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ID: 739641 Texas, USA

Human Resources, DEI, Leadership and Development, Design and Execution of HR Delivery Models

Expert holds more than 10 years of working in the US, India, and Europe in the field of Human Resources and Corporate Strategies. She describes herself as an influential thought leader who combines a broad base of strategic and tactical…

ID: 739661 New York, USA

Financial Risk Management, Risk, Governance, Regulatory Change Management, Financial Services, and Financial Literacy Coaching and Teaching

A financial services executive, Expert specializes in the development and implementation of enterprise risk management and governance frameworks. She advises companies on aligning mission and strategy with operating models and controls. She also troubleshoots and remediates operational and regulatory issues.…

ID: 739563 India

Cyber Security, IT, FinTech Cloud Security & Digital Security

Expert has 16 years of experience in information security, digital security, payment security, FinTech cloud security architecture, and implementation strategy and execution. His expertise also includes project delivery, product security, cyber security advisory, and internal IT security audits. Expert has…

ID: 739455 Turkey

Textile Processing (Dye)

Expert has over three decades of experience in textile wet processing. Having dedicated years to honing their skills, they possess a wealth of knowledge that has been instrumental in shaping the industry. Beginning their journey as a proficient dye house…

ID: 739516 Colorado, USA

Fermentation, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

Expert is dedicated to commercializing novel ingredients for health and sustainability Proficient in human pathology, plant biology, synthetic biology, and fermentation technology. Her specialties include Product Innovation and Formulation, CPG Application Testing COGS and Process Improvement, Food Science, Safety and…

ID: 739495 Texas, USA

Pipeline and Fixed Equipment Structural Integrity Engineering

Expert is the Owner and Principal Engineer at an engineering consultancy located in Texas. He has 45+ years of domestic and International experience, including 30+ years in pipeline integrity management with Sunoco Logistics and Marathon Oil. He is a Registered…

ID: 739406 South Carolina, USA

Financial Institutions: Digital Transformation and Instant Payments

Driving Digital Transformation & Instant Payments | Empowering Financial Institutions for Success with Instant Payments Strategy | Change Agent "Against all odds" | Speaker Expert is a distinguished thought leader with over 15 years in the financial services and payments…

ID: 739365 Connecticut, USA

Lean Manufacturing and Operations

As Principal of his process improvement firm, Expert provides practical and realistic support for business improvement efforts. He offers over 40 years' hands-on international experience in a variety of industries -- including Dental Labs, Medical Devices, Clinical Research, Electronics, Aerospace,…

ID: 739397 Ohio, USA

Senior CPG, R&D, Product and Technology Development Management and Executive Leadership

Expert is a Product and Technology Development Executive & Individual Contributor with 30+ years of proven results in creating personal care, healthcare, and household products. Applications encompass a wide range of Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business environments, including Fortune 500 public companies…

ID: 739292 New York, USA

Biopharma: Strategic Marketing, Ideation, Product Development, Go-to-Market Plan & Execution

Expert in progressing products, portfolios, and businesses from ideation and assessment of strategic alignment, through development and into successful commercialization. She relies on a mix of market insights, intense customer focus, scientific training, and passion for matching customer problems with…

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