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Expert ID: 737935 Ohio, USA

Expert in Foundry and Forging Automation

Expert has worked various positions in the foundry and forging industry for over 40 years. He graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1971. He went on to get an MBA in Business in 1987.…

Expert ID: 731755 United Kingdom

Expert in Bulk Metal Forming, Forging, Modelling & Simulation, Process Improvement

Successful project facilitator with knowledge in the optimisation of key manufacturing process parameters used in the bulk metal forming and forging industries. An innovative and creative individual with strengths in problem solving, critical thinking and project management. Self-motivating with a…

Expert ID: 725265 India

Expert in Steel Melting Techniques with Secondary Refining Metallurgy/Castings, Forgings

He is having expertise in manufacturing of steel in electric arc furnace through vacuum metallurgy such as vacuum degassing. Well conversant with liquid metal handling and pouring to manufacture castings specilised in manufacture of turbine rotors and generator rotorsfor power…

Expert ID: 724015 India

Expert in Supplier Evaluation/Audit, Metallurgy, Foundry Tech, Forgings, Heat Treatment

Cast iron family includes gray iron, S. G. iron, malleable iron, abrasion and wear resistant alloy cast iron, etc. Expert has applied his hands on experience of more than 25 years in the reputed Automobile Industry to the varieties of…

Expert ID: 738364 New York, USA

Expert in Engineering, Heat Treatments of Steel, Toolings and Dies, Computer Simulation, VAVE and Cost Optimization

Expert in metallurgy, material science, automotive processes and engineering. He is the VP of Engineering & Quality at a fully integrated manufacturer of made to print steel and aluminum components. His expertise areas include: - Heat treatment of steels: FNC,…

Expert ID: 738422 Michigan, USA

Expert in Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Purchasing, Sourcing, Management

As a dedicated professional throughout Expert's career, he has built a track record in delivering complex projects within budget and timeline, leading to cost savings and profitability within a highly regulated industry and fast-paced corporate environment. He has attained comprehensive…

Expert ID: 738093 Georgia, USA

Expert in Local Government; Executive Level Management Training & Leadership Development; Public Administration, Public Policy

Expert is currently the Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner of a county in Georgia and business owner of a consulting LLC. As the Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner, she is dedicated, driven, determined, and very self-motivated. She possesses a passion for leadership…

Expert ID: 737986 Connecticut, USA

Expert in Supply Chain in Aerospace and Defense Sector

Expert is a supply chain expert who has managed over $2B spend in Aerospace and Healthcare sectors in domestic and international markets and contributed over $100M in cost savings to the corporations. He is expert in developing and using predictive…

Expert ID: 726123 South Carolina, USA

Expert in Metal Sawing Technology

Expert has over 40 years of sawing background. His experties are in sawing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. He concentrates on primary metal producers and secondary metal fabrication. In the production of Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Steel and all other metal…

Expert ID: 736807 India

Expert in Procurement, Sourcing & Logistics

20+ years experience in Sourcing & Procurement with large MNC Like SIEMENS Ag, ALSTOM Ag & Elecon Engineering Ltd. In the last five years, Heading Materials (Sourcing, Procurement & Logistic ) in a 21 Billion USD Company having presence in…

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