In-Depth Interviews

Sometimes you need a bird’s-eye response to an industry landscape question, trend, or urgent problem.

In this case, an expert IDI may fit your needs perfectly. Our expert IDI’s consist of a detailed discussion with one or several of the thousands of subject matter experts in our network. We typically schedule IDI’s for one hour — and we can arrange as many interviews as you need.

To learn more, explore one recent story of expert in-depth interview success here.

“This series of interviews provided a huge source of insight and value that just one interview couldn’t provide.”
-3D printing client

Choosing the Right Expert by Big Village Solution

So you need a thought leader to weigh in on an industry issue from a high-level perspective. Or maybe you need several experts to contribute to a discussion or organizational problem by exchanging knowledge and a variety of viewpoints. In either case, Expert by Big Village will recruit the thought leaders you need within our network, vet them for your need, and quickly connect you with the expert directly. If we don’t have the perfect expert already enrolled with us, we will source and screen a series of candidates by custom recruiting using a wide set of resources. With skill, experience and enthusiasm, our recruiting team is at the ready.

For you, across all our product offerings, the Expert by Big Village team will:

  • vet experts firsthand
  • schedule consultations
  • record interviews and provide transcripts
  • deliver prep materials to experts, and
  • manage contracts, NDA’s and incentives

Let’s find you an expert.

Submit a quick request and our team will find a qualified expert to suit your research, legal, or consulting needs.

Three Simple Steps

  1. Ask. Submit a free expert request here
  2. Choose. Select the right expert with help from our team.
  3. Get started. Simply sign our agreement and begin working with your expert.
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