Engine clients report tremendous value in working with our experts to address their diverse needs for expertise.  Our experts currently cover over 30,000 areas of expertise, and we are adding new experts and areas every day.  Below are examples of the range of both Corporate Success and Legal Success you can achieve by taking the first step of submitting an expert request.

Ads Indicated to Be False and Misleading

An Expert Engine expert, retained by a plaintiff claiming they were damaged by the defendant’s false and misleading advertising, examined the advertising and other promotional materials used by a medical services firm to promote its out-patient surgical program to consumers. Based on his extensive consumer marketing and advertising experience, our expert’s opinion was that the defendant’s marketing materials were inconsistent with standard industry practices regarding disclosure of the risks attendant to undergoing a surgical procedure, that the materials obfuscated the true nature of the procedure, and overstated the sort of results a patient might expect if they opted to have the procedure. This case is still pending.

Complex Case Filed over Psychiatric Treatment

An Expert Engine expert consulted with a plaintiff’s attorney regarding a complicated case in child and adolescent psychiatry. The expert’s knowledge of scientific data and standard of care in the field were helpful in establishing a sound line of reasoning for the attorney to create his argument. Through discussion and brief review of medical records, the attorney was able to establish that there was a case, in time to file before the statute of limitations expired.

Equipment Found to Have Been Altered

An Expert Engine Expert worked on an engagement with us involving a piece of wood working equipment which was altered by the defendant in our case. His expertise and insight helped us to solidify our theory against the defendant and was instrumental in helping us obtain a successful resolution to our claim. We will be looking to Expert Engine for experts in cases in the future. – William J. Gagliardino, Attorney, Gilardi, Oliver & Lomupo, Pittsburgh, PA.

Patent Infringement Detailed

A patent litigation case involved the infringement of e-commerce kiosk technology for business centers at national hotel chains. An Expert Engine expert for the plaintiff analyzed the defendant’s product and provided a detailed infringement report comparing the accused product with the asserted patent claims. At trial, the expert was successful in explaining to the court both the complex technology and the asserted infringement.

Dangerous Machine Shown as Cause of Dismemberment

An Expert Engine expert reviewed the safety requirements that were in place for a machine operator who lost his arm in a horrific saw accident. He was able to show that the machine was unnecessarily dangerous and defective after his thorough evaluation of the machine design and the guards supplied by the manufacturer. This case was settled out of court and helped the injured man receive a settlement to compensate him for his loss.

Inadequate Design Refuted

In response to a wrongful death lawsuit, which asserted that an inadequate design feature of a coal storage yard at a power plant caused the death of an operator, an Expert Engine expert was retained to evaluate the design and operation of the system. By utilizing the expert’s engineering expertise to define good power plant engineering practices, the law firm was able to build a strong defense which resulted in a negotiated settlement of the lawsuit prior to trial.

Pilot Found Negligent

A Helicopter Expert was needed by an Expert Engine client for a wrongful death suit involving the death of a deputy sheriff. The chopper he was in hit telephone lines over a river. The Expert Engine expert’s examination of the evidence and knowledge of pertinent federal regulations enabled the Expert Engine expert to show gross negligence on the part of the pilot.

Non-compliance Found to Regulations and Standards

An Expert Engine expert evaluated historical information regarding the management of asbestos containing material in a building with respect to state & federal regulations and general facility operating standards. The analysis showed that the company responsible for the building provided inadequate maintenance of the asbestos containing material. The law firm used those findings to demonstrate a reduction in the building’s sale price for their client.

Case Settled with Prior Art Identified

An Expert Engine expert was not only an expert witness but also a fact witness because of his involvement in the development of the prior art. The case settled favorably for our client faster than normal because the expert quickly built a strong case blocking the validity of the plaintiff’s patent on using a single processor for controlling the machine tool and work piece along multiple axes.

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