Expert Witness & Litigation

Litigation Complexity is Increasing

As the world becomes more global, litigation is becoming more international and multijurisdictional. Technology is creating voluminous amounts of data, increasing the time and cost of discovery. Experts are becoming more critical to certain cases to help you get a handle on complex issues and sort through information overload.

Managing Experts Creates Its Own Set of Problems

Finding, vetting and managing experts takes a lot of time and effort. Untested experts create major headaches when you’re in the middle of depositions or testimonies. Court schedules can create challenging deadlines that experts can have a hard time meeting. When you need outside help finding an expert, most expert agencies have a limited selection, their experts are not vetted, and customer service is lacking.

Highly Vetted Experts Save You Time Now and Headaches Later

ENGINE’s experts undergo a multipoint vetting process to ensure the authenticity of their thought leadership and their fit for your case. Our experts are peer-recommended authorities who have been carefully selected and rigorously screened for competency and suitability, where career criteria include:

  • Education
  • Work History
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Publications and Presentations
  • Associations and Societies
  • Expert Witness Experience
  • Defense and/or Plaintiff Experience
  • Previous Daubert Challenges
  • Patents Held
  • Peer References

Many Cases Require Hard-to-Find Expertise

Expert ENGINE specializes in recruiting hard-to-find thought leaders. We access a multitude of resources to find the highly specialized experts you need, such as:

  • Professional social media
  • Conference presentations
  • Associations and societies
  • Patent inventors
  • Academics
  • Standards committee members
  • Résumé databases
  • Scholarly journals
  • Networking

At ENGINE we’re always hunting for the best information sources. We regularly evaluate new suppliers and our existing selection to optimize content access for our expert research. This enables us to custom recruit hard-to-find experts, FAST! We also maintain a network of thousands of pre-vetted, peer-recommended experts, saving even more time getting to the right expert.

You Need a Personalized Service That Goes Above and Beyond

When you engage with Expert ENGINE your dedicated customer service representative will help you find and recruit the experts you need. If the right expert is not in our network, we use cutting-edge research tools to find the best expert according to your specifications. We perform case-specific vetting including:

  • Clearing conflicts
  • Detailed, recent information regarding experts’ litigation experience
  • Daubert history

We arrange and moderate expert screening calls to ensure a good fit and a chance for you to hear how experts present themselves. Your customer service representative will manage all the paperwork, proposals, invoices, contracts, and NDA’s. In short, we are your project manager and advisor for experts.

Engaging Experts with Expert ENGINE

Through all phases of the litigation process, from case evaluation to backroom strategizing to trial proceedings, our experts provide the support and technical consultative guidance you need to win complex litigation cases. These services include:

  • Detailed Expert Reports
  • Expert modelling/testing of contested processes
  • Expert case strategy advice
  • Expert review of patent portfolios, client technologies and prior art
  • Deposition and testimony

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