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Expert ID: 724585 Florida, USA

Expert in Customs, Imports; Trade Policy & Compliance; Global Trade Strategy; Finance; International Business

Expert has created and implemented many international trade compliance, training and self-assessment programs. Her experience covers a broad range of industries (medical and health care, food and agriculture, consumer electronics, automotive, etc.) for various Fortune 500 companies, among others. She…

Expert ID: 736240 Michigan, USA

Expert in Private Duty Nursing Homecare (Pediatric and Adult)

Private Duty Nursing homecare services, and in particular, pediatric Private Duty Nursing homecare services, are her areas of expertise. In addition, the actual nursing care in this field, her expertise encompasses business development, operations, regulations, standards of care, quality, policies,…

Expert ID: 736271 Illinois, USA

Expert in Litigation (with 30+ Years of Experience Presenting in Court and Writing Reports)

For more than 30 years, Expert has represented clients in multiple interrelated areas: complex commercial litigation and dispute resolution; litigation involving fiduciaries, wills and trusts; labor and employment law; market channel matters involving dealers, distributors, and sales representatives; and the…

Expert ID: 733034 New York, USA

Expert in Dentifrice, Toothpaste, Teeth Whitening, Dentistry, Cosmetics Formulations

Expert is a world renowned dentist, with a PhD in Chemistry with additional specialty training in the field of Oral Medicine. Furthermore, his years of working for the world's largest oral care companies and top universities. Expert has never been…

Expert ID: 732044 Hawaii, USA

Expert in Wetlands, Wildlife, Storm Water, Erosion Control, Hydroponics, Aquaculture: Program and Project Management

Expert has a broad and comprehensive grasp of biological and ecological sciences. He specializes in land and water management. For land management, the services provided may range from aquaculture and hydroponic operations to environmental compliance operations. For water management, it…

Expert ID: 731697 Michigan, USA

Expert in Intellectual Property, Patents, Validity Invalidity, Infringement Noninfringement, Product Liabilty

Expert has extensive experience in product liability which include: Direct participation in more than 300 litigation cases with in-depth evaluations of multiple high-dollar claims and lawsuits. Forensic Analyses. Expert witness reports, inspections, accident reconstruction, photographs, occupant kinematics & injury causation,…

Expert ID: 731378 Maryland, USA

Expert in Cloud Computing, Digital Media, Multichannel Video Program Distribution, Distributed Computing

Have been serving for a decade as CEO of an international trade association focused on commercial advancement of cloud computing and related technologies, particularly as they are deployed for the delivery of high-value content. Member companies include industry-leading software developers…

Expert ID: 730975 Iowa, USA

Expert in audiology – noise – tinnitus – hearing loss – cochlear implants – hearing aids

Expert has been a clinical audiologist involved in research for over 30 years. He has published over 300 articles and edited 4 books.

Expert ID: 730897 Connecticut, USA

Expert in Insurance; Market Entry and Emerging Markets in Central and Eastern Europe

Expert possesses 40 years' executive and marketing management experience in financial services, the securities industry, and insurance and consumer products. He also served as the Chief Deputy Insurance Commissioner for the State of California. Expert has experience as the Chief…

Expert ID: 730390 Minnesota, USA

Expert in Rebates, Rewards, Gift Cards, Consumer Protection, Promotion Deployment

Having managed 50,000 B-to-C and B-to-B marketing initiatives in virtually every imaginable sector, Expert has gleaned more information about how programs are deployed, received and interpreted than any resource in the country. He also specializes in understanding state escheatment requirements…

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