technical marketing, strategic innovation, petrochemical marketing, multilevel marketing, multicultural marketing, Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency analysis, business process management, business, gap analysis, business valuation, plastics competitive intelligence, competitive intelligence countermeasures, corporate espionage, customer satisfaction, commercialization, by-product marketing, business startup, market positioning, globalization, business ethics, entrepreneurship, business operations, marketing mix, marketing database, trade show, consumer purchasing behavior, consumer survey, consumer demographics, European market research, medical polymer selection, competitive benchmarking, new consumer product development, thermoplastic material selection, business management, plastic product development, ideation, amorphous polymer, autoclavable plastic material selection, international marketing, polymer selection for chemical compatibility, aromatic polymer, chemical intermediate, crystalline polymer, synthetic polymer chemistry, glassy polymer, corporate strategic planning, competitive analysis, biotechnology market research, database searching, survey design, integrated product development, polyurethane chemistry, material product development, analysis, new product development, product design, service marketing, decision-making, biodegradable plastic, polymer selection, management information system, industrial solvent, homopolymer, executive information system

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