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Expert ID: 723487 Virginia, USA

Expert in Medicine, Pharmacy, Pharmacology/Toxicology with Emphasis on Cannabanoids and Opioids

Expert is a practicing physician and pharmacist, who also holds a Master's of Science degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology. He has performed research in the field of Pharmacology with particular focus on drugs of abuse, cannabinoids and opioids. He has…

Expert ID: 738128 Maryland, USA

Expert in Warden Duties

Expert has worked in the field of corrections for 40 years. His career began with his role as a Correctional Officer in Philadelphia, after which time hew worked his way up through the ranks to Deputy Warden. While working in…

Expert ID: 737948 Washington, USA

Expert in Women\’s Health, Menopause, Postmenopause, Aging, Chronic Disease, Navigating Health Care Systems

Expert, MD, worked full-time in primary care Internal Medicine from 1996-2021. Along the way, she served as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at a University's Department of Medicine and also chaired a number of professional committees in Integrative Medicine,…

Expert ID: 737900 Georgia, USA

Expert in Emergency Medicine

Practicing full-time in Emergency Medicine for over 9 years. Has evaluated over 30,000 patients in the Emergency Department setting. Board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Doctor of Medicine from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and…

Expert ID: 737291 North Dakota, USA

Expert in Neurology, Pediatrics and General Medicine

Highly qualified Child Neurologist experienced in diagnosing and treating Neurological conditions. Over 3 years specializing in neurological conditions affecting both pediatric and adult populations including [epilepsy], stroke] and neuromuscular disorders. Background includes dealing with more common and advanced conditions, including…

Expert ID: 737127 California, USA

Expert in Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine, Healthcare Leadership, Medical Education

Expert is currently an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor and Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine physician. Expert is also the President & CEO of a consulting group focused on the practice of medicine, qualified medical evaluation, expert witnessing, career and academic development,…

Expert ID: 736723 Florida, USA

Expert in Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Expert is a retired Professor of Pharmacology, Psychiatry, and Human Behavior with a background in Addiction Research. This research covers all substances of abuse including opioid drugs. Results were published in over 300 abstracts and papers. During his professional career,…

Expert ID: 736073 South Carolina, USA

Expert in Physical Therapy

1969 B.S. SUNY Downstate College of Health Related Professions, 1971 M.S. Exercise Physiology Long Island University, Masters Degree Thesis: A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Eccentric Vs. Concentric Strength Training Programs on the Contractile Strength of the Elbow Flexors. 1995…

Expert ID: 732167 Maryland, USA

Expert in Healthcare Technology, Medical Devices, Clinical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Hospital Technology

Expert is an Expert Consultant for hospitals, medical device companies, legal firms, and insurance carriers. Responsibilities consist of providing biomedical, clinical, and forensic engineering support to clients, that can include incident investigations, reports of findings, as well as expert witness…

Expert ID: 729422 United Kingdom

Expert in Pain, Behavioural Economics, Empathy, Functional Neuroimaging, Neuroscience

Expert’s research is mainly concerned with the nature of pain, especially pain that occurs in the absence of identifiable pathology. Consequently, his research abuts psychology, cognitive science, and philosophical ethics; he has authored or co-authored papers in these areas for…

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