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X-ray, radiation detection, materials analysis, nuclear technologies and physics

Nuclear and Particle Physics
Nuclear Spin Physics (as a proton and deuteron spin specialist)
Atomic and Ion Beam Physics (as an electron, hydrogen, deuterium and their ion beam specialist)
Accelerator Physics Research (including X-ray generators, Betatron, and D-T neutron generators)
Nuclear Low- Energy Scattering and Applications in Oil INdustry (X-rays & gammas, neutrons)
Nuclear Detection and Signal processing (including scintillators, PMT, solid-state devices such as diamond detectors, gas filled or boron coated neutron detectors)
X-ray back-scattering and X-ray imaging
Nuclear Modeling and Simulation
Nuclear Fusion
Radiation Safety Protection (a certified RSO)
Nano-technologies: FEA including CNTs, Nano-tips or Micro-tips, etc., and their applications
MEMS for nuclear applications
Thin films and coatings for nuclear applications
Magnetic materials and magnet design
RF and power devices
High- Vacuum Technology
Nuclear Instruments and Electronics
Project technical leadership, multi-physics coordination and management

Expert was a project leader on Betatron, Applications with nano-tip array field emitter, Ion source, Diamond detector, CPC-neutron detector, X-ray/ gamma ray back-scattering projects.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Boston, Ma

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1996 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Physics Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Year: 1992 Degree: Masters of Science Subject: Nuclear Physics Institution: University of Wisconsin- Madison
Year: 1989 Degree: Master deg. Program Subject: Nuclear Physics Institution: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Year: 1987 Degree: Bachelors Subject: Physics Institution: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2002 to 2018 Employer: Schlumberger Tech. Corp. Title: Principal Scientist Department: Schlumberger-Doll Research Responsibilities: X-ray and neutron systems design and engineering

Nuclear downhole applications for oi-well formation evaluation; Accelerator research including ion source, electron source, neutron generators, and X-ray devices; Betatron; Radiation detectors, especially neutron detectors; Nano tech and its nuclear applications; Diamond and its nuclear applications; Flowline fluidic measurements, X-ray/ gamma ray back-scattering... (Radiation detectors: diamond, He3, Boron carbide coated gas detectors, Nal, LiCaF, LaBr, LuAP,...
Years: 2000 to 2002 Employer: MIT Title: Research Scientist Department: Physics, Laboratory for Nuclear Science Responsibilities: Fundamental physics research, experiments

Spin structure of nucleons, deuteron, triton and He3 via polarized electron scattering off polarized targets; Designed, constructed and commissioned of the Bates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid project at MIT-Bates storage ring; Collaborated with Univer. of Mainz (A 1-Collab. at MAMI), Hall-A and Hall-B at Jefferson Lab.
Years: 1996 to 1999 Employer: MIT-LNS Title: Post-Doctoral Research Associate Department: Responsibilities: Studies of nucleons and few-body nuclear structures via polarized electron scattering; Designed, constructed and commissioned of the Out of Plane Spectrometers project at MIT-Bates linear accelerator; Collaborated with NIKHEF (Amsterdam), Univ of Mainz, Jefferson Lab Hall-A and Hall-B Collaborations. (Radiation detectors: multiwire drift chambers, plastic scintillators, Lead glass scintillators, time-of-flight neutron counters, particle spectrometers with magnets....)
Years: 1993 to 1997 Employer: National Inst. for Nuclear and High-Energy Physic (NIKHEF), Amsterdam Title: Visiting Research Associate Department: Responsibilities: Developed polarized hydrogen and deuterium gas targets and studies of nucleon and few-body nuclear physics via electron scattering off polarized gas internal targets at the AmPS storage ring.
Years: 1989 to 1996 Employer: Univeristy of Wisconsin, Madison Title: Research Assistant Department: Physics Dept. Responsibilities: Developed polarized hydrogen and deuterium gas targets and studies of nucleon and few-body nuclear physics via electron scattering off polarized gas internal targets at the AmPS storage ring; Collaborated with NIKHEF, Amsterdam; Collaborated with ALEPH and CERN, Geneva; Collaborated with the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Lab. (Radiation detectors: liquid scintillators, multiwire tracking chambers, plastic scintillators, CsI, ...)
Years: 1987 to 1989 Employer: Tsinghua University Title: Teaching and Research Assistnat Department: Physics Dept. Responsibilities: Developed various nuclear detectors for physics at BEPC of Inst. of High-Energy Phys., Beijing and the Tandem Acc. Lab of Inst. of Atomic Energy, Beijing. (Detectors: proportional counters, drift chambers, gamma-ray detectors with h-purity Gc with BGO Compton suppression...)

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
American Physical Society
Licenses / Certifications
Certified Radiation Safety Officer for Schlumberger-Doll Research site
Awards / Recognition
Distinguished college graduate, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China
One of 4 best students, 2nd ICFA Summer School, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
Nice Job, annual employee awards of excellence
Great Job, annual employee awards of excellence (2 years)
Employee Award of "being outstanding"
Founder award at previous employer company
Publications and Patents Summary
On the fundamental physics side, Expert has (co-) first-authored and (co-)authored more than 80 papers in nuclear physics experimental research which were published in international physics journals. Among these publications, Expert was a (co-) first-author in 4 articles in Physics Review Letters, 1 article in Physics Review A, and 6 articles in Nuclear Instruments and Methods, and 9 granted patents with Expert as the inventor. If needed, Expert can provide more detailed information on these publications.

During his past employment, Expert has (co-) first-authored and (co-) authored more than 30 research reports achieved confidentially. These are proprietary, and mainly on research projects within the company for oil-field applications. ((insert: There are also 9 granted patents Expert as an inventor.)) If needed, Expert can provide a brief list upon request.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Teaching and Mentoring:
-At MIT, Expert has supervised or partially supervised 3 graduate students to completion of their Ph. D. and a postdoc. The latter has become a professor in an European university. Expert also partially supervised a few graduate students stationary at MIT-Bates Lab from other universities such as UMass, ASU, UNH, FSU on behalf.
-At SDR, Expert mentored several junior members on projects where he played leading roles. They were postdocs, or young research scientists.
- Expert also mentored 6 interns over the years at SDR.
-Acted as one of the Nuclear Community leaders for a few years, organizing community activities, workshops and seminars, to help members across nuclear tech centers such as in Princeton, Paris, Houston, and Boston.

Fields of Expertise

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