Engine clients report tremendous value in working with our experts to address their diverse needs for expertise.  Our experts currently cover over 30,000 areas of expertise, and we are adding new experts and areas every day.  Below are examples of the range of both Corporate Success and Legal Success you can achieve by taking the first step of submitting an expert request.

Equipment Expense Reduced

A production manager needed a way to more accurately and economically measure the circular motion of rollers on a production line, without having to purchase costly equipment. An Expert Engine expert in control systems quickly zeroed in on the line’s encoders and explained how they could be inexpensively modified to achieve greater accuracy. The call saved $7,000 in new equipment costs.

Cross-Industry Knowledge Avoids Mistake

An engineer phoned an Expert Engine expert in food irradiation, to see if the process could be used to destroy bacteria in a chemical plant. Upon review, the expert identified a vital ingredient that would lose its potency if irradiated. The early discovery saved weeks of testing and led to an alternative process.

Months Saved on Supplement Development

A manufacturer of animal health products was experiencing difficulty in maintaining batch consistency in an oral iron supplement for baby pigs. In order to reformulate the product, they needed to find an expert in a specialized branch of chemistry known as chelation. A call to an Expert Engine expert, a specialist in iron supplementation with a working knowledge of chelation chemistry, provided the company’s food scientists the insight in developing the right formulation. The company credits the expert with saving at least three months of development time.

Manufacturing Costs Reduced

A design engineer at a food processing equipment manufacturer made a call to an Expert Engine expert in computer-aided automation that led to $240,000 in assembly savings for his company.

Money Saved on Complex Product Development

A major electronic-component manufacturer turned to a team of three Expert Engine experts for assistance in creating and marketing a multi-media device for cars. The product would give drivers access to the Internet, satellite directions, audio/video entertainment and more. The experts provided intelligence to support the manufacturing, distribution, and retailing phases of the project. The team also investigated flat-panel display technologies, including strengths and weaknesses, trends and automotive applications. The manufacturer credits the Expert Engine experts with saving $300,000 in business development and supplier-related costs.

Money Saved with Salvaged Products

An electronics firm salvaged $400,000 in integrated circuits containing an out-of-spec solder, thanks to an Expert Engine coatings expert. The expert confirmed the ICs could be re-coated and identified suppliers to do the job.

New Process Side Effect Fixed

A sporting goods manufacturer had recently implemented a new manufacturing process that increased the longevity of one of its products, but lead to strange rattling sounds during actual use. Three Expert Engine experts helped the team revise and optimize certain chemical formulations that dramatically improved the situation. Six months later, the client reported no evidence of the rattling sounds, and projected that the product’s shelf life had increased four-fold. Market acceptance increased, enhancing revenues and increasing market share.

Project Saved by Substituting Materials

Field tests on a manufacturer’s new roadside flare confirmed that it burned too quickly. Needing a fast solution to keep the product development schedule on track, the project leader called an Expert Engine expert who also consults with tobacco companies. He suggested a coated cardboard substrate that, when properly shaped, would exhibit the ‘slow-burn’ properties needed for the new flare device.

Product Support Enhanced with External Experts

When the applications support engineer at a specialty chemical company received calls from two of its customers requesting help with sealing glass to titanium, he set out to learn all he could about the process. Faced with limited time and resources, he turned to Expert Engine experts and quickly identified two material scientists with expertise in sealing glass to metal. He called them both. The experts thoroughly explained the procedure over the phone, and shared their experience with the process. They also offered tips regarding application. “It’s amazing what I picked up from two phone calls,” he said. “I would have spent 1 to 2 weeks uncovering that kind of detail on my own. The experts gave me the confirmation I needed to counsel my customers. They were very impressed with my fast response time!”

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