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The best source for a medical device expert? Expert Engine.

When you need to quickly connect with a medical device expert, Expert Engine provides a wide variety of specialists on medical devices who can serve as expert witnesses, researchers and consultants.

For more than 35 years, Expert Engine has been connecting businesses with the specialists and expertise they require. The range of our offerings is immense, with more than 10,000 experts representing more than 30,000 areas of business, science, engineering, medicine and regulation. But even more impressive than the breadth of our offerings is the quality of the experts on our roster. Our diligence in recruiting the top specialists in each field has ensured that the country’s leading businesses – including more than 50% of the Fortune 500 – turn to us when they need to find top experts in any field.

To find a medical device expert now, or a surgery expert, a malpractice expert or a prescription drug expert, take just a minute to submit an online Expert Request form, or search our directory of experts to find a professional with the credentials your business requires. For personal assistance or answers to questions, please call 1-800-833-8055.

Featured Experts

Finding a medical device expert with Expert Engine.

When you take a minute to fill out an Expert Request form online, our recruiting team will be able to quickly assess your needs and match you with a short list of medical device experts who can provide the insight, knowledge and experience you require. After reviewing top candidates, you may interview our medical device experts by phone to determine which expert is best suited for your project. The process is quick and simple, allowing you to quickly bring on board the expertise you need.

How we select and evaluate our medical device experts.

Our medical device experts are peer-recommended professionals who are leaders in their field and who possess extensive knowledge, deep experience and highly specific skill sets. Each expert is rigorously screened by our recruiting team and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that our clients have access to the highest quality expertise in the industry. Experts must meet an extensive list of objective and subjective criteria to join our roster, and inclusion is by invitation only.

Services that a medical device expert from Expert Engine can provide.

A medical device expert from Expert Engine – or a child care expert, a drug formulation expert or an   injury expert – may provide a number of services that include:

  • Expert consulting on medical device design and development, patent strategies, product launches, product marketing, quality assurance best practices and more.
  • Expert research that may include technology assessments, customer needs assessments, M&A analysis, competitive intelligence, intellectual property research and more.
  • Expert witness services and litigation support, helping legal teams on cases related to patent infringement, device failure and other medical device-related legal matters.



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