In-Depth Interviews

What can an IDI do for you?

  • Help clients get up to speed on new products and technologies
  • Give insight on trend impacts and implications
  • Showcase unfamiliar business processes
  • Give insight on market structures and dynamics
  • Illuminate new manufacturing processes
  • Explain needs and situations of hard-to-reach customers

Sometimes you need a bird’s-eye response to an industry landscape question, trend, or urgent problem.

In this case, an expert IDI may fit your needs perfectly. Our expert IDI’s consist of a detailed discussion with one or several of the thousands of subject matter experts in our network. We typically schedule IDI’s for one hour — and we can arrange as many interviews as you need.

To learn more, explore one recent story of expert in-depth interview success here.

“This series of interviews provided a huge source of insight and value that just one interview couldn’t provide.”
-3D printing client

Unlocking Insights: The Profound Benefits of Hiring Consultants and Experts for In-Depth Interviews

When seeking to gather comprehensive insights through in-depth interviews, the expertise of consultants and experts can be a strategic game-changer. Delve into the advantages of utilizing these seasoned professionals for in-depth interviews:

Specialized Knowledge:

Consultants and experts bring a wealth of specialized knowledge to in-depth interviews, ensuring a depth of understanding that enhances the quality of gathered insights.

Cost Efficiency:

Opting for consultants or experts for in-depth interviews can be more cost-effective than maintaining full-time interviewers, providing value without long-term commitments.

Accelerated Progress:

Leveraging the interviewing expertise of consultants and experts accelerates the data collection process, allowing you to gather insights more rapidly.

Customized Solutions:

These professionals can craft interview strategies that precisely fit your needs, ensuring the gathered insights address your specific research questions.

Industry Insights:

Consultants and experts often possess valuable industry knowledge, enriching your interviews with context and understanding of current trends and challenges.


When faced with complex interview scenarios, consultants and experts excel at adapting, ensuring your interviews remain on track and yield valuable data.

Ensure that your in-depth interviews yield rich, valuable insights. Benefit from specialized knowledge, experience, and innovative approaches to unlock the full potential of interview data by incorporating experts and consultants into your next project. Embrace the transformative advantages of using these professionals for in-depth interviews to gain a competitive edge in your research endeavors.

Let’s find you an expert.

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