Expert ENGINE Insider: March Issue

Expert, Expert! Read All About It! 


You’re already enrolled with Expert ENGINE, and we couldn’t be happier to have you! (You might know us as ORC Experts or even Intota.) The Expert ENGINE team connects thought leaders like you with a wide variety of engagements — consulting, litigation, in-depth interviews, research, and other forms of paid work where your insight is just what clients need.


To learn more about what Expert ENGINE is doing right now, check out our most recent expert blog post, where retail expert Jeff — a longtime member of Expert ENGINE — shares his advice and experience on industry trends and relationship management in the age of eCommerce. Expert ENGINE publishes blog posts highlighting our experts and relaying your thought leadership regularly, so if you would like to contribute your insights, please reach out anytime. Then we can discuss your unique history and perspective — and a possible interview!



In the meantime: In order to bring business to you, please update your Expert ENGINE profile regularly to reflect your areas of expertise, current work, and any other details that might interest a client. Once you’ve added this easy bio information — the same text you’ve already put together for your CV or résumé — your Expert ENGINE profile does all the work for you in sparking clients’ optimism for a fit between your expertise and their work.

Expert ENGINE profiles are styled in the third person (“Expert is…” “Expert has…”), and we anonymize identifying information —surname, firm name, current employer, and publications — before publishing to our website. We advise you to use as many relevant keywords as possible. Thoroughness is critical! As long as your bio is completely accurate, detail plays a huge role in helping clients understand why your expertise is the right fit for their project. A higher level of detail also drives SEO (search engine optimization), which brings engagements straight to your door without any added effort on your part once the profile is built.



Finally, the Expert ENGINE team is always working to grow our renowned network,

and there’s no one we trust more than experts like you!


If you have any contacts who provide consulting or expert witness services, or who take on interesting work as practitioners, Expert ENGINE will greatly appreciate any referrals you can provide. The experts in our network often refer current or former peers or colleagues to help their own networks get connected with the right projects.



Until then, stay tuned for upcoming newsletters sharing guidance from the Expert ENGINE team!

You’re the expert, but we’re the experts on experts — helping you connect with the clients and projects that fit your skills and experience.


Looking forward to our next opportunity to collaborate!

The Expert ENGINE team

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