Engine clients report tremendous value in working with our experts to address their diverse needs for expertise.  Our experts currently cover over 30,000 areas of expertise, and we are adding new experts and areas every day.  Below are examples of the range of both Corporate Success and Legal Success you can achieve by taking the first step of submitting an expert request.

Supplier’s Products Identified as Problem

The plaintiff was experiencing discoloration of their window extrusions during sunlight exposure and received customer complaints and lost business. They tracked it down to the iron containing pigments that they were purchasing from the defendant. They sued the defendant for damages because the pigments were claimed to be “colorfast”. Our expert report and deposition strengthened the plaintiff’s position and gained a settlement.

Product Defect Cause Identified

Our expert analysts performed the analysis and interpretation of a volume of data to support the defendant’s position that their greige fabrics were not the cause of defective pants. A historical data review of fabrics made by previous greige fabric manufacturers revealed that someone had changed the greige fabric specifications which when processed by down stream operations resulted in a fabric too weak to perform for its intended use.

Design Claims Superseded

Our experts provided the technical knowledge needed to show the plaintiffs packaging design claims were superseded by prior art that successfully resolved the inherent thermal incompatibility issues caused by high speed IC devices and chip packaging technology.

Invention Existed Prior to Patent

Our Research Analysts discovered an article from an obscure journal that helped to demonstrate a pharmaceutical invention existed prior to a patent being issued.

Patent Infringement Found

Via thorough prior art research by our Research Analysts expert analysis, we identified a patent on advanced composites in a client’s portfolio that was being infringed by several organizations in a market valued over $ 1 billion.

Warning Label Found to Have Been Present

A law firm’s machinery manufacturer client needed to establish that they took effective measures to ensure the safe use of their product. One of those measures was proper warning labels. An Expert Engine expert demonstrated that the warning label was originally present by identifying adhesive residue in the spot where the label was located.

Green Production Process Enabled for Key Markets

Working with a manufacturing client, an Expert Engine expert created profiles of the US and European marketplace for a selected family of industrial chemicals, prioritizing important opportunities and developing marketing strategy and implementation recommendations for “greener” chemicals made using a new, environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Leveraging additional insight from interviews with key industry players and published information sources, the expert provided the critical intelligence the client needed to ramp up pilot plant production of the greener manufacturing process and deliver samples to potential customers in high priority segments.

Packaging Design Brainstorming a Success

An Expert Engine expert was invited to speak to designers at a major packaging manufacturer about opportunities for custom packaging in food service. The expert presented on overview of the food service industry and specifically addressed restaurant operations from receipt of ingredients to delivery of finished menu items to the customer. The expert then led a brain storming session with the design group which was videotaped for presentation to company management. The company used this detailed information as the basis for the development and launch of several new packaging products for selected food service companies.

Product Design Assistance Results in Improvements

Expert Engine was asked to identify an expert who could help with product design including identifying proper industry standards for the client company. After reviewing the design that the client company had developed, the Expert Engine expert made 3 major suggestions that reduced the cost of the final product, made it more reliable, and put the client company in touch with a major supplier whose sourcing allowed the client company to manufacturer their product on-shore rather than send it off-shore.

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