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Expert in Telecommunication Industry; Patents; Communications Systems: Wireless, Data and TV

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Expert is a 53-year veteran of the electronics and telecommunications industry.

Most recently, he provides operations management and technical services to the telecommunications industry. He specializes in wireless data and television communications systems. Services he provides to clients include operations management, market research, contract negotiations, strategic planning, auditing and cost controls, regulatory matters, engineering, computer programming, expert witness, patent litigation and manufacturing.

Expert has held senior executive positions in the subscription television, broadcast, wireless cable industries and technical positions in defense industries. This experience includes:

Four years with Viewsonics Inc. as Director of Engineering, with responsibility for the R&D engineering lab, QC and production engineering serving the CATV electronics hardware industry.

Nine years with Microband Corporation of America, directing corporate technical and market research operations and responsible for launching multiple MDS, ITFS and MMDS 2-3 GHz markets.

Four years as VP/Chief Technical Officer. Accomplishments included the launching of multiple markets while producing over $2 million/year in net savings and improving operations productivity by 25%. This business grew to over 400,000 subscribers in the Los Angeles market during his tenure.

Ten years as Director of Engineering with responsibility for corporate new product planning, administration and technical direction of R&D and manufacturing engineering.

Expert holds both B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. degrees from NJ Institute of Technology and is an inventor holding ten patents in the video and communications areas.

He has lent expert witness/consultant services in over 52 cases, including: patent litigation, theft of service, personal injury, product liability, civil jury trials, arbitration hearings, etc. Major corporate clients include: Nokia, Scientific Atlanta, Motorola, General Instrument, Philips, Andrew, DirecTV, NEC, Daewoo, etc.

He was a consultant on a 915 MHz telemetry system hardware and link analysis. Expert has conducted antenna test range radiation analyses and opinion reports to city zoning boards proving that ANSI radiation standards are met by a large margin.He has been a technical operations consultant for Orbcomm LEO satellite data messaging system, including coverage analysis models and Earth station locations. Expert developed a line of TV signal processing hardware and systems associated with CATV/STV and invented the BT addressable TV scrambling system approved by the FCC.He developed and patented a digital video stabilizer for processing VCR signals.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Miami, Florida - Hialeah, Florida - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Hollywood, Florida - Pembroke Pines, Florida - Cape Coral, Florida - Port Saint Lucie, Florida - Miami Beach, Florida - West Palm Beach, Florida - Pompano Beach, Florida

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1964 Degree: MSEE Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Newark College of Engineering (NJIT)
Year: 1960 Degree: BSEE Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Newark College of Engineering (NJIT)

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1980 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner, Consultant/Expert Witness Department: Corporate Responsibilities: He is responsible for business and technical management and provides consultant/expert witness services to corporate clients.
Years: 1999 to 2003 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Director of Engineering Department: Engineering Responsibilities: He reported to the CEO of this electronics manufacturing company with responsibility for the R&D engineering lab, QC and production engineering.
Years: 1983 to 1990 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Senior VP Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: He reported to the CEO of this multi-market Microwave common carrier; directed the corporate market research and engineering departments; and was responsible for the market launch of the NYC, Detroit and Washington D.C.
Years: 1979 to 1983 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: He reported to the CEO in a highly competitive national, multi-market, PAY-TV broadcast operation and had complete responsibility for corporate technical and operational matters regarding Subscription TV, Satellite TV and CATV/MATV. He directed internal technical operating departments and subcontracting companies with combined personnel count of about 300 people.
Years: 1970 to 1979 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Director of Engineering Department: Corporate Engineering Responsibilities: He reported to the president of this high-tech manufacturer with complete responsibility for corporate new product planning, administration and technical direction of R&D laboratory and manufacturing engineering.
Years: 1965 to 1970 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Engineering Manager Department: Engineering Responsibilities: He was responsible for new product development and marketing in the digital data, video and communications fields.
Years: 1964 to 1965 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Project Manager Department: Engineering Responsibilities: He developed a servo system controlled framing rate camera for exploding wire plasma studies and designed high-speed digital timing circuits for missile count down systems.
Years: 1959 to 1964 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Engineer Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: Expert served as a design engineer in the Communications and Air Navigation's Labs with project responsibility for development of a 70 MHz quad diversity pre-detection phase combiner. (GRC66 Tropo sys), 465-L Digital Communications network power distribution system and status logic display project and design of Tacan antenna rotation rate monitor.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1965 to 1970 Agency: USCG, NSA, CIA Role: Product development Description: While employed at Squires-Sanders, he developed specialized communications and security equipment for military applications.
Years: 1959 to 1964 Agency: US Army, US Navy Role: Product development Description: While employed at ITT Labs, he developed hardware for the GRC66 Troposcatter sys, the 465-L Digital Communications system and the Tacan air navigation system.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2000 to 2003 Country / Region: China, Shanghai Summary: He provided technical oversight for electronics manufacturing plant in the areas of production, test and quality control.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
IEEE (Life member)
SCTE (past member of 5 working groups establishing industry standard test procedures and specifications).
Licenses / Certifications
FCC First Class Commercial
FCC Amateur Advanced Class
Professional Appointments
• Analog/Digital/RF/Video Design and Test
• Antenna systems and Propagation Studies
• CAD and PCB Design
• Communication Systems
• Computer/Digital Systems
• Electro Mechanical Design
• Expert witness
• Failure Analysis
• FCC regulatory matters
• Fiber Optics
• Lighting and Surge Suppression
• Machine Shop operations
• Patent infringement and validity analysis
• Power Supply Design
• Quality Assurance
• Simulation and Modeling
• Television systems (CATV, Broadcast, Satellite) Business
• Audits of Operations
• Cost Controls and productivity analysis
• Data base development
• Forecasting models
• Intellectual Property management
• Inventory Control
• Market Research
• New Product launches
• Operations and Project management
• P&L responsibility
• Product evaluation & planning
• Training, computer hardware/software, electronic systems
• Vendor and Contractor negotiations

Awards / Recognition
Key Achievements:

• Produced over $2,000,000/yr. in net operations savings for subscription TV markets
• Improved field operations productivity by 25% for subscription TV markets
• Inventor of 10 high technology electronic devices
• Expert witness and consultant in over 35 high technology litigation cases
• Responsible for four successful market launches of a Subscription TV business resulting in a tenfold increase in subscriber base.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has 10 patents, approximately 25 patent disclosures, and 13 publications. More information available upon request.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He has been an Expert Witness in over 35 cases with trial testimony in nine cases and depositions taken in ten cases.
Training / Seminars
Adjunct instructor for A+ Microcomputer Certification Training Program; PC trouble-shooting (hardware and software), operating systems, DOS, Win3.x, Win9x, NT), LANs, Data Communications, uP architecture and assembler, number systems, codes. Also taught MS Office Professional applications (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, etc.).
Vendor Selection
Sourced and trained many vendors over the past 47 years in the electronics industry.
Marketing Experience
ABCD...Vision: Developed market research computer programs.
Cadmus Group: Expert review of EPA energy saving study by use of standby switching power supplies.
Chartwell: Developed marketing plan for Kansas PAY-TV market.
Intercept Corp: Developed product marketing strategy and design.
Chartwell: Developed market forecast computer models to predict subscriber base potential.
Other Relevant Experience
Expert is highly experienced in selecting materials and machine shop operations.

Fields of Expertise

patent, patent claim chart, patent infringement, patent specification, broadband antenna, broadband radio service, broadcast station, cable television system, high-frequency communication, microwave electronic equipment, microwave radiation, microwave reflector antenna, microwave transmission, radio communication, radio-frequency electronic equipment, radio communication circuit, broadband, broadband amplifier, telecommunications industry, wireless, broadband communication, claim (patent), coverage analysis, data communication patent, device inventing, device patent, device patenting, digital communication, direct infringement, Doctrine of Equivalents, patent claim construction, radio antenna, radio-frequency filter, radio-frequency measurement, television station, digital television, theft, television industry, wireless broadband system, radio-frequency scanner, radio-frequency transistor, microwave power amplifier, radio-frequency radiation safety, radio-frequency switch, VSAT antenna, passive microwave device, United States patent, radio frequency circuit, microwave detector, multichannel, microwave mixer, amateur radio, radio frequency test instrumentation, microwave cable, binary digit, cellular antenna, digital data, wireless communication, amplitude modulation, high-frequency, digital computer, binary number system, microwave circuit packaging, electronic packaging, radio-frequency shielding, microwave automatic test equipment, microwave engineering, microwave circuit, video communication, new product development, technology management, data communication, radio transmission, Federal Communication Commission, microwave frequency, microwave device, modulation technique, radio frequency amplifier, satellite communication, microwave passive component, microwave oscillator, microwave integrated circuit, microwave filter, microwave communication, microwave antenna, digital circuit, antenna

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