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Expert in Strategic Sourcing: Identity, Privacy, Security; Business Process Management

Expert ID: 729475 Pennsylvania, USA

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Expert has over 35 years of experience marketing and selling to the government. He is well versed in the US Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) and Defense FARs (DFARs) and is responsible for creating legal precedents in the procurement of information technology. He also understands the Internation Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) He is intimately familiar with the federal procurement cycle and regularly advises clients (including major government contractors) on capture strategy and proposal development.

For IBM's Security and Privacy consulting practice, he led development of winning solution for phase II of National Security Agency’s High Assurance Platform multi-level security (MLS) for workstations. He also led creation of technology offering to prevent terrorist entry into Federal government buildings and disaster sites. He also managed the transition of a security operations center (SOC) for the Dept. of Homeland Security. After leaving IBM, he developed a framework for trusted identity and currently leads the development of an auditable trust framework for e-commerce as co-chair of the Kantara Initiative Privacy and Public Policy working group. He also assisted in implementing an integrated security solution for the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Expert attained IBM's "expert" certification in process design, optimization, and management. He has leveraged his skills to harmonize service delivery across multiple geographies and address multiple process gaps discovered in a failed security audit for a major client.

Expert developed expertise in strategic sourcing while serving as technical solutions manager at IBM. He designed both generalized offerings and customized IT outsourcing solutoins for several of the world's largest enterprises. As strategic sourcing has moved on, he now advised potential buyers of services that include cloud computing and business process outsourcing. This includes defining requirements, evaluating vendor solutions, as well as providing negoiation assistance.

Devised a winning solution for an aerial traffic reconnaissance system capable of identifying vehicles by type (e.g., car, pickup, SUV, semi), direction and velocity in all weather conditions. Leveraged experience in sensor technology, including pattern recognition, to provide a lightweight, all weather solution that could be mounted on small aircraft to provide continuous monitoring. The solution included a data link to a ground station to allow the surveillance to be immediately used and/or stored for later analysis.Devised strategy and managed the development of a proposal to provide a wide range of information technology services to the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Strategy included customer contact plan, development of Win themes, proposal design and management of the proposal team for a large federal contractor.Provided insight into potential "Do Not Track" regulations being considered by the Federal Trade Commission. The co-chairman of the global Privacy and Public Policy working group of the Kantara Initiative, Expert is an authority on identity and privacy issues and regularly provides insight on this dynamic area.Described the range of go-to-market strategies used in the IT security outsourcing market for prospective new entrant in the market.
Also provided insight into the strategies used for a wide variety of managed services.Provided guidance on forthcoming compliance area in data security that will require comprehensive destruction of data. Prompted by increasing costs of holding data resulting from impending privacy regulations, the economics of acquiring personally identifiable information will be transformed from "collect everything" to a strategy of selective collection and regular pruning of data that is no longer cost-justified to maintain.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York - Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City, New Jersey - Paterson, New Jersey - Elizabeth, New Jersey - Trenton, New Jersey - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Allentown, Pennsylvania - Reading, Pennsylvania - Baltimore, Maryland

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1974 Degree: MA Subject: Economics Institution: Tufts University
Year: 1974 Degree: BA Subject: English, Economics Institution: Tufts University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2008 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Principal Consultant Department: Responsibilities: A polymath, bringing together disparate elements to solve difficult client problems that often can't be solved effectively in a traditional single-discipline approach. Examples include the following::

• Simplifying authentication and authorization while empowering users to control their personal information.
• Providing a mechanism to allow people to better control the personal information
• Conceived an architecture to enable the next "internet" tsunami and redefine electronic commerce
• Working to broker de facto open standards to support the cost-effective incremental build-out of a identity-based Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) constellation that will provide
o Global interoperability
o Reduced fraud
o Reduced identity theft
• User control of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to enhance privacy.
• Developing intellectual property to support implementation of these standards for governments, commercial entities, and end users.
• Has three patents in this area.

• Working with startup businesses to develop compelling business plans to generate equity participation
• Providing startups with the programmatic discipline and work products to foster successful business plan execution
• Assisting developers of emerging technologies to properly protect their Intellectual Property
• Transforming emerging technologies into solutions to tactical client problems.

• Development and documentation of new business processes
• Reconciliation of competing business processes (common in merger and acquisition environments)
• Optimization (re-engineering) of business processes

• Facilitating foreign operations whose effectiveness is constrained by culture, law, or environment
• Assisting domestic businesses open effective foreign operations
• Facilitating solutions that require interdepartmental cooperation where interdepartmental trust and respect is lacking

• Defining requirements for prospective RFPs
• Evaluation of strategic sourcing alternatives including cloud computing and business process outsourcing
• Negotiation assistance in sourcing of services.
Years: 1996 to 2007 Employer: IBM Title: Technical Solutions Manager Department: Responsibilities: Directed development of technical solutions and cost cases for successful global solutions for IBM’s leading revenue-generating engagements ($100M-$3B). Managed global teams of architects, financial analysts, account executives, and other TSMs in developing technical proposals.

Devised strategic plans for IT outsourcing business. Identified market requirements, defined new service offerings, and drove enhanced competitiveness into existing service offerings.
Years: 1980 to 1996 Employer: RMTC Systems Title: General Manager Department: Responsibilities: Strategized and implemented marketing plans for commercial and government sectors. Directed the development of Request For Proposal (RFP) responses, technical solutions, and product/service delivery. Hired, managed, and coached technical staff.

Personally pioneered industry innovations, including attachment of large hard disks to PCs for IBM Corporation; integrating 9-track tape subsystems with PCs for US West (now Qwest); developing one of the first portable tape drives for the IBM PC XT; and developing a monochrome graphics adapter for the Leading Edge Model D PC.
Years: 1974 to 1979 Employer: Energy Resources Co. Inc. Title: Senior Scientist Department: Responsibilities: Identified and secured commercial and government clients for a multidisciplinary research and consulting firm. Developed proposals for energy and environmental policy analysis and engineering technology assessment projects. Led technical solution development and delivery of economic impact analyses. Directed high-level engineering/scientific project teams.

Managed the development of a modular, transportable unmanned, robot-operated, solution for demilitarizing the entire range of chemical weapons in the US arsenal, including small arms ammunition, mortar and canon shells, bombs, and spray tanks.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2008 to 2009 Agency: US Patent and Trademark Office Role: HSPD-12 consultant Description: Expert designed an integrated Physical Access Control System (PACS) and Logical Access Control System (LACS) complaint with the anti-terrorism HSPD-12 mandate. He designed the interfaces between the Siemens PACS and the MS Active Directory. He also architected the process integration among the Security, IT, HR, and Procurement departments necessary to register employees and contractors.
Years: 2007 to 2007 Agency: US Customs and Border Protection Role: Transition Operations Manager Description: Expert managed the standing up of a Security Operations Center (SOC), Network Operations Center (NOC), and Servie Desk after the separation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Years: 2005 to 2005 Agency: Transportation Security Administration Role: Project Manager for Crew Vetting Platform Description: Expert managed the rapid deployment of a complex system for anti-terrorist personnel vetting of commercial flight crews and other key personnel for the US Transportation Security Administration. The deployment was performed on an emergency basis to maintain TSA’s Authority To Operate the system and required rapid decision-making skills in order to adapt a previous design to a different set of equipment in an substantially different IT environment without sacrificing system integrity or performance. The deployment finished ahead of schedule and within budget and fully satisfied the client’s requirements.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: to Present Country / Region: India Summary: He spends 5 weeks in India every 18 months or so working on various projects with clients both in the US and in India. He has worked in seven different states throughout India, dealing with the variety of India cultures.
Years: 1999 to 1999 Country / Region: China Summary: He has made two month-long sojourns to southern China (Guangdong and Hunan) and continues to work with Chinese ventures based both in the US and in China.
Years: 1998 to 1999 Country / Region: Global Summary: Devised a global solution to outsource the desktop IT functions a major pharma in multiple countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Harmonized services levels across the globe, overcoming differences in legal and environmental infrastructures in each country.
Years: 2002 to 2002 Country / Region: Global Summary: Harmonized cost-case across 20+ nations around the globe to support the oursourcing of all IT functions for a global auto parts manufacturer. The solution included standing up new systems and segregrating systems as the enterprise was divested from a large parent.
Years: 2006 to 2006 Country / Region: Singapore Summary: Invited by local team to provide technical and cost review of proposal technical solution to outsource functions of government agency. Developed marketing strategy assistance to local team.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Kantara Initiative;
International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC)²;
Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group;
Mid-Atlantic Consultants Network.
Licenses / Certifications
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
Professional Appointments
Co-chairman of Privacy and Public Policy working group of Kantara Initiative.
Awards / Recognition
IBM Global Services Thanks Award: contribution to development of IBM OmniFind Personal Email Search applications
IBM Global Services Thanks Award: outstanding contribution to winning NSA High Availability Platform II multi-level security solution proposal effort
IBM Global Services Thanks Award: outstanding contribution to marketing and proposal efforts targeting secure passport production
IBM Global Services Thanks Award: leadership and proposal writing on successful Logistics Data Management System proposal for Army Future Combat Systems
IBM Global Services Thanks Award: management contribution to successful Logistics Data Management System proposal for Army Future Combat Systems
IBM Global Services Thanks Award: development of key management volume for successful USAF black programs proposal
IBM Global Services Thanks Award: successful deployment of critical, high-visibility remote backup solution for US TSA
IBM Ideas Award: for recommendations to improve the internal phone system.
IBM Global Services Bridge Award: for development of training program for strategic outsourcing costing tool.
IBM Global Services Bridge Award: for developing curriculum to train Technical Solution Managers.
Technology Professionals Networking Group Super Speaker Award: for presentation “It’s the Economy! Perspectives & Prospects for Finding Work.

Publications and Patents Summary
“Trust Framework Meta Model” Identity Collaboration Day
“The Growing Need for Data Destruction Planning” Computer Security Institute
"It's Getting Harder To Be Super," TECHNOLOGY REVIEW, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Market Analysis of the Potential for Wind Systems Use in Remote and Isolated Area Applications
Numerous technical reports published by agencies of the US Government.

Methods and apparatus related to document processing based on a document type.
Methods and apparatus related to transmission of confidential information to a relying party
Methods and apparatus for transacting with multiple domains based on a credential
Methods and apparatus related to billing and accounting for assets that require more than two factors to establish asset value
Gamification Systems and Methods for Improved Healthcare Outcomes
Systems and Methods to Ensure Product and Supply Chain Integrity
Systems and Methods to Validate Transactions For Inclusion in Electronic Blockchains
Systems and Methods for Extending the Utility of Blockchains Through Use of Related Child Blockchains
Systems and Methods for Monetizing Intellectual Property

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Retained to Provide expert witness testimony at a series of public hearings held by US EPA on proposed noise abatement regulations for wheel and crawler tractors. Expert's testimony focused on the economic impacts of the proposed regulations. He had become an expert as the Program Manager for an analysis performed under contract with the EPA.

Retained to review patents in information technology -- particularly identify and access management systems -- for potential infringement litigation.

Served as technical consultant to International Telecommunications Union-Technology Working Group (ITU-T) on identity trust frameworks.
Training / Seminars
Training Provided
Developed courseware and delivered training to more than 100 technical solutions managers at IBM on the use of an internally developed tool to estimate costs of outsourcing global IT clients
“White Papers 2.0: Addressing Evolving ICO Requirements”
“ICOs – The new startup funding paradigm” open webinar
“So you want to conduct an ICO” Greater Philadelphia Senior Executives Group
“Comparison of DSCSA Track-and-Trace Solutions” IEEE Blockchain for the Pharma Supply Chain Forum
“A Brief Background on Blockchain” IEEE Information Technology Professionals Conference
“The Potential for Block Chain in Healthcare” Healthcare Distributors Association Traceability Seminar
“Choosing the Right Blockchain” European Identify and Cloud Conference
European Identity Conference (4 years)
"Now is the time for data destruction planning," Computer Security Institute
19th Global Indexing and ETFs Conference, November
Internet Identity Workshop

Training Received
Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (CobIT) Foundation Certificate
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Advanced Process Architect certification
Advanced Technology Consultant certification
Project Management Masters Certification, George Washington University
Vendor Selection
Strategic sourcing is one of the pillars of Expert's consulting practice. In this role, he defines client requirements for prospective RFPs, evaluates strategic sourcing alternatives including cloud computing and business process outsourcing, and assists in vendor negotiations on the sourcing of services.
Marketing Experience
His client involvement has generally been at strategic levels, providing him with significant insight into the various lines of business including the following commercial and governmental fields: aerospace & defense, commercial banking, investment banking, consulting, information technology products and services, logistics, manufacturing, large pharma, telecommunications, Defense, Intelligence, Civil, and State.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Native speaker

Fields of Expertise

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