Tap into Expert by Big Village to help anticipate disruption and use market changes to your advantage. Our specific expert-based products are designed to tackle the big questions posed by marketplace disruptions: Trend impacts, competitor innovations, new technologies, morphing customer behaviors, supply chain problems, and business issues.

Challenges of Market Disruption

In the U.S. today, 63% of companies are experiencing disruption — and 90% of managers believe technology will change how they conduct business. Expert insight can help you forecast these changes and start creating solutions today that will be relevant tomorrow. When you’re prepared with thought leadership from some of the thousands of experts in our network, you’ll have an action plan to anticipate disruption and future-proof your business. Why rely on inclinations or untested ideas when you can stay ahead of the curve?

Trustworthy Insights from Peer-Recommended Experts

Expert by Big Village’s consultants stay abreast of changes in markets, society, technology, science, economics, and legal and regulatory developments. Our expert-based research quickly and confidentially uncovers the high-impact insights you need.

Choosing the Right Expert by Big Village Solution

Let us help you drive your immediate impact, strategy, problem-solving, competitive insight, product development, and ROI by providing the following product offerings. For each offering, Expert by Big Village will recruit the thought leaders you need within our network — or find and screen them by marshaling our skilled recruiters’ team time, resources and experience to custom recruit. Our end-to-end services across all product offerings include:

  • firsthand vetting
  • consultation scheduling
  • interview facilitation, recording and transcripts
  • delivery of prep matériel to experts, and
  • contract, NDA and incentive management

When applicable, Expert by Big Village handles expert travel and accommodation, too!


Whether you’re looking to understand industry trends, expand your portfolio, or address the competition, we’re here to connect you with some of the most significant industry thought leaders.

At Expert by Big Village, we emphasize quality over quantity.


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