Expert ENGINE offers solutions to help you deal with disruption, anticipate it, and use it to your advantage. You can use our specific expert-based products to solve the problems created by marketplace disruptions — trend impacts, competitor innovations, new technologies, morphing customer behaviors, and supply chain problems. Don’t have the time or the research expertise to do it yourself? ENGINE’s research consultants use our experts and other agile research tools to address your business issues as well.

Challenges of Market Disruption

In our current era of rapid and unprecedented change, 63% of companies are experiencing disruption, and 90% of managers believe technology will change how they conduct business. Given markets’ continual disruption and the dizzying pace of technology diffusion, discovering growth opportunities is critical for your business.

Managers often fail to recognize how these profound trends influence customers, competitors, and processes. The result? Reactionary corporate responses that take a “wait-and-see” approach.

Anticipating disruption and acting early allows you to start creating solutions today that will be relevant tomorrow. Anticipating disruption and acting accordingly demands two major actions: Corralling trusted sources of insight and adopting structured frameworks for analysis to spot opportunities. Expert ENGINE’s network of thousands of thought leaders can support you in charting a new path based on current trends and expected disruptions. You will have an action plan for future-proofing your business, not just inclinations or untested ideas. Empowered with these insights discovered through our tailored expert interactions, you can stay ahead of the curve.

Trustworthy Insights from Peer-Recommended Experts

Subject matter experts, futurists, thought leaders, and industry professionals offer trustworthy career wisdom on disruptive market forces. Our consultants and industry professionals stay abreast of changes in markets, society, technology, science, economics, and legal and regulatory developments. Our expert-based research quickly and confidentially uncovers the high-impact insights you need. We provide a 360-degree view of your issues and aspirations by tapping into our experts, alongside thousands of authoritative business information sources, rapid surveys, and advisory expertise.

Frameworks that Reveal Opportunities

We leverage expert vision through analytic frameworks that generate new insights and spot new opportunities by helping you in the following five exemplary areas:

  1. Innovation: Uncover original opportunities, gain market and customer context, deepen customer insights, and formulate new concepts.
  2. Science, Technology, and Manufacturing: Keep ahead of a wide variety of changes in your field with the aid of thousands of experts and industry professionals.
  3. Trends: Monitor the industry landscape changes that impact your customers, markets, and business so you can anticipate market shifts, improve brand strength, innovate more quickly, leapfrog competitors, and become an industry trailblazer.
  4. Competitive and Market Intelligence: Identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors; profile competitive products; and discover opportunities and threats in your market — so you can understand competitive market dynamics and landscapes, expand into new markets, and effectively evaluate opportunities.
  5. Consumer and Customer Insight: Spot changes in consumer trends, demographics, values, lifestyles, preferences and cultural drivers. Use this information to hone your customer experience, personalize your marketing, and master your customer communications.

Choosing the Right Expert ENGINE Solution

When you don’t have the internal expertise to solve a problem, execute an initiative, or strategize around a goal, our experts can help you. From streamlining your business processes, to offering competitive insight, to aiding in product development — our experts’ knowledge and experience can drive immediate impact and ROI across all lines of your business. Let us aid you by providing:

Expert In-Depth Interviews

Need to speak with a subject matter expert for insight on an industry, technology, trend, or urgent problem? Just as it sounds, an expert IDI consists of a detailed discussion with one or several of the thousands of subject matter experts in our network. We typically schedule IDI’s for one hour. We can arrange for 1-100 interviews, depending on your need. We can recruit the experts you need internally, via a quick search, or by custom recruiting a wide variety of thought leaders. IDI services include first-hand vetting; interview scheduling; interview facilitation, recording and transcripts; and contract, NDA and incentive management. Want to learn more? Dig into one recent story of expert in-depth interview success here.

Expert and B2B Surveys

Our expert surveys can help you understand the thoughts, opinions, and needs of a broad-based group of thought leaders or industry professionals. Survey thousands of experts and active industry professionals about product concepts, brand perceptions, B2B customer experience, trends, technologies, and more. We have hundreds of experts and industry professionals in manufacturing, insurance, banking, engineering, psychology, accounting, sciences, technology and many more fields. Read about how we used an expert survey to identify new growth markets for a test equipment company.

Virtual Expert Workshops

Are you hoping to forecast trends, create organizational change, problem-solve, troubleshoot, or convert research and strategies into action? When your team converges their perspectives with ENGINE Experts, your results are multiplied. In addition to each of the services we provide for IDI’s, our expert virtual workshop includes coordinating schedules; arranging the workshop; assistance in developing the agenda; delivering introductory materials to experts; and facilitating the expert discussion. We typically book these workshops for 2-4 hours.

Onsite Expert Workshops

In a market dominated by disruption and adjustment, you may need the interplay and higher-level thought leadership afforded by a half-day or full-day session with a group of experts. Onsite workshops address similar needs to virtual workshops, but with deeper and richer results. Onsite workshops allow face-to-face interaction, tours of facilities, hands-on work with prototypes, and in-person reviews of tests and processes. When a virtual meeting doesn’t quite cut it, we bring the experts to you. In addition to the services we provide for IDI’s and online discussions, our onsite workshop offering includes expert travel, accommodation and scheduling management.

Let’s find you an expert.

Submit a quick request and our team will find a qualified expert to suit your research, legal, or consulting needs.

Three Simple Steps

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  2. Choose. Select the right expert with help from our team.
  3. Start. Simply sign our agreement and begin working with your expert.
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