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Expert in Sociology and Women’s/Gender Studies, Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy, Sexual Assault, Systems Change

Expert has served in a variety of mission-driven roles, particularly focused on ending gendered violence in local, state, territory, and national communities. Some of her prior roles include adjunct professor of Sociology and Women’s/Gender Studies, Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, Sexual Assault Response Team Leader, Systems Change Program Manager, Rural Projects Coordinator for a national training and technical assistance provider, and the Sexual Violence Justice Institute Director. Expert, is a systems-thinking, data-focused pragmatist who looks for opportunities to turn theory and ideas into action. Her passion lies in increasing the sustainability of mission-driven agencies and their people through education and coaching.

Expert in Workplace Violence, School Violence, Human Resources, Security, Harassment, Substance Abuse, Police Procedures

Expert is internationally recognized for his expertise in high-risk HR issues. He provides HR consulting and expert witness services, team building, corrective coaching, site security assessments, and training seminars in workplace violence prevention, school violence, sexual harassment, diversity, drug and alcohol awareness, conflict resolution, and stress management. He is a trainer, speaker, author, consultant, conference presenter and keynote speaker, and he appears frequently in the media as a source on workplace violence, business and school security, and terrorism. He has been a trainer for over 27 years and is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by the Society for Human Resource Management and as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP).

Expert in cGMP Coatings, Pharmaceutical, Dietary Supplements, Adhesives, Die Cutting, Security Holograms, Printing, Strategy

Expert has worked in custom manufacturing – polymerization, mixing, coating and converting of cGMP adhesive and laminates – as a process engineering manager.  He has developed and commercialized adhesive products which required regulated clean controlled manufacturing environments as well as conductive transfer and repulpable adhesive products. In his current role, he manages a special agricultural solutions division within a larger Corp. Concurrently, he is the Plant and Technical Manager, where he is responsible for security printing, converting and liquid crystal coating — brand protection, government high security and banknote applications. Expert has worked in various industries, including paper and packaging, plastic, medical, and more.

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