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Expert ID: 734941 California, USA

Expert in Facial Recognition

Expert is an Emmy and Grammy aExpertard-Expertinning Sound Designer, and a Expertell knoExpertn Forensic Expert in Facial Recognition and voice identification.

Expert ID: 735412 India

Expert in pharma, regulatory, cosmetics, biosimilars

The expert is having a post-graduate degree in pharmacy which is duly recognized by the University of Toronto and is currently working as Senior Regulatory Associate at the apex drug regulatory body in India i.e CDSCO. He is responsible for…

Expert ID: 734256 Iowa, USA

Expert in Healthcare- Kidney diseases

Expert has been working as an academic nephrologist since finishing his residency in 2005. The clinical part of his work involves all aspects of care for patients with kidney diseases (including transplant, kidney stones, hypertension, and dialysis) both in an…

Expert ID: 735200 Hawaii, USA

Expert in Forensic Claim Analyst, construction schedule delays & impacts, disruption and efficiency claims, USACE & NAVFAC policy

Expert is certified by the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) as a forensic claims consultant, one of only 72 people worldwide to actively hold such certification. Expert has testified in complex claim issues in both deposition and trial and…

Expert ID: 734938 Massachusetts, USA

Expert in Toy, Game and Digital Content Media

“It’s all about the fun” has been a consistent theme in the 30 year career of interactive entertainment executive for this expert. As the former CEO of three well known game companies, Expert is closely associated with great game brands…

Expert ID: 735301 Alabama, USA

Expert in drilling fluids and environmental technologies

Expert is an Argentine/Italian professional. Graduated as Chemical Engineer at the National Technological University in Argentina and obtained his Master in Drilling Fluids at IMCO Service, Div. of Halliburton Co., Houston, TX, USA. With his background, was soon requested to…

Expert ID: 734990 Indiana, USA

Expert in Fortran, Windows, .net, engineering

Developed hundreds of significant Fortran programs over the course of his 30-year engineering career. Ported many legacy programs to run under Windows on PC's. Expert owns the Intel Fortran XP 2015 compiler running under Visual Studio and can provide royalty-free…

Expert ID: 734942 Georgia, USA

Expert in Personal Injury/Construction, General Contracting and Real Estate Development

Expert is a Claims and Damages Consultant Expert for Personal Injuries related to Commercial Construction, General Contracting, Premises Maintenance, Standards of Care, and Overall Processes. His experience has included construction projects, multi-family housing, motels, dorms, land and streets, office, and…

Expert ID: 735415 Colorado, USA

Expert in Spine Surgery, Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery

Expert has trained in all areas of spinal surgery at top institutions around the country, including minimally invasive spine surgery, cervical disorders, degenerative spinal conditions, trauma, and post-traumatic conditions, tumor, infection, as well as complex and revision spine surgery. He…

Expert ID: 725687 Maryland, USA

Expert in Medical Device Business Development, Clinical Trials and Regulatory Strategy, cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology

As a board certified electrophysiologist, Expert has extensive experience implanting and evaluating pacemakers. In addition, she was responsible for regulating pacemakers while at the FDA. Several of her publications are in the area of pacemakers. She is a board certified…

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