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Cast iron family includes gray iron, S. G. iron, malleable iron, abrasion and wear resistant alloy cast iron, etc. Expert has applied his hands on experience of more than 25 years in the reputed Automobile Industry to the varieties of castings made in the foundries. He has also helped the foundries in solving their in-house problems related to melting and pouring of cast iron, sand control, molding, pattern design, gating and risering design, etc. Further, he has offered his services for attending to the customer complaints and technically resolving the quality issues, resulting into the product improvement. Expert has carried out pioneering work in the applications of Alloy Cast Iron for glass industries in India. He has successfully produced results in Glass Moulds made in alloy cast iron. His experience includes writing Glass Mould Material Specifications and Inspection Standards, developing and auditing Casting Suppliers, streamlining production processes, inspection procedures in the foundries, and technology development. His improvements have been key in reducing casting rejection to 0.50% and increasing the mould cavity polish. In the nutshell, all these Metallurgical efforts and the development of new cast iron family for glass molds have contributed and produced results towards cost reduction, quality improvement and productivity enhancement in glass industry. His major contribution to the Indian Glass Industry is development of special Alloy Cast Iron, S. G. Iron, Chilled Iron, Water-Cooled Cast Iron, Spray welded Neckrings, Import substitution, and Reverse Engineering products. The entire focus of the metallurgical consultancy offered by Expert is on the cost reduction, quality improvement and productivity enhancement.

Ferrous metal casting is basically steel casting. These foundries produce various types of steel castings such as plain carbon, medium carbon, high carbon, alloys steels, stainless steels etc. Expert has applied his hands on experience of more than 25 years in the field of foundry technology to the various casting suppliers. He has streamlined the process control, inspection procedures in foundries. He has also helped the clients in setting up the various quality control & inspection procedures. This has resulted in the improvement in the quality of the steel casting produced.

He has carried out the project consultancy work for setting up several state-of-the-art new foundries and also helped management for the execution of the same.

In addition to above, Expert offers consultancy services to several foundries and also offers the solutions for their day to day problems and gives guidance during the developmental stage.

Expert is a proficient auditor who has technically evaluated, assessed and audited several foundries. His suggestions for the new equipments for production & quality control have helped them in setting up the quality production and Q/C processes.

Expert has in-depth knowledge & hands on experience in heat treatment of ferrous metals. He has helped many clients in solving their various shop floor problems in annealing, hardening and tempering, carburizing, carbonitriding, and induction hardening. He has further designed the alternate heat treatment process to the existing one from cost cutting point of view. He has also designed the fixtures for heat treatment of multiple parts that has improved the productivity. The spheroidising cycle which he has developed for SAE 8620 / 5210 steel has tremendously improved the cold workability of the automotive tappets and other components, thus reducing the wear and tear of the cold working dies. Further, his R & D work in the development of ferritising cycle for the alloy cast iron glass molds have also improved the high temperature resistance during glass bottle, container and table ware manufacturing operation.

The hot oil quenching heat treatment for the automobile gears was introduced and implemented by him that has reduced the distortions in the gears, axle shafts and other auto components. This has contributed to cost reduction as well as the reduction of noise in the transmission / improvement in quality.

To increase the productivity during Induction hardening, he has also designed the multiple Inductors for the components like rocker arms, push rods, flywheel ring gears, shifting rails etc.

With his background and experience in ferrous metallurgy Expert has offered the consulting services to the various industries such as glass industries, auto ancillary industries, domestic appliances industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, mineral process industries, electrical and electronic industries, packaging matching industries, etc. He has successfully implemented the various long term and short-term projects in these industries. His past projects have included: designing of new materials, new & alternate heat treatment process, coating processes, failure analysis, etc.

Gray Iron is cast iron that contains flake graphite. Expert has helped the various industries to modify the morphology of the flakes and also helped them to change matrix microstructure by suitable chilling of castings & heat treatment processes. These developments are basically carried out for the glass industries where they use the Gray Iron glass molds. These projects have resulted into the improvement in the polish ability of the mold cavities, improvement in the hardness of the glass molds and the improvement in the high temperature resistance of the mold material.

Further developments are carried out in mineral process industries where the Beaters are used in the jaw crushers & pulverizers. These beaters are developed in the abrasion resistant gray iron material. The wearing out of the beaters during the operations was minimized and the quality of the quartz sand thus produced in these units was considerably improved by eliminating the contamination of the same by Iron particles.

Material selection is one of the important fields in which Expert specializes. He has worked with and is familiar with the various international specifications such as ASTM, SAE, BS, BIS, JIS, DIN, GOST, and AFNOR. With more than more than 25 years hands on experience in the automobile industry, he has helped many engineering industries, chemical & pharmaceutical industries, electrical and electronic industries on their projects on selection of materials for the various components, designing of alternative material, substitution of materials, and selection of equivalents specification to the various foreign material specifications. This has resulted in reducing the wear and tear, reduction in failures of the components & hence the longer life of the same.

He has designed alternate material, i.e. S.G. Iron, and commercially implemented the same for the parts such as crankshafts, rocker arms, camshafts, and transmission forks. Further, he has also developed the chilled iron for the application of camshafts, which has reduced the customer complaints and improved quality of products.

Microstructure decides the various characteristics of the material such as hardness, wear resistance, high temperature properties and therefore the analysis of microstructure requires expertise. By the virtue of his in depth knowledge & experience in Heat Treatment & micro structural analysis, Expert has designed various Heat treatment cycles to obtain a suitable microstructure for the given application. The ferritic / pearlitic / ferrito-pearlitic / microstructure was developed by him for the many components in glass industry, mineral process industries etc which improved the high temperature properties, abrasion resistance characteristics, wear characteristics of the components thus saving the considerable amount of cost. Expert has a thorough experience of more than 35 years in analysis of various microstructures that can characterize Cast iron, S.G. Iron, Malleable iron, Steel, Aluminum silicon alloys, bronzes etc. Micro structural analysis is one of the tools used in failure analysis.

Steel such as carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, corrosion resistant steels, high temperature steels etc. has applications and requirement in almost all types of industries. Expert has expertise in recommending such steels for the different applications in automobile industries, auto ancillary units, chemical industries, glass industries, and other engineering industries. He has designed the alternate cost effective heat treatment processes for the various steels such as carburizing grade steels, carbonitriding steels, and hardened and tempered steels without affecting the quality of the components. Based on his several years of experience, he has also developed the cryogenic heat treatment for the tool steels the benefit of which has been taken by many industries.

The Micro-alloy steels developed by him for the transmission hubs, flanges, etc. have considerably improved the machinability of the parts, totally eliminated the heat treatment i.e. hardening & tempering operations leading to cost reduction.

Due to the steep increase in Nickel prices, he has also developed the Nickel-free steels for transmission gears and other parts, thus saving the cost of production of parts.

Failure analysis is a process for systematically analyzing the failures of components, using various tools such as chemical analysis, metallographic testing and mechanical testing coupled with the analytical ability and investigative approach, to arrive at the root cause of failure and offering the corrective solutions. Expert has utilized his metallurgical engineering background and decades of experience in carrying out the Failure analysis of the parts / components in the various industries such as auto ancillary industries, glass industries, engineering industries. He has arrived at the root cause in the failure of transmission gears, engine components, axels, sheet metal components etc and offered the corrective solutions, the implementation of which has prevented the reoccurrences of such failures along with the reduction in warranty claims of parts. He has also carried out the failure analysis of the broken parts that were exported and saved considerable amount of cost of the products along with the improvement in the quality. His failure analysis work and the recommendations of corrosion resistant steels, welding procedures in the several chemical and biotech industries has saved huge amount due to the prevention of corrosions failures.

Similar failure analysis work in packing machine manufacturing industries has improved the quality and the life of the exported packaging machines along with the savings in foreign exchange.



Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1977 Degree: M.Tech Subject: Metallurgical Engineering Institution: IIT Bombay, India
Year: 1972 Degree: B.Tech Subject: Metallurgical Engineering Institution: IIT Bombay, India

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1998 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President & CEO Department: Consultancy
He is a proprietor - President & CEO of Employer. He is responsible for Business Development, implementation of new projects. He is also responsible for offering the Metallurgical Solutions to the various problems faced by Foundries, Heat Treatment plants, Forging Industries, Material Testing Labs and other Engineering Industries in India as well as overseas.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1973 to 1998 Employer: The Premier Automobiles Ltd / Fiat India Ltd Title: Chief Metallurgist / Asst. General Manager (Metallurgy & Materials) Department: Quality Control
He was responsible for Heat treatment, Metallurgical Inspection, Vendor quality, Foundry, Materials Testing, Metallurgy, Materials Engineering, Heat Treating, Forging, Sheet Metal, Foundry Technology, Technical Evaluation of Suppliers, Failure Analysis, Investigation, Import Substitution, Cost Reduction, Nonmoving Inventory Deployment, Problem Solving & Trouble Shooting, Warranty Claims Reduction etc.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1972 to 1973 Employer: Vikas Industries Title: Chief Metallurgist Department: Cast Iron Foundry
He was looking after production and quality control of castings produced. He was responsible for studying the customer complaints and finding out the solutions and implementing for the same for development of better castings.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2006 to 2006 Country / Region: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Summary: He has carried out the technical evaluation / technical survey / technical audit of the potential suppliers of forgings and offered them Metallurgical support to achieve quality enhancement for a company in Canada.
Years: 2007 to Present Country / Region: Velizy, France Summary: This is an on-going project. The assignment includes carrying out technical evaluation / technical survey / technical audit of the potential casting suppliers--foundries and offering them Metallurgical support to achieve quality enhancement for an automobile company in France.
Years: 2008 to Present Country / Region: Texas, USA Summary: This is an on-going project. The assignment includes carrying out technical evaluation / technical survey / technical audit of the potential casting suppliers-foundries and offering them Metallurgical support to achieve quality enhancement for a company in Texas, USA.
Years: 2008 to 2008 Country / Region: Woodstock, Ontario, Canada Summary: He has carried out the technical evaluation / technical survey / technical audit of the potential suppliers of forgings and offered them Metallurgical support to achieve quality enhancement for a company in Canada.

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English Proficient in speaking, writing and reading
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German Studied

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