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Expert is an award-winning licensed architect with extensive knowledge of architectural building projects and engineering practices. He has also provided expert witness and arbitration services on several design/construction cases regarding compliance with the permit drawings, Standard of Care, slip and falls, acoustical theater design, ADA compliance, construction specifications, water damage and mold testing and/or building code life safety requirements.

He has direct knowledge as a CEO/Architect, as well as 38 years' experience in architectural building design development and commercial/residential project construction. He has completed all phases of design/construction and supervision for several hospital/medical facilities, movie theaters, commercial and multi-family housing projects. This has included administration projects, application for pay request, AIA contracts, site supervision, change orders, substantial completion, site inspections and project close-out.

Expert has extensive experience and knowledge with the IBC, BOCA building codes, NFPA and life safety codes requirements across the country. He currently maintains multiple Architectural State licenses and has provided expert witness discovery and/or arbitrated cases on design/construction projects that were not ADA, life safety or building code compliant.

Expert has designed and constructed several national movie theaters with THX acoustical treatment. He has also opined on 2 separate cases in regards to theater stadium seating construction and theater production studio acoustical design failures.

He has over 28 years as CEO/Architect in a private architectural practice consisting of full architectural services for commercial design, medical and construction projects. He has extensive experience with all aspects of commerical architectural projects ranging from hospital, medical office buidlings, imaging centers, movie theaters, restaurants, multi-family, single family, computer data centers and retail centers.He has extensive experience and training with AIA ADA/ANSI compliance knowledge for the ADA/ANSI Federal regulation and accessibility codes.He has extensive experience with BOCA building codes, life safety building and NFPA fire code requirements currently for over 20 States in the USA.He has extensive experience with construction failure, mold, moisture, standard of care, slip and falls, errors and ommission, architectural design flaws and noncompliance construction practices.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1976 Degree: BED Subject: Architecture with Enviromental studies Institution: University of Kansas, School of Architecture

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1997 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: CEO/Architect Department: Architectural
He provides full expert witness review and opines on Architectural failures, mold, slip and falls, Standard of care, errors and ommissions.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1985 to 2012 Employer: Architectural Firm Title: CEO/Owner Department: Architectural
Expert served as CEO/Architect of a national architectural design firm. His work entailed daily involvement with design and construction of buildings with compliance to ADA and life safety building codes.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1993 to 1994 Agency: GSA Role: Architect Description: He designed the free-standing two-story office building for the GSA Social Security in St. Louis.
Years: 2006 to 2007 Agency: 911 Emergency Call Center Role: Architect Description: He designed the 911 Emergency Call Center per Homeland security compliance.
Years: 1996 to 1997 Agency: Family Services Role: Architect Description: He provided the design development and construction permit drawings for this Goverment office.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1983 to 1983 Country / Region: Puerto Rico Summary: He designed/developed a 1980's-style disco/night club in the historic area of the city of San Juan.
Years: 1985 to 1985 Country / Region: Cancun, Mexico Summary: He designed schematic layouts for a Cancun area resort hotel.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
He is a member of NCARB National Council of Architectural Registration Boards since 1985.
He is also American Arbitration Association past member and Arbitrator.
Licenses / Certifications
He maintains Architect Base State of Missouri A-4135 since 1983; National since 1985. Expert also currently maintains 20 State Architectural licenses.
Awards / Recognition
Expert has been awarded the "Gold Medal Building Award" by Real Estate and Construction, and has won the Masonry Award. He and his firm have twice won the Best Place to work award from the St. Louis Business Journal.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has 4 building publications in Design Cost Data magazine on construction projects completed by his architectural firm.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert is a past member of American Arbitrition Association, where he arbitrated several St. Louis construction projects. He is an experienced expert witness for ADA and building code compliance in multiple states for commercial and residential construction projects. He also has a national membership with NCARB Architectural Certification.
Training / Seminars
President Forum speaker of Saving Green by Going Green. Training for the American Arbitration Association. Continuing Education requirements for Architectural state license (CEU's) and NCARB. ADA accessibility training course.
Marketing Experience
ADA, ANSI code compliance for new and existing buildings. BOCA, NFPA, IBC, NEC OSHA and multi-state specific building codes for local authority having jurisdiction.
Other Relevant Experience
Sustainable green design features and LEED.

Fields of Expertise

architectural engineering, building component, building construction, building design, building failure, building inspection, building roof, construction, construction design deficiency, health care facility construction, building materials testing, building safety, building wall, built-up roof, commercial construction, construction contract, contract bid evaluation, roof construction, building architecture, building frame, construction cost, construction defect, construction deficiency, construction inspection, defective construction, mediation, building insulation material, constructability, construction material deficiency, construction project management, light gage steel framing, sick building syndrome, building code, BOCA model code, fire safety code, International Conference of Building Officials model code, National Building Code, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, building construction regulation, carbon monoxide, errors and omissions insurance, Standard Building Code, Standard Fire Code, acoustic analysis, acoustic insulation, acoustic material, acoustic measurement, acoustic noise, acoustics, active noise cancellation, arbitration, architectural acoustics, architectural standard, dispute, health care, liability insurance, medical mediation, mold (fungus), mold (fungus) contamination, mold (fungus) detection, mold remediation, National Fire Code, real estate development environmental impact, Southern Building Code Congress International model code, standard of care, structural acoustics, residential property, facade, real estate mediation, restaurant real estate, industrial real estate, corporate real estate, property arbitration, professional construction, heavy construction, forensic construction, general liability insurance, fire insurance, facade engineering, carpentry, commercial real estate, builder's risk insurance, header beam, general contractor, construction claim, roofing, insurance, pricing dispute, front end loading, residential building construction, lighting design, building technology, noise standard, lighting system design, building thermal envelope, roofing system, building chimney design, flexible statistical model building, construction engineering, construction plastic material, building material development, rigid insulation, building vibration, manufactured housing, building roof failure, construction schedule, construction insurance claim, insurance claim, masonry, demolition, foundation settlement, foundation failure, foundation movement, construction accident, indoor air pollution control building material, structural analysis, product, computer-aided design, construction cost estimation, energy-efficient insulation material, real estate development, energy efficient building design, residential housing, concrete failure, construction material siding, engineering acoustics, design engineering, flooring material, modular construction, house, building-related disease, structural code, roofing material, indoor air quality, furniture, flood control, electrical construction, construction planning, construction material, asbestos, acoustical engineering

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