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Expert ID: 739397 Ohio, USA

Expert in Senior CPG, R&D, Product and Technology Development Management and Executive Leadership

Expert is a Product and Technology Development Executive & Individual Contributor with 30+ years of proven results in creating personal care, healthcare, and household products. Applications encompass a wide range of Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business environments, including Fortune 500 public companies…

Expert ID: 739333 California, USA

Expert in Translational Medicine and Biomarker Research in Cancer Drug Discovery

Expert is a Scientist with 8+ years of extensive hands-on experience and deep understanding of cancer biology with focus on chromatin, RNA, epigenetics and gene expression regulation. She is a leader of multiple projects with interdisciplinary collaborators, driving conceptualization, execution,…

Expert ID: 739165 Georgia, USA

Expert in Medical or Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing – New Product Approval and Launch Including FDA, EMA, and Asia

40 years in design, manufacturing, R&D, and compliance. For the last twenty years have directed and led projects leading to over thirty 510(k), PMA, and NDA approvals in drug delivery, ophthomalogy, dental, cosmetics, emergency medicine, obstetrics, oncology, and diabetes. Clients…

Expert ID: 739276 New Hampshire, USA

Expert in InkJet, Inks, Packaging, Graphic Arts, Raw Materials, Printing Processes, Packaging for Food, Printing Problems, Problems with Packaging, Synthesis, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Dispersion

Expert has been active in inks and coatings, advanced materials, and medicinal chemistry for over 25 years. His lab develops novel chemistries and invents products people touch every day. Expert also specializes in formulation, synthesis, separation, and identification of natural…

Expert ID: 739292 New York, USA

Expert in Biopharma: Strategic Marketing, Ideation, Product Development, Go-to-Market Plan & Execution

Expert in progressing products, portfolios, and businesses from ideation and assessment of strategic alignment, through development and into successful commercialization. She relies on a mix of market insights, intense customer focus, scientific training, and passion for matching customer problems with…

Expert ID: 739246 Pennsylvania, USA

Expert in Biomedical engineering, Biology, Neuroscience, Nanotechnology, Bioengineering

Expert is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a bioengineer and a neuroscientist who is building technologies to treat diseases of the nervous system (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and brain cancers). His expertise includes molecular biology, protein engineering, neuroscience,…

Expert ID: 739108 California, USA

Expert in Urology, Urologic Oncology, Reconstructive Urology

Expert is a board-certified and fellowship-trained urologic oncologist who is a full-time practicing surgeon. He is an expert in urologic oncology, general urology, reconstructive urology, and female urology. He has a busy, high-volume medical and surgical practice. Expert has expertise…

Expert ID: 739141 Germany

Expert in Digital Pathology

Expert's background covers Computer Science. He holds degrees from Osnabrück (Germany, "Dipl-Inf.") and Tampere (Finland, "M.Sc.") and doctorate from Ilmenau (Germany). Expert has worked for a research institute in Bavaria -- most famously known for inventing two household names in…

Expert ID: 739149 Texas, USA

Expert in Medical Device Design, Simulation and Development

Expert has 25 years of industrial experience in medical devices, consumer products, automotive, robotics, cutting tools and machine tools. He has helped companies to launch 200+ products, published several papers, patents, and chapters in books. His expertise is in medical…

Expert ID: 739151 Alabama, USA

Expert in Drug Delivery Modeling

Expert is an independent modeling consultant from Huntsville, Alabama. Until recently, he was a senior principal scientist in CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC), Huntsville, Alabama. He has a strong background in PBBM/PBPK modeling and simulation methods, CFD, scientific computing, mathematical modeling…

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