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Expert K. Expert is the Principal of a consulting firm and has over 35 years experience in R & D., marketing, operations, process development and quality assurance. Expert engaged and managed a consulting business with network of experts that range in fundamental to applied sciences in food/non-food sectors, strategic management and marketing in global areas. With many years of experience in food and industrial sectors Expert has deep and comprehensive expertise in basic food/cereal/carbohydrates, related science with strong focus on costs, technology, commercial solutions connecting technical and commercial areas including products, brands, IP, food safety, processing and related areas. He has Ph. D. in Food/Grain science, KSU. He held several positions including VP, R & D, Comm. Dev., Marketing, Technology transfer at Am. Maize/Cerestar/Cargill. He is currently an adjunct Professor in Food Science/Whistler Carbohydrate Research Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

Specialization: Excels in connecting the science/technology to marketing and real world solutions, strategic marketing, portfolio optimization, and product/commercial development, technology transfer, and cross-functional team development among other. Provide excellent support to product portfolio management strategies, technology transfer, commercial development, market segmentation and business process improvement based on specific customer need/trend in global and local markets. Comprehensive global experience in transferring products and technologies globally, excellent insights and skills to develop technologies.

Brief Accomplishments:

• Successfully implemented effective plant wide process controls and streamline manufacture operations platform to manufacture deliver quality products cost effectively. Built cross-functional capabilities across marketing, R & D, operations created platform to design effective plant infrastructure and logistic for multiple products. Enhanced sales/marketing of high margin specialties by > 40% within 2 yrs. Global experience besides the US include assignments in India, South America and Europe. Build cross-functional capabilities and know how and to invest in correct manufacturing equipment, streamlined process and well trained people to produce great results. Patent portfolio management and expertise in patent evaluations. Saved > 2 mm/yr by enhancing process controls and technology transfer

List of projects past 6 yrs- clients remain confidential:

• Strategic marketing, supply and industry situation on carbohydrates project for a very large global consumer products company, market, costs, etc for potential diaper absorbent
• Strategic review of sweetener, starches, hydrocolloids, maltodextrins, pyrodextrins
• Strategic and technology review of corn Expert milled products & bio ethanol
• Acquisition due diligence support to global agriculture and food processor
• Carbohydrates/starches as diaper absorbent – global consumer products company
• Strategic marketing and technology of polyols by fermentation rather than hydrolysis & hydrogenation
• Technology and detail market segments of biotechnology - high phosphate natural starch
• Cycldextrin for encapsulation and control release, maltodextrins for matrix formation
• High amylose starch in capsules and film forming. resistant starches and oligosaccharides
• Patent & IP litigation expert
• Market and technology review and scale up of corn flour and dextrin for a global client
• Markets and technology review of sucralose, non-nutritive sweetener & erythritol – low calorie sweetener
• Bacterial polysaccharide – soluble fiber, etc.
• Strategic review of modified starch products, markets, etc
• • Patent & IP litigat

Expert is engaged in health/nutrition and glycemic ingredient with control digestibilit for gut health & obesity are key issues. Dietary fiber is a vital component of a healthy diet. It imparts a wide range of health benefits and has been shown through research to support heart health, gastrointestinal health, diabetes, immune function and weight management. Organizations such as the American Dietetic Association (ADA), Chicago, IL, recommend adults eat 20-35 grams of fiber a day, however the average American barely consumes half of this amount. Fiber is an extremely important component of the diet because of the major role it plays in contributing to gut health, which is considered to be the foundation of health and wellness. He has in-depth expertise in Resistant starch and slowly digestible starch also essential to manage diabetes and prebiotic.
Has presented and published in books and published in other publication on carrbohydrates, proteins, gut health, and dietary fiber among others. In 30+ yrs of corp experience and for past 7 yrs has worked with glocal, local and mid size to global companies.

Expert has comprehensive experience in Cereal Chemistry. Has published and a patwnt in Resistant Starch, Slowly Digestible fiber of Flours produced from several cereal grains. Most common source of flour is wheat flour, essential for making products such as bread, cakes, and cookies. There are different types of flours for bread, cakes, cookies and pasta. Flour has gluten the protein with unique viscoelestic properties essential for making products such as bread, cookies, crackers, tortilla, etc. Flour quality is determined by protein quality: strong to weak, etc. His PhD. was devoted to cereals and flour chemistry and quality. The expert has over 30 years experience in cereal and flour processing.

In recent times with focus on health/nutrition, obesity, gut health, sustainability, the focus on mainsteram solution is important to control haeath cost. Food with heslth and diet can allow preventive health care, reducing the illness and health care costs. Staples such a wheat, corn. oat, feles, tubers, among many other worldwide requires connecting science to real worl solutions. I have very comprehensive expertise in very diversified global experience with global network of experts to offer solutions to the industry and specific cleient needs.

The expert has in-depth experience in this area. As the term implies, the bulking agent provide bulk and satiety to food with lower calories. This is important in balanced calorie control diets. Examples of bulking agents are polyols, polydextrose, whole grain, and certain fibers. Bulking agent also offer many other gut health benefits when consumed in moderation and in balanced diets. Bulking agents are important for health and nutrition benefits offering controlled energy release and Glycemic control in diseases such as diabetes, heart health, etc. Bulking agents also offer important processing benefits.

Very in-depth and comprehensive diversified expertis/experience in many buliking agents such a flours, dietary fibers, sweeteners, sugars, maltodextrins among many others. we bring very practical solutions backed by stron science.

Many foods such as bread, cheese, meats, beverages, etc are produced by food components that are modified by enzymes. Many sweeteners such as syrups, high fructose corn syrups, maltodextrins and more recently health ingredients such as erythritol, tagatose, modified carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are produced by enzyme modifications. Enzyme modification of food components improves nutritional and processing quality of off components and foods. Enzyme-modified components are also important in non-food industrial products such a fuel ethanol, renewable biofuels, etc. Many food supplements, diet aids and pharmaceuticals are produced by enzyme modification technologies. He has over 30 years of experience in this area.

Foods are processed and produced from hundreds of food ingredients. Food ingredients are essential for producing tasteful, healthy and authentic foods proceeded and consumed as bulk and packaged foods today. Food ingredients are essential for nutritional and functional, processing aspects of all foods including the new wave of health foods. Food ingredient chemistry, technology and functionality is essential to manufacture and store foods. He has many years of experience with food ingredients.

• Strategic marketing, supply and industry situation on carbohydrates project for a very large global consumer products company, market, costs, etc for potential diaper absorbent
• Strategic review of sweetener, starches, hydrocolloids, maltodextrins, pyrodextrins
• Strategic and technology review of corn Expert milled products & bio ethanol
• Acquisition due diligence support to global agriculture and food processor
• Carbohydrates/starches as diaper absorbent – global consumer products company
• Strategic marketing and technology of polyols by fermentation rather than hydrolysis & hydrogenation
• Technology and detail market segments of biotechnology - high phosphate natural starch
• Cycldextrin for encapsulation and control release, maltodextrins for matrix formation
• High amylose starch in capsules and film forming. resistant starches and oligosaccharides
• Patent & IP litigation expert
• Market and technology review and scale up of corn flour and dextrin for a global client
• Markets and technology review of sucralose, non-nutritive sweetener & erythritol – low calorie sweetener
• Bacterial polysaccharide – soluble fiber, etc.
• Strategic review of modified starch products, markets, etc
• Currently marketing 3 starch related reports, sold several globally
Low glycemic ingredients and food formulations
Obisity control & diets

Food sweeteners are a class of nutritive, non-nutritive high intensity and low calorie sweeteners. Sweeteners enhance the taste of foods. Foods sweeteners promote the sweet taste buds in the mouth and promote consumption. Many sweeteners are produced for cereals, tubers and other plant and animal sources. The main sources of food sweeteners are plants; cane sugar, corn syrups and high fructose corn syrups are a few examples. He has experience with all different types of sweetners.

Comprhensive and diversified expertise in caloric, low calorie, sugar free and non-caloric sweeteners. Slow/control energy carbogydrates, polyols, etrytritol, Stvai among many others. Strong science, operations and marketing expertise.

Food thickeners are class of food ingredients that contribute to food thickness, viscosity, texture, mouth feel and aesthetic properties to food. Food thickeners also enhance processing quality and stability to foods. Starches, gums and other hydrocolloids are a few examples of food thickeners. Food thickeners are essential in food manufacture, food formulations and consumption. His 30 plus years of experience is in starches and starch thickener processing.

Extensive expertise in food thickners, stabilizers and texturizers such as starches, hydrocolloids, gums, proteins, gellatin among many others.

Recently business, economics and manufacturing has become very global. National boundaries are no longer significant in the global trends. Products are traded, manufactured and sold from one county to another. Globalization has become essential part of doing business. When you buy clothes, home essentials, etc. they could be most probably made in China, India, etc. Global trade will become more dominant as we move forward. Financial and technology transfer globally is essential part of long-term survival and success of businesses. He can help you with globalization strategies.

The long-term competitiveness of any business, especially a manufacturing business, depends ultimately on getting its products to the market on time. The success of a company also depends on its product development capabilities and effective technology transfer to gain more efficient processing and a product portfolio advantage more cost effectively. Companies need technology transfer to enhance brand growth and market position, satisfy customer needs efficiently, gain a competitive advantage, improve product development, and lower manufacturing costs. Sharing knowledge and expertise contributes to these improvements. The specific expertise found in one group can often be effectively applied to another.

Strategic planning is a set of tools that are utilized to successfully establish and enhance business. It creates a long-term and short-term plan and tactics of doing and ensuring business success and growth. This specifically designates how the business will be managed, products/services produced marketed and measured as the business moves forward and prospers. It also outlines vision and mission of business or organization for success. It is an essential part of profit or non-profit organization.

Strategic Research Planning is a set of tools to plan and manage the research portfolio of a business or organization. The project portfolio approach and effective management ensures success in product, process, services, market and technology development to meet the market and customer needs. Clear identification of need, designation of research priority can successfully create products and services to generate profitable business and long-term success. This is essential in competitive global environment. The organizations can utilize out side resources to effectively manage this process. Having spent 30 + years, on four continents in several global companies, this is one of the expert’s greatest expertise.

Excellent strategic project portfolip and product portfolio maangement fro small to mid-sze to global companies. Successfull commercialization of products and technologies worldwide. Sustainable ingredient local & global sourcing.

2003 to 2013: Starch Industry products, P & G;
Food/industrial ingredients - Starch and sweetener optimization; Manufacturing platform development
Slowly digestible starch for Mondelez
Gelatine replacement, Kraft
Modified corn wet milling, HFCS, etc for several clients2004: 1. Co-products Process, How to enhance Sustainability in Co-products utilization. Kellogg
2005 - Resistant and Slowly digestible starch and carbohydrate Low-Glycemic Foods;
Dietary Fiber - Gut health, GI and CHD;
Oligosaccarides for gut health and CHD2005: Polyols products and markets, SPI Polyols-
Process and QA improvement project;
Manufacturing platform improvement;
Manildra milling - Develop and commercialization of concentrates and isolates2006: Biotechnology of Corn, Industry Applications, Syngenta Biotechnology, Bayer Crop Science, Germany and Bayer CropScience, USA/Germany
Technology platform development and commercialization;
Strategic management of project portfolio;
Cost-effective management;
GRAS Petition of Food ingredient2009 to 2015: Expert - IP/Patent case - Carbohydrate nutrition, Dietary Fiber and Starch
Food and Paper Industry applications corn Biotechnology, Bayer Crop Science
2007- 2008, Bunge a Arriculture and food conglomerate - designed new process to produce corn flour value addedproduct and scaled up the process in plant.

Several consulting projects with P & G, Kellogg, Bunge, Giract, DFI, Tate & Lyle, Grain Processing, etc.

Publish starch and carbohydrates industry reports sold worlwide

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Chicago, Illinois - Rockford, Illinois - Aurora, Illinois - Naperville, Illinois - Joliet, Illinois - Elgin, Illinois - South Bend, Indiana - Gary, Indiana - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1974 Degree: PhD Subject: Food/Cereal Science Institution: Kansas State University
Year: 1970 Degree: M S Subject: Food Technology Institution: CFTRI, Mysore University, India
Year: 1966 Degree: B Sc. Subject: Agriculture Chemistry Institution: Poona University, India
Year: 1995 Degree: Strategic marketing Subject: Marketing and business development Institution: Michigan State

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2002 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Director Department: R & D, Marketing Responsibilities: Consulting Business - Food and Industrial Ingredients. Product Dev. Commercialization, Technology Transfer, Platform (Mfg. Technology & Products, Global Business Development, Product Portfolio Optimization, Cost Improvements, Coaching, Mentoring of Professionals and Managers, cross-Functional Team Development, Connecting Technical, commercial and Supply Chain Effectively to Improve Business. Have worked with very small to large global companies to improve technical, manufacturing and commercial platforms. The companies are: P & G, Kellogg, Bayer (Germany), Manildra Australia) Milling, Griffith Labs among others, currently Adjunct Professor at Purdue University, served on the Management and Food Science Advisory Boards
Years: 2000 to 2002 Employer: Cerestar, Belgium Title: Vice President Department: Technology Transfer Responsibilities: Technology Transfer between USA and Europe in Starch, sweeteners and polyols. Product portfolio optimization, Manufacturing, inventory and supply chain optimization
Years: 1996 to 2000 Employer: Cerestar USA Title: Vice President Department: R & D Responsibilities: Managed R & D, commercial development & Technology Transfer. Manufacturing platform improvement. Very successful Cross-functional programs that improved specialty business Market Share by 50 % in <5 yrs
Years: 1993 to 1996 Employer: American Maize/ Cerestar Title: VP- Marketing & Commercial Development Department: Marketing Responsibilities: Product Development, commercial development and marketing. Commercialized high margin product and market share improvement. Developed products and process platforms
Years: 1987 to 1992 Employer: American Maize Title: Director Department: Commercial Development Responsibilities: Build product development and commercial development labs and programs. Very effective technology transfer and cross-functional team program with cross-functional management commitment/involvement
Years: 1978 to 1985 Employer: American Maize Title: Director Department: Quality assurance and Process Chemistry Responsibilities: Build quality and process Chemistry labs and programs. Built very effective product and process QA/QC teams and Process Development Teams. Improved manufacturing platform and costs.
Years: 1975 to 1978 Employer: North Am Plant Breeders Title: Director Department: Cereal Technology Responsibilities: Build Cereal and Biotechnology labs and programs. Built a high speed electrophoresis methods and technology to screen very large number of biotechnology material for crop and out put traits development
Years: 1974 to 1975 Employer: Continental Garin Corp, Curacao, Caribbean Title: Manager Department: Technical Service Responsibilities: Build Technical service and quality control labs and programs. Developed new products and improved technical service, quality and manufacturing platform to serve current and new markets. Implement effective training for operating platform and quality management

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1967 to 1968 Country / Region: Coca-Cola, Mumbai, India Summary: Manage Quality control, Bottling Plant. Worked in manufacturing and QA teams
Years: 1973 to 1975 Country / Region: Curacao, Carribean, Netherlands Antilles Summary: Build and Manage Technical Service and Quality Program Wheat Flour Milling. Very effective QA, Mfg. and Technical Service platform
Years: 2000 to 2002 Country / Region: Brussels, Belgium Summary: Develop and manage Technology Transfer between USA and Europe
Built very effective Cross-functional/cultural Global Program that improved new product and technology success. Developed a supply chain and inventory management
Years: 2005 to 2007 Country / Region: Germany & India Summary: Effective support to manage technoply project portfolio
commercialization of new technology; GRAS Petition
Develop a plant infrastructure
Develop raw material pricing and supply scenarios
Years: 2005 to 2008 Country / Region: Australia/USA Summary: Support Prodcuct scale-up, marketing, positioning and commercial development of primary products protein concentrates and isolates and commercialization of co-products

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
American Association of Cereal Chemists Int. - Director 2003-2006. Nominated to be a candidate for the President of Am. Assoc. of Cereal Chem. International - 2006
Adjunct Professor, Purdue University. Member of Advisory Board Management School Purdue University. Member of the Institute of Food Technologists
Licenses / Certifications
Several management level courses to continuously improve and develop into effective coach, leader and manager
Professional Appointments
Director and currently a nominee for President of American Association of Cereal Chemists;

Purdue University Carbohydrate Center for Research Adjunct Faculty
Member of Advisory Board Purdue University Calumet School of Management
Awards / Recognition
Food Master Award American Maize, 1994
Several recognitions at Am. Maize/Cerestar.
Publications and Patents Summary
Several publications in Cereal Chemistry, food/industrial ingredients, starch and sweeteners. Inventor, co-inventor and sponsor of several patents.
Key note speaker at several technical and trade symposia, most recently at ISU Health/Nutrition Institute, May 2007. Publisher of very successful indiustry reports in carbohydrates, starch derivatives and sweeteners. Low-sodium salt patent

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Has provided and participated in IP/Patent litigatrion of food ingredients & food processing / products of products and technologies. Supply chain issues of local and global companies, product applications patents, product safety claims. Has exdellentnetwork of associates to conduct patent search, investigation and trends for global markets.
Training / Seminars
Strategic Marketing - U. Mich;
Dale Carnegie Instructor
Team Building Leader
Marketing leader
Finance - Chicago and Purdue
Vendor Selection
Review of raw-material quality, product safety. Building an efficient suppply chain platform. VP of QA/Food Safety/Supply Chain& Technology Transfer
Cost effective and clearly linked supply chain elements to deliver products and services in seamless way. Saving cost by balancing the material and formulations with sustainable supply.
Marketing Experience
Managed Marketing and Commercial development for American Maize; Market segment development. Commercialization of specialties that improved Market share by 50 % within 5 yrs. Excellent vision to build product and technology platform and R & D Project portfolio optimization/management. Strong industry and consumer insights from manufacturing to retail to consumers. Sustainable utilization of products across several industy sectors. Sustainable local supply fro global matrkets.
Other Relevant Experience
Ingredient development for health/nutrition, obesity, glycemic carbohydrates. Build crooss functional teams/programs. Building technology, products, manufacturing and marketing platforms. Built several lab facilities; Managed Cross-functional teams and programs; Product development from concept to commercialization; Technology transfer and connect technical to practical commercial; Market issues. Have excellent ability oto connect science to real world solutions.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Hindi Proficient
Marathi Proficient
Gujarathi Slightly proficient

Fields of Expertise

amylose, baked food product, cationic starch, cereal grain processing, corn syrup, corn wet milling, cornstarch, enzymatic starch hydrolysis, food anticaking agent, food marketing, food processing, food processing quality, food processing technology, food product manufacturing, food technology, fructose, glucan, glucose, gluten, granular starch, high fructose corn syrup production, inulin, liquid sugar, maltose, modified starch, natural starch, pectin, polysaccharide, potato starch, starch chemical reaction, starch degradation, starch hydrolysis, starch manufacturing, wheat germ, wheat gluten, wheat milling, wheat protein, wheat starch, amylopectin, dietary fiber, composite flour, corn flour, flour milling, wheat flour, food bulking agent, food component enzymic modification, food ingredient technology, food sweetener, food thickener, international technology transfer, strategic research planning, functional food, commercial development, crop genetic engineering, glycosylation, adhesive manufacturing, corn meal, grain size, cereal food manufacture, malting, tapioca, glucose oxidase, barley flour, wild rice, British gum, biocatalyst, mannose, beer brewing, food binder, corn breeding, granola, starch indicator, corn research, food contamination, natural polysaccharide microbial degradation, gelation, cereal chemistry, carbohydrate metabolism, health food, tortilla chip, food processing waste, millet, amaranth, sorghum, rice bran, strategic planning, animal feed, malted grain, cereal processing, fermentation, food science, glycogen, wheat, ready-to-eat cereal, prepared cereal, oat, hydrocolloid, grain mill, food storage, flour mill, dextrose, dextran, corn, bread, bakery product staling

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