Expert Witness & Litigation

Litigation Complexity is Increasing

The world of law is flooded with more information than ever before. Firms and clients alike are saturated with complicated data. It’s complicated, and the time and costs of discovery are skyrocketing. Need to simplify? A subject matter expert might just be critical for your case.

Managing Experts Creates Its Own Set of Problems

You’re all too familiar with the demands on your time and effort when it comes to finding, vetting and managing experts. Untested experts create major headaches during deposition or testimony. Court schedules present challenging deadlines. And when you need outside help finding an expert, most agencies have a limited selection. Sometimes their experts aren’t carefully vetted. Perhaps worst of all, when you need to vet experts directly or seek help with these problems, you don’t receive the personal care you need.

For over 6 years our firm has almost exclusively relied on Expert ENGINE to locate highly qualified experts for our cases. Expert ENGINE is always responsive and their follow-up and follow-through has been top notch. The quality of expert witness candidates they have brought to us has been impressive.

Highly Vetted Experts Save You Time Now and Headaches Later

Expert ENGINE’s thought leaders undergo a multipoint vetting process. At every step, we review their thorough career histories and a fit for your specific case. Our criteria include:

  • education
  • titles and roles held
  • awards and accolades
  • licenses and certifications
  • publications and presentations
  • associations and societies
  • expert witness experience
  • defense and/or plaintiff experience
  • previous Daubert challenges
  • patents held
  • peer references

Hard-to-Find Expertise

Sometimes the area of expertise you need is so specific, so new, or so rare that Expert ENGINE needs to go outside our network to find the perfect consultant. Good news! That’s one of our specialties. For these cases, our recruiting team offers skill, experience and enthusiasm to track down the right expert. Our resources include professional social networks; scholarly articles; industry conferences, associations, committees and societies; and the massive web of referrals provided by the thousands of experts already enrolled in our network.

A Personalized Service That Goes Above and Beyond

When you engage with Expert ENGINE, your dedicated account executive will help you by finding and diligently vetting the experts you need. Whether for the consultants in our network or those custom recruited outside it, our case-specific vetting includes:

  • clearing conflicts
  • detailed, recent information regarding experts’ litigation experience
  • Daubert history

We arrange and moderate expert screening calls to ensure a strong match for your case — and a chance for you to hear how experts present themselves. (Will they be personable and approachable on the witness stand?) And from end to end, your Expert ENGINE account executive will manage all the paperwork, proposals, invoices, contracts, and NDA’s.

Engaging Experts with Expert ENGINE

Throughout all phases of the litigation process, from case evaluation to backroom strategizing to trial proceedings, our experts provide the support and consultative guidance you need to win. In addition to deposition and testimony, our experts’ services include:

  • detailed reports
  • process modeling and testing
  • case strategy advice
  • review of patent portfolios, client technologies and prior art

Expert ENGINE is the bridge that brings attorneys and experts together. Let us help you find qualified witnesses at reasonable rates.


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