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He studied materials science with a focus on thin film materials, focussing in his PhD on process equipment and design of room-temperature deposited coating. As post-doc, he was employed to scale up deposition process from laboratory to industrially useable process for industrial partners.
During his work, he was focusing on:
- coating materials:
common coating metals, their nitrides, oxides and carbonitrides (Ti, Cr, Zr, Si, V, W, Al, TiAl, Ag, Au, Pd, Cu, Mn, DLC (C))
- coating processes:
PVD like magnetron sputtering (RF, DC, pulsed), pulsed laser deposition, arc and electron beam evaporation, ion-assisted deposition
ion pretreatment from plasma etching to ion beam etching and deposition
plasma polymerization
- coating characterization and coating properties:
adhesion, thickness, optical appearance and opto-electronic properties, tribological properties (wear, friction), corrosion, biomedical properties (cell and protein adhesion, bacteria adhesion), gas permeation, etc.
- coating application:
tribology, biomedical (implants, medical devices), corrosion-protection, optics and opto-electronics, decoration, gas barriers, etc.

Austrian company working in the field of rare metals: Corrosion protectionUS company working in the field of ion sources: Development of new sources and processes.German company working in the field of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer production: Possibilities for new surface treatments


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2006 Degree: Prof. Subject: biomaterials Institution: Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow
Year: 2004 Degree: PhD Subject: materials sciences - surface technology Institution: University of Leoben, Austria
Year: 2001 Degree: Dipl.-Ing. (Master of Sciences) Subject: materials sciences Institution: University of Leoben, Austria

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2004 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Scientific and technological group leader Department: Laser Center Leoben
Strategic market research in thin films
Vacuum deposition processes (technology)
Coating materials and coating applications
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2001 to 2004 Employer: University of Leoben / Materials Center Leoben Title: Material Scientist Department: Physical Metallurgy
Development of thin films and deposition processes
Construction of deposition equipment
Characterization of thin films
Simulation of thin film behaviour

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2005 to Present Country / Region: Poland Summary:

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Publications and Patents Summary
~ 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals (natural sciences)
~ 10 publications in peer-reviewed journals (economic sciences)
3 books on thin films and thin film deposition

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Applied scientific knowledge with high focus on industry R&D,
High knowledge of thin film patents
Training / Seminars
Courses for material characterization in physical metallurgy (thin films)
Vendor Selection
Europe, US
Marketing Experience
Has a variety of contacts to industrial partners (EU, US) in the fields of vacuum and deposition equipment, tribological coatings, biomedical coatings (biocompatible coatings), market research
Other Relevant Experience
High scientific knowledge in deposition of coatings at room temperature, Coating of polymer substrates and processes connected to coatings of soft substrates with hard coatings

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Often and generally used during work

Fields of Expertise

activated reactive evaporation, deposition, dielectric film, ion-beam etching, low-energy ion beam thin-film deposition, material wear, physical vapor deposition, plasma cleaning, plasma surface treatment, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, selective deposition, substrate, surface chemistry, surface oxide, surface treatment, thin film, thin-film analysis, thin-film application, thin-film coating adhesion, thin-film coating process, thin-film deposition, thin-film mechanical property, thin-film property, thin-film stress, thin-film technology, titanium nitride thin film, tribology, vacuum deposition, vacuum deposition equipment, vacuum equipment, vacuum outgassing, vacuum technology, vapor deposition, wear effect, wear prevention, wear resistance, wear testing, wear-resistant coating material, thin-film head, carbide wear-resistant coating material, piston wear-resistant coating material, piston coating material, black thin film, membrane material, metal alloy wear resistance, lubricant coating material, chemical vapor deposition reactor, iron thin film, superhard coating synthesis, superhard coating material, superhard material, hybrid electronic equipment, abrasion testing, ion vapor deposition, dielectric isolation, high-energy electron diffraction, electric resistivity, aluminum deposition, surface alloying, diamond coating material, directional coupler, thin-film processing, optical thin-film metrology, refractory compound, thermal plasma chemical vapor deposition, zirconium oxide, thin-film licensing, semiconductor material manufacturing, thin-film thermal property, oxidation reaction, interconnect substrate, semiconductor material processing, thin-film strain gage transducer, abrasion-resistant coating material, abrasion, transparent conductive thin film, plasma polymerization, metal-oxide semiconductor material, thin-film electrical property, thin-film circuit element, gas plasma, oxygen, refractory ceramic, thick film, silicon oxide, silicon dioxide, silicon, semiconductor processing equipment, optical thin film, metallizing, integrated optics, electric resistance, diamond thin film, chemical vapor deposition, ceramic thin film, arc deposition, aluminum oxide

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