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We don’t believe in swim lanes. We’re wildly collaborative.

We’ve assembled a village of thinkers, makers and doers from a diverse range of disciplines to solve unsolvable challenges. Because we believe that unexpected levels of collaboration leads to solutions with unexpected thoughtfulness.


We’re not interested in small problems

We’re here to solve the big ones

And for that, it takes a Big Village

Modern RESEARCH IS facing a sea of new challenges.

Detecting opportunities is critical as markets are disrupted. You’re being asked to deliver greater value, faster, with shrinking budgets… and still, get amazing results.

  • The fast pace of technology innovation makes it difficult for organizations to understand and adapt.
  • 97.2% of companies are currently investing in big data. (FinancesOnline, 2021)
  • Globally, digital adoption has accelerated by at least three years, with an average of 58% of consumer interactions that are digital. (McKinsey & Company, 2020)
  • As an organization, it is best to be anticipatory and proactive rather than reactionary.

Expert by Big Village is our first call… the candidates they have located for us are world-class. I have had several cases where an expert we retained because of Expert by Big Village’s efforts made the difference for a positive outcome for our case… retained an expert witness that is a perfect fit for our case which Expert by Big Village arranged for us to interview.

Personalized Customer Service

The Expert by Big Village Promise…

  • Find and recruit experts: if the right expert is not in our network, we use cutting-edge research tools to find the best expert according to your specifications
  • Perform case-specific vetting: clearing of conflicts, detailed recent information about experts’ experience
  • Execute Expert screening calls: moderated to ensure a good fit and to hear how experts present themselves
  • Manage the paperwork: proposals, invoices, contracts, NDA’s
  • Respond quickly: we will always be on call to assist with new projects, adapt to changes in focus, and provide feedback on our progress in real time

Our offerings:

The days of siloed thinking and parallel work streams are over

We’re powered by our data-driven insights

We’re creatives in love with our craft


We’re cultural strategists who can See Tomorrow

More importantly, we actively remove all barriers to collaboration, perceived or real. We’ve established a frictionless and fruitful space that yields smarter, simpler and more surprising solutions. After all, what’s the point of bringing together a team of experts if they don’t work together?

Welcome to Big Village


Expert by Big Village Experts go through a multipoint vetting process to ensure they are the best of the best. We further vet them for each engagement to be certain they can address any client need. Experts are continuously evaluated based on client feedback and internal review, and are always bound to confidentiality.

By engaging experts in your projects, you can stay on top of changing markets and disruptive technologies, and quickly reveal critical insights to act upon. That’s where we come in. For the rare expert who doesn’t appear in our network, we will find you the ideal thought leader for your specific need by “hitting the streets” with custom recruiting.


  • Subject matter experts​
  • Industry professionals​
  • Key opinion leaders​
  • Consultants​
  • Academics​
  • Government officials​
  • Hard-to-reach practitioners


  • Companies​
  • Laboratories​
  • Think Tanks​
  • NGOs​
  • Universities​
  • Government entities​
  • Hospitals​
  • Standard Organizations

Let’s find you an expert.

Submit a quick request and our team will find a qualified expert to suit your research, legal, or consulting needs.

Three Simple Steps

  1. Ask. Submit a free expert request here
  2. Choose. Select the right expert with help from our team.
  3. Get started. Simply sign our agreement and begin working with your expert.
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