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Expert in Transportation: USDOT-USEPA-NHTSA-CARB, Safety Policy, Environment & Energy Programs, Gov’t Relation

Expert ID: 724637 New Jersey, USA

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Expert is totally knowledgeable in all the fields of automotive systems safety( passive and active ). He has advised Volvo( the leader) of trends in the market place as well as the governmental trends in the US and Canada. He has given speeches about automotive safety to a wide variety of audiences. He has been deposed many times about automotive safety systems. He can help your organization defend safety cases by being deposed or assisting others. He can assess if your systems are at the State of the Art. Most important in defending cases. He can develop programs to market and sell safety systems. Today safety sells.

Expert is totally familiar with new technology to improve fuel economy. As we see $95 per barrel oil and gasoline more than $3 per gallon fuel economy this will become more important as the world uses more and more oil. He can give lectures on the subject. He knows how the USEPA and CARB tests for MPG and can help in that regard. This can save Millions $ for the company. Today Washington DC is most likely going to raise the CAFE standards. Other industries than automotive will be effected. Expert can advise them of how to benefit from these changes or to represent these companies in DC, Calif and other States.. These actions can play into the discussion of Green House Gasses GHG and global warming issues.

Expert is a true expert about automotive safety. He has been involved in the subject for more than 30 years and spoke for Volvo on the subject. He can help your fleet be up to date and advise your company of what vehicles to purchase. He knows the insurance business and can assist your company to save $. Expert has served on a federal committee about automotive safety to advise what research should be done by the US Government. He can be deposed or testify in Court about automotive safety. He can help your company understand how Washington, DC is involved in automotive safety. He can be involved in dealership programs to promote safety and give your organization the priority that safety needs in today's world. He can give lectures to your company on how you can save millions of dollars through safety and fuel savings programs.

Expert is an expert in the automotive transportation business. He knows all aspects of it through his work at VOLVO. He deeply believes that automotive transportation has a great role to play in all parts of the world. He can develop programs to help your company in the automotive transportation business.

Expert has worked with the USDOT Transportation Code for many years at Volvo. He has worked with USEPA Code of Federal regulations as well as other State and local codes. Expert is familiar with these documents and how to interpret them. Many times in his career he has helped Volvo clarify these codes which lead to a savings of Money

Volvo is a leader in environmental care. Expert has done benching mark in his career. This is a very valuable way to learn what others are doing and could be of use in your organization. Expert has attended many environmental conferences and can provide valuable reports and insights to your organization. He has been Volvo's member on the World Environmental Center. He has served on a USEPA Committee about the environment. He knows high level players in the environmental world. Expert can bring the latest environmental information to your company. He can plan, develop and implement environmental programs at your headquarters or in the field to have your company/organization become greener. A key component of bringing the new generation to your organization in many ways. Our society is becoming greener and this is so important in the corporate world today

Expert was responsible for environmental compliance at Volvo for more than 30 years. He chaired internal committees at Volvo that were responsible for environmental issues.He presented Volvo to many Governmental Agencies ( Federal, State, and Local. He knows his way around governmental agencies that are directly involved in environmental compliance. He can assess your company's situation in a pro active manner and make recommendations to the top management. This must be done before your organization has a problem with any governmental agencies. It is best to be pro active in this area.

Expert has represented Volvo to the USEPA for more than 30 years. He has developed governmental relations program to deal with issues that affected Volvo and the USEPA. He knows his way around the USEPA and worked for the USEPA regional office

Expert has represented Volvo to the USEPA for more than 30 years. He has developed governmental relations program to deal with issues that affected Volvo and the USEPA. He knows his way around the USEPA and worked for the USEPA regional office

He is truly an expert in the workings of the NHTSA. He knows many people in the organization and how it works regarding investigations, rulemaking, research and development and safety programs. He deeply knows how they think. He also knows his way around Washington's, DC safety establishment and its people. This includes other organizations such as the IIHS Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Today safety is front page news in our society. He can help you develop and implement programs in this area which can lead to savings of millions of dollars for your company or improvements in your brand. This expertise can also be used with the Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC .

He has worked for many years with the California Air Resources Board. He has testified to the Board and at other meetings. He has been involved with many of their actions to develop new rules and regulations. He has been involved with many investigations of the CARB that involve millions of dollars. He knows many people that work at CARB. These actions have lead to savings of much money for Volvo. He can help your company in your dealings with the CARB where a tremendous amount of money and image is involved.

He has worked in this area for Volvo for many years. He can review your company's program and make recommendations to Top Management for implementation. In today's world being a good and proud corporate citizen is very important and will improve brand value.

Fuel Economy and Savings Programs: He has conducted many of these programs for Volvo where they have lead to safety improvements in the fleet as well as savings much money for the company. These can be conducted at your headquarters location as well as in field offices. These programs can be used by all companies and organizations around the world.

He has conducted many of these programs for Volvo where they have lead to safety improvements in the fleet as well as savings much money for the company. These can be conducted at your headquarters location as well as in field offices. These programs can be used by all companies and organizations around the world

He has for more than 20 years chaired the Volvo Environmental Committee. This group has developed and implemented a wide variety of environmental programs. It takes a wide variety of cross functional team building to implement this. He can develop and plan a program for your company or organization to actively promote environmental concern. A key ingredient of success in the 21st century. This will lead to brand value improvement.

He has been involved in more than 150 investigations involving Volvo with many US and Canada Governmental agencies. He thoroughly understands and knows the process of any governmental investigation where millions of dollars and image are involved. He has lead cross functional teams in developing Volvo's response. He has balanced many factors in these submissions which include technical, political, press relations, product liability and cost. He can surly help your company or organization in dealing with any governmental agency or any governmental investigation.

He has been involved in Governmental relations at all levels of governments for more than 30 years at VOLVO. He knows how to assess the situation, talk to the players, develop positions and gain support from other groups. Today there is much money and programs that governments are involved in. He can deal with a specific governmental issue for your company or can help you build a good and strong governmental relations program. Every company needs a governmental relations program.

He has been involved in many legal cases for Volvo on a variety of subjects. He has signed many legal documents for Volvo. He has been deposed many times and has developed many techniques to deal with this difficult line of questions. He can help your company in many ways in this area. He can be the middle person between the technical staff and the lawyers. He can sign documents for your company or organization.


He worked for Chem Systems to develop future demand and projections in the chemical industry


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1970 Degree: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: City College of New York
Year: 1972 Degree: Master's of Chemical Engineering Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: New York University
Year: 1976 Degree: MBA Subject: Management Practice and Use Institution: Pace University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2008 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: CO SUSTAINABILITY OFFICER Department:
He is responsible to implement awide variety of sustainability actions at Employer. He is the point person at the college for sustainability actions. He represents the college at a wide variety of meetings in the US. He managed the process to successfully deliver the ACUPCC GHG report on time.He is now planning the implementation team for the college to implement a wide variety of programs to reduce GHG. Then programs will be done which will include having the college become more energy efficient ie LEED certified buildings and changing life patterns of students and staff ie car pooling. He prepares reports for the MGT of the college on the latest actions about sustainability in Washington,DC, public policy matters, energy and environmental trends.He recommends how the college should act in matters which have a great deal of money and public image involved. He promotes the college in a wide variety of actions.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1976 to 2007 Employer: Volvo Cars of NA LLC Title: Director, Safety, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs and the Environment Department: Regulations and Compliance
Retired He was responsible to ensure Volvo was in full compliance with all US and Canadian laws. He was responsible for all interaction and represented Volvo to all North American Governmental agencies. He gave more than 50 public speeches to a wide variety of audiences.. He was deposed for Volvo many times. He manged a group of 10 people and $ 2 Million budget. He provided expert advise to Top Volvo Management in Sweden in how to act regarding US GOVT investigations. He developed a culture of compliance and regulatory awareness in the company in the US and Sweden. Managed the department
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1975 to 1976 Employer: United States Environmental Protection Agency Title: Engineer, Mobile Source Programs Department: Air Programs
He advised high Federal, State and Local officials on a wide variety of air programs in Region 2. New York, New Jersey. PR and VI. He was involved in the investigation of variety companies that may have violated Federal law.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1971 to 1975 Employer: New York City Dep't of Air Resources Title: Program Manger/ Assistant to the Commissioner Department: Motor Vehicles
He managed many motor vehicle emission reduction programs. He worked for the Commissioner to implement laws and regulations. He worked on the New York City Program to distribute fuel oil when there was an emergency.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1971 to 1975 Agency: New York City Department of Air Resources Role: Program Manager and Ass't to the Commissioner Description: He manged various air pollution programs and worked for the Commissioner implementing high level policy in NYC
Years: 1975 to 1976 Agency: USEPA Role: Mobile Source Policy Description: He advised high level public officials in NY, NJ, Conn and PR about air pollution issues. Investigated high level potential violations of the Clean Air Act.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1976 to 2007 Country / Region: Sweden and the Netherlands Summary: He worked for Volvo and advised them of US and Canada actions about safety, the environment, energy, regulatory, governmental and the political actions in the US and Canada.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
He is a member of SAE Society of Automotive Engineers. He represented Volvo at various trade associations AIAM and the Alliance
Licenses / Certifications
He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the States of New York and New Jersey
Professional Appointments
He served on 2 Federal Committees 1 ) for safety and 2)the environment
Awards / Recognition
He was the 2000 Ford Hero of the Environment
Medical / Professional
He had an intern with Kodak
Publications and Patents Summary
He presented more than 50 speeches and talks about safety, the environment and public policy to different public audiences

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He has been deposed many times for Volvo. He has provided many written depositions for his employers. He has given more than 50 talks to audiences of all sizes about safety, environment, public policy and other issues of the day. He has testified for Volvo in public hearings in Washington, DC and in Calif.
Training / Seminars
He has given training courses about safety, how to save money and energy with motor vehicle fleets and talks about how a corporation can become more environmentally friendly in today's world where being green is so important
Vendor Selection
He has searched for and hired vendors throughout his working times. Has managed the vendors for Volvo for many years.
Marketing Experience
He has great insight into the governmental and public process. This is very important in the allocation of capitol assets and how to act in today's world where the actions of a company are so closely watched. He has provided a culture of governmental awareness to Volvo in the US and Sweden for many years.
Other Relevant Experience
He served on several Federal committees during his working life. He located, hired and mentored more than 25 people in his working times.. He managed a department of 10 people and a budget of $2 Million. He has lead more than 200 Governmental Investigations of Volvo. He has developed a team to gain all facts, develop a strategy, present a plan and be accepted by top Management where $10-100 Millions are involved as well as the brand value of the corporation. He has worked with many Governmental agencies to come to a successful conclusion. His skills can be used with all Governmental Agencies. He is very savvy of the governmental process and how its works.

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