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Expert ID: 735102 France

Expert in Agriculture

Expert is co-founder of an agritech VC fund that supports startups bringing disruptive technologies to agriculture and food production. Expert also seats at the strategic committees of several startups in the industry. In addition, he is a Senior Expert at…

Expert ID: 734566 Israel

Expert in CRF, Fertigation, Biostimulants, Innovative Plant Nutrition

1. Controlled release Fertilizers (CRF): worked as global market developer and R&D manager with such product line in Haifa Chemicals and ICL Specialty Fertilizers, all together for more than 15 years. 2. Water Soluble Fertilizers (WSF): worked as global market…

Expert ID: 727801 Indiana, USA

Expert in Addiction Medicine, Chronic Wound Management, Lymphedema, Vascular Medicine, Pain Management

As a full time, certified wound care specialist for almost 22 years and with a background in General and Vascular Surgery, Expert is trained to deal with all aspects of the field of wound care. This would include all aspects…

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