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"It's amazing what I picked up from two phone calls. I would have spent 1 to 2 weeks uncovering that kind of detail on my own. The experts gave me the confirmation I needed to counsel my customers. They were very impressed with my fast response time!"

"On several occasions, Expert by Big Village has quickly found me qualified experts at reasonable rates. Expert by Big Village facilitated making contact with and retaining the experts. I highly recommend them for locating expert witnesses.

“Our high-tech company relies on experts from Expert by Big Village to bring us up to speed quickly on new technology areas. Their process makes it easy to find and speak to knowledgeable consultants in a vast array of industries. We know we don't know everything, and Expert by Big Village experts fill in the gaps for us.”

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Expert in Consumer Finance; Fortune 100 Companies, Large Financial Institutions, and Early-Stage Consumer Finance Companies/Start-Ups

Expert has over 24 years’ experience as a consumer finance executive, and is experienced with Fortune 100 companies, large financial institutions, and early-stage consumer finance companies / start-ups. He founded a subprime consumer automotive finance business, and successfully managed it through to its secondary phase of private equity backing. He is also the creator and host of a popular podcast.

Expert in OSHA Compliance, Safety Engineering, Accident Investigation and Environmental Remediation/Investigations

Expert has worked in the disciplines of safety and environmental engineering for over 35 years. He has assisted numerous clients throughout the country ensuring compliance with State & Federal OSHA standards & regulations, as he is considered an expert in the field. He has worked with numerous law firms and insurance companies, throughout the country, on workers’ comp, personal injury, fire and environmental investigations.

Expert in cGMP Coatings, Pharmaceutical, Dietary Supplements, Specialty Holograms, Adhesives, Die Cutting, Printing

Expert has worked in custom manufacturing – polymerization, mixing, coating and converting of cGMP adhesive and laminates and more. Expert developed and commercialized adhesive products which required regulated clean controlled manufacturing environments as well as conductive transfer and repulpable adhesive products. He is responsible for security printing, converting and liquid crystal coating — brand protection, government high security and banknote applications.

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