Expert Witness & Litigation

Through all phases of the litigation process, from case evaluation to backroom strategizing to trial proceedings, our experts provide the support and technical expertise lawyers need to win complex litigation cases.

Our analysts work closely with your trial team to identify the key issues critical to your case, develop litigation strategies, determine the information needed to support discovery, and select the expert best qualified to provide the analysis, credibility and expert testimony vital to winning your case.

Let us help you with expert witness services, litigation support services and practice development research.

Expert Witness Services

Expert Engine connects you to over 10,000 peer-recommended authorities who have been carefully selected and rigorously screened on 13 different criteria for competency and suitability.  Our experts have the industry experience, subject matter expertise, resource knowledge, and judgment to help you win complex litigation including insurance, product liability, medical device, and intellectual property matters.

Below are some of the ways clients use Expert Engine Experts:

  • Quick, expert-based analysis for case qualification
  • Simplification of complex technical issues for judges and juries
  • Support discovery with on-demand technical knowledge, perspective and analysis.
  • Expert witness testimony from true experts with deep technical knowledge
  • Drafting and reviewing expert reports
  • Product and material testing and analysis
  • Assistance in strategy development
  • Forensic investigations

Litigation Support Services

Whether you need to work directly with an expert or a team of analysts, and primary researchers, our Litigation Support Services puts their expertise into action to deliver key findings that withstand the most rigorous adversarial and judicial scrutiny.

Our service areas include:

Product Liability, Insurance and Medical Devices Support

  • Technical analysis, investigation, and field research to support discovery and case development
  • Quick expert consultation for case qualification
  • Forensic investigations

Intellectual Property Support

  • Expert analysis from in-house patent and trademark specialists
  • Extensive patent and non-patent prior art analysis, including personal prior art files of our entire expert network
  • Infringement valuation based on quantitative methodologies
  • Patent, product, and process analysis for infringement detection

Practice Development Research

Building your practice is essential to the success of your law firm. The legal market place is becoming highly competitive and knowing your market, customers and competitors is imperative to the survival of your practice. Our research services provide you with the knowledge you need to make highly informed decisions without time lost looking for information.

Our clients rely on us to answer tough questions including:

  • What are the historical pricing/rate trends for law firms in my practice areas?
  • What are the expansion activities of national law firms so I can prepare for their arrival in my area?
  • What is the size of the opportunity for my firm in the legal markets of developing countries?
  • What are the best practice-management methods being used by top law firms?
  • How will a pending merger of law firms change the competitive landscape for my firm?
  • Which customer segments represent growing, maturing and declining markets for us?
  • What is the price sensitivity for specific legal services in my area?

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