Frequently Asked Questions

What is Expert by Big Village?

Expert by Big Village is the name of the expert network from Big Village. It enables highly qualified experts to provide technical consulting services for leading companies and institutions. Expert by Big Village also provides opportunities for expert witness consulting. Because of Expert by Big Village’s prominent position in popular search engines such as Google, clients can easily find our expert’s biographies on


Is Expert by Big Village different from other expert websites?

Expert by Big Village is a specialized site focusing on providing experts in the areas of science, engineering, medicine, technology, business process, and regulation. While other expert sites focus on the quantity of experts, Expert by Big Village focuses on quality. Our experts have all been vetted and have impressive credentials and extensive experience in their respective areas of expertise. Our expert network has been used by over half of the Fortune 500 companies since 1984 to solve critical business issues. Also, Expert by Big Village experts are increasingly in demand for litigation support, such as expert witness services. Accepted experts are part of a distinguished world-class network.


Who qualifies as an Expert by Big Village expert?

The Expert by Big Village expert network is made up four broad categories of experts. The first category consists of highly distinguished professors, scientists, physicians, and researchers from academic institutions, national labs, and research facilities in North America and Europe. The second category includes top retired professionals from a wide variety of technical and business disciplines. They bring many years of practical experience. Third, there are experts currently practicing medicine or currently employed in industry with an authorization from their employer, if necessary, to participate in the expert network. The last category consists of independent and experienced consultants in a wide variety of technical, scientific, medical, and business disciplines.


Does it cost anything to register as an Expert by Big Village expert?

No. There are no costs involved to register. To become an Expert by Big Village expert, applicants must invest time and effort in filling out the application forms, must agree to the terms and conditions of Expert by Big Village’s expert agreement, and must be approved as an Expert by Big Village expert. The time spent filling out the application forms will vary, but the most successful experts have invested extra time in order to have a biography which includes extra terminology relevant to their field. This terminology helps us connect experts to potential clients while establishing a high degree of trust from the outset.


What kinds of questions do people ask the experts?

Expert by Big Village users are typically business and technical professionals, lawyers, and insurance professional who need to consult with subject matter experts about a particular technology, process or product before making important decisions. Here are some examples of questions that experts typically get:

What caused this product to fail?
What is required from a business process perspective to improve performance?
What’s new in this technology?
Is this product patentable?
How can we lower our cost on this product?
How do these codes and regulations apply to our product?
What materials meet these requirements?


How do customers contact and engage experts?

An Expert by Big Village Expert Network Specialist will facilitate the connection between the client and the expert based on project inquiries received. Expert by Big Village handles all administrative work behind the transaction.

Expert by Big Village’s process is to work with the expert to define a scope of work proposal for the client. The expert establishes rates deemed applicable for the work and Expert by Big Village then incorporates its margin. Upon successfully selling the project, we handle the invoicing and accounting paperwork.


How does Expert by Big Village generate qualified requests?

Our goal is to be the premier expert network on the Internet. Expert by Big Village has made a significant commitment to generate qualified project requests. We generate requests from three primary sources: a dedicated sales force, targeted internet marketing, mail campaigns, press releases, media coverage and advertisements, and direct requests from Expert by Big Village clients. Since Expert by Big Village is provided by Big Village, we also have research contracts in place with hundreds of companies who frequently use the Expert by Big Village expert network. The expert network is also an integral part of the services that Expert by Big Village promotes and sells to an increasing number of corporations throughout North America and Europe. See our home page at to learn more about the full range of services that Expert by Big Village provides.


How do Expert by Big Village experts make money?

Experts receive revenue from consulting services. See the table below.

Product/Service Expert Commission
Project-based Consulting As per the rates for a given project agreed upon between Expert by Big Village (Big Village) and the expert.
Quick Consulting In addition to project-based consulting opportunities, Expert may also receive optional Quick Consulting opportunities for a fixed fee (per expert accepted Event)


How do experts get paid?

Experts use Expert by Big Village’s online payment system to submit payment requests.

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