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ID: 734489 Texas, USA

Environmental Assessments, Asbestos, Mold, Lead, Hazardous Materials

With 23 years of providing clients quality and innovation, expert runs a local-to-national firm executing work within 7 distinct (related) NAICS codes. Identifying, addressing, and improving environmental, and IH conditions across industry; client objective-scoped; cost efficient; ethically driven to serve.…

ID: 730999 British Virgin Islands

Marine Biology, Environmental Impact Assessments, Ecotoxicology, Scientific Writing, Research Design

Expert’s research for her MSc and PhD focused on the persitant pollutant, tributyltin (TBT), a once popular biocide in antifouling paint. She has studied the fate of TBT in both temperate and tropical environments. For her Msc. she determined the…

ID: 739731 Pennsylvania, USA

Engineering, Environmental, Real Estate, Land Use, Health, Safety and Security

Expert has worked in civil, structural and environmental engineering for over four decades. He currently works as Expert Witness, Forensic Engineer, and Consultant. In this capacity, he provides expert reports, deposition and court testimony in support of litigation. In addition…

ID: 739710 Ohio, USA

Environmental, Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance Management, Program Development, Training, and Auditing

Expert has more than nineteen years of experience in environmental, health and safety consulting, management, and oversight. In January 2021, he founded an EHS company to explore new opportunities working with like-minded business owners to meet and achieve their EHS…

ID: 739364 Louisiana, USA

Infection Prevention for Acute Care, Long-Term Care, Surgical Centers, Dialysis Centers, and Psychiatric Hospitals

Expert is an infection preventionist (IP) with 16 years of healthcare experience supporting acute care, surgery, dialysis, psychiatric, and long-term care settings. She started her career as a respiratory therapist in 2007, then transitioned to infection prevention in 2015 after…

ID: 739164 Puerto Rico, USA

Sustainability Programs, Development & Benchmarking

No nonsense, go getter and strategic planning adviser to businesses, government, and non-profit institutions. Financial markets product design experience. Sustainability-CSR focus with proven ability to establish structured systems, negotiate partnerships, and start from zero. Adviser to renewable energy projects. Proficient…

ID: 737877 New Jersey, USA

Herpetology, Wildlife Conversation, Zoological Practices, Animal Care, and Biology

Expert founded his environmental consultancy in 1977. The firm specializes in endangered and threatened plant and wildlife species. His consulting company specializes in wildlife inventories, adverse impacts of development projects, and venomous snake and turtle monitoring on construction projects. Most…

ID: 738368 Massachusetts, USA

Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering

Expert J. Expert is the McAfee Professor of Engineering at Employer, a member of the Center for Materials Science and Engineering, and the Center for Computational Science and Engineering at the Schwarzman College of Computing. In his research, Expert pursues…

ID: 737871 California, USA

Civil Engineering

A licensed professional engineer (PE) in California with 25 years of experience in hydrology, hydraulics, civil engineering, land development, environmental engineering, environmental compliance, and engineering management. Goals & Career Driver Inspiring people and organizations to achieve goals and reach their…

ID: 737529 Singapore

Green and Clean Energy: Petrochemical, Refining, and Downstream Chemical and Utilities Sectors: Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, and Plant Startup

Executive summary: Expert has 17 years' experience in the petrochemical, refining, and downstream chemical and utilities sector. His experience includes pre-commissioning, commissioning, plant routine startup, shutdown, and emergency operations. His management roles include service as process trainer and process commissioning…

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