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Expert ID: 730045 United Kingdom

Expert in Security System Design, Vulnerability & Threat Analysis, Critical National Infrastructure Protection

Expert is one of three directors who form a specialist security technology consultancy practice with in-depth and wide-ranging experience in designing and deploying security technology solutions. His consultancy provides effective technical advice based on the understanding of security threats, the…

Expert ID: 726078 Illinois, USA

Expert in Physical Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Cargo Seals, Tampering/Counterfeiting, Election Security, Insider Threat, Security Consulting, Litigation Support

Expert has demonstrated vulnerabilities on a number of access control and biometrics systems, locks, tags, and seals. He understands design flaws and potential attacks, can recommend practical countermeasures, and is knowledgeable about the vulnerabilities demonstrated by others as a result…

Expert ID: 725114 North Carolina, USA

Expert in Policy Analysis, Premise Liability, Human Resources, Threat Management, Homeland Security, etc.

Expert is a litigation expert in cases involving claims of inadequate or negligent security, forensics, premises liability, and selected areas of both workplace safety and human resources. He's also serving as a consultant to management on employment standards, safety, and…

Expert ID: 723705 Louisiana, USA

Expert in Physical Security, Risk Analysis, Threat Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments

Expert is a Board-certified Physical Security Specialist (Expert) and has served the security industry for over 30 years. He has designed and managed the installation of over 400 security systems in major corporations. He is the author of a widely…

Expert ID: 723446 Florida, USA

Expert in Ballistic Threat Assessments for Soft & Hard Body Armor Applications, Tactical/Crisis Intervention

Expert's experience in the Law Enforcement community at large originally hails from the diverse roles and assignments that he served in NJ as Police Officer in assignments as a Patrol Officer, County Investigator, Detective, Undercover Operative, SWAT & Tactical Operations…

Expert ID: 738963 Germany

Expert in Information Technology

As the Head of IT, Expert has over four years of experience leading and managing technology teams in fast-paced and dynamic environments. He has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth and improve operational efficiency.…

Expert ID: 737877 New Jersey, USA

Expert in Herpetology, Wildlife Conversation, Zoological Practices, Animal Care, and Biology

Expert founded his environmental consultancy in 1977. The firm specializes in endangered and threatened plant and wildlife species. His consulting company specializes in wildlife inventories, adverse impacts of development projects, and venomous snake and turtle monitoring on construction projects. Most…

Expert ID: 738305 North Carolina, USA

Expert in Business Development / Management – SaaS

Driven Business Develop Manager with five years of experience leading sales initiatives at diverse organizations. Reliable relationship builder committed to bringing the highest quality products to prospective clients, resulting in the increased lifetime value of customers. Knowledgeable about conflict resolution,…

Expert ID: 738866 Florida, USA

Expert in Meteorology, Broadcast Meteorology, Earth Science, and Climate Change

Expert is a bilingual (Spanish and English) meteorologist with ten years of expertise in the weather forecast field. Her experience extends to creating, writing, editing and producing content for multiple platforms. She is an effective communicator regarding environmental issues, climate…

Expert ID: 737237 Pennsylvania, USA

Expert in Legal, Litigation and Risk Management

Expert began his education as a Forensic Profiler in 1988. His training includes: • Bachelor of Science, Applied Police Science • Counterterrorism / Intelligence – [NATO JADL] • ADL Advanced Training Program - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center [FLETC] Expert…

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