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Over forty years of progressively responsible experience in the construction and engineering of major Oil Refineries, Petrochemical, LNG Plants(Mega-Project), Ammonia and Urea Plants, Waste Water Treatment plants, Paper Mills, and heavy industrial complexes, steel mills, roadways, aluminum rolling mills, smaller chemical plants, large and small buildings and condominiums. Manages the operation of a Company that performs construction management services, basic engineering services, roof inspection services, and forensic engineering services. Completed the construction management of over fifty chemical plant complexes both in the U.S. and overseas for Companies such as Specialty Minerals, Inc, Bethlehem, PA, Eka Nobel, Inc., Columbus, MS, Scott Paper Company, Mobile, Arizona Chemical Company, and Mustang Engineering (i.e Trunkline LNG, Lake Charles, LA), and Valero Refining (Memphis,TN), and Praxair.
Experienced construction manager in the installation of various types of Modules such as Pipe Rack Modules, Equipment Modules, and Building Modules.

Evaluated a wide variety of construction management issues, claims, and structural engineering problems for attorneys, insurance companies, and chemical plant customers. Experienced in identifying problems related to roofing, structural and foundation issues, soils problems, grading and compaction problems, stairways, handrails, and platforms, EIFS, windows, flashing, mechanical systems, process systems and piping. Weather tightness warranty inspector for Fabral metal roof systems.

Served with major EPC Contractors such as The M.W. Kellogg Company and affiliates (10 years), Foster Wheeler, John Brown, and Rust Engineers in progressively responsible positions on major projects. Served over five years overseas, on site, in Venezuela, Algeria, and Thailand on major Oil, Liquefied Gas, and Chemical Projects. Responsible for Construction Management, field supervision, field engineering, as well as design engineering with these companies.

Served as President, Structural Engineer, and Project/ Construction Manager with his own business for over twenty-five years, Expert and Associates Engineers and Constructors, Inc. Responsible for all sales, estimating, cost control, engineering functions, construction, field construction supervision, and management of projects. Performed rigging set-up and evaluations for heavy lifts for chemical plant construction. Has worked as hands-on Superintendent of Construction activities for large and small construction jobs. Served as engineering consultant to various insurance companies and attorneys in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida on rigging accidents, roofing, moisture intrusion, structural engineering, foundation engineering, construction management and claims issues, construction defects, and damage caused by natural or man made disasters since 1993.

Major Engineering Projects:
1. Evaluation of all plant structures and roofs of buildings within Arizona Chemical Company Plant complex and recommendations and design of building roofs for repairs.
2. Design of repair to Apartment Building Structure that had multiple cracking in columns and structural support girders
3. Design of mechanical Feeder mechanism
4. Extensive Structural Analysis of Collapsed Roof structure of a Building for CNA Insurance Company
5. Blast resistant analysis and design of two control buildings for PCS Nitrogen
6. Performed Design of Temporary 32 feet span beam girder for Nitric Acid Plant by considering torsional effect. Designed Moment Connection details of the steel beam and furnished attached column with stiffeners and web plate.
7. Structural and Piping Design of Urea Plant Revamp to receive new Carbamate Condenser and new Urea Stripper for PCS Nitrogen. This is a major plant revamp. Performed on-site inspection of equipment, structures, and rigging during the shutdown.
8. Structural Design of Ammonium Nitrate Loading Building entrance roofs, and structural and mechanical design of Platinum Filter in Nitric Acid Plant facility.
9. CO2 Addition project for PCS Nitrogen, Pipe rack, piping design and routing, and foundation additions, in conjunction with added concrete cooling tower basin and deep pump intake pit. Design of deep pump pit with retaining wall characteristics, buoyancy forces considered.
10. Value Engineering Study for Mobile College to come up with ways to reduce the cost of the new Forest Resources Building, yet maintain its utility. Made recommendations that saved approximately $ 400,000 on a $1.5 million dollar job.
11.Structural re-design of seven story structure for Tall Oil Plant within Arizona Chemical Company. Remove concrete floors and replace with checkered plate, which required additional floor strengthening. Rework all handrails and corroded areas.
12. Three Cooling Tower concrete basins designed along with pump pit and pumping systems in three different facilities and applications.
13. Replace Conveyor structure in chemical plant due to corrosion.
14.Structural evaluations and assessments of floor loading capacity and OSHA compliance with regard to handrails, ladders, stairways and platforms for several facilities.
15. Design of platforms, Agitator supports, stairways, and handrails around numerous tanks in chemical plants.
16. Design of Rehabilitation for Storage Warehouse
17.Engineering study and preliminary drawing for Ammonia plant storm drainage line and lift station.
18. Detail design of Storm Water system for entire Fertilizer complex. Structural design of underground concrete pit, exhibiting retaining wall characteristics. Design of sheet piling for retention of earth pressure during concrete construction.
19. Design of a facility for truck loading of Ammonium Nitrate within an Ammonia Fertilizer complex, including separation of material by size, screening diversion, and conveyance.

37 consulting/ expert witness jobs previously. Information available upon request.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2000 Degree: Bachelors of Science Subject: Civil Engineering Institution: The Citadel
Year: 2000 Degree: Masters of Science Subject: Civil Engineering Institution: The University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1990 to 2017 Employer: Self Employed Title: Construction Management Department: Responsibilities: Providing construction management oversight and liaison for YARA, North America in Freeport, Texas on new Ammonia Plant and dock facilities with a cost of approximately $ 800 Million. Also currently managing plant disassembly and construction of Air separation plants for Praxair Inc., of Tonawanda, N.Y. through multiple construction managers under my supervision. Also providing construction management assistance for multiple plant shutdowns and expansions for Praxair. Also responsible for the up dating of structural drawings for the BP Offshore platform “Mad Dog” in the Gulf of Mexico. Design responsibility for numerous laydown yards with heavy loader traffic for Thyssen Krupp Steel in Calvert, Alabama, that also included many retention pond and drainage structures, along with various piping design and structural engineering projects.

Managed the construction of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Plants within White Paper Mills on a worldwide basis. Performed Construction Management through Managers working under my supervision on over fifty U.S. projects, and foreign sites in Thailand, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Finland, Germany, and India. Recruiting and placing Construction Management personnel for major clients such as Mustang Engineering, URS, Valero Energy Company, and Specialty Minerals, Inc. for large Refineries, LNG Plants, and Chemical Plants, Performed electrical start-up for Calcium Carbonate facility in Brazil. Performed Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument engineering services in chemical plants and other industrial facilities. Self performed Construction Management for new Sodium Chlorate plant and offsites facilities, approximately $ 250,000,000 (2015 dollars) facility for Eka Nobel, Inc., now Akzo Nobel, Columbus, MS in 1990-1991. Supervised multiple pipe rack module installations. Supervised rigging operations, coordinating with contractor on heavy lifts to use proper cranes for lift and tail, as well as monitoring the operator, wind, darkness, and reach for the vessels being lifted.
Years: 1973 to 1980 Employer: The M. W. Kellogg Co. Title: Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Oil Refinery expansion project in
Venezuela(1994-1995)(Maraven-Mo-Gas) Total project cost was in the range of $ 4 Billion in 2015 dollars; supervised 16 staff personnel and 1,000 Subcontract personnel, installing approximately 100,000 lf of piping, concrete, steel, instruments, and equipment. $ 80,000,000 project called Mo-Gas. Modular Pipe Rack and Building construction was involved in the construction of the facility.
Years: 1973 to 1980 Employer: Self Employed Title: Chief Field Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Oil Refinery Expansion project (FCCU, Alkylation, Visbreaker, and offsites), Pt. Reading,N.J.(Hess) and Ammonia Plant, Sterlington La (IMC). Designed several buildings, support foundations, re-design of some foundations within the plant, and overall engineering responsibility of the plant during construction.
Years: 1977 to 1980 Employer: Self Employed Title: Chief Field Engineer Department: Responsibilities: major LNG (Liquified Natural Gas-Mega-Project 6 Train) complex in Arzew, Algeria, along with Power Plant and Campsite infrastructure. Project Cost $ 4.0 Billion (2015 dollars), three years plus on site (1977-1980). Seismically designed structures, requiring detailed inspection and QA/QC. Installed modular pipe racks throughout the facility, as well as Boiler Modules within the Power generation Plant and LNG trains.

Responsible for all site engineering of entire infrastructure setup on LNG project, i.e. design of two large office buildings, four warehouses, design layout of two concrete batch plants, 1000 Ton Silo, Rock Crusher and conveyors, sand and gravel washing, and selection of material for concrete. Design verification and layout for 1200 man batchelor camp and 300 family housing camp and sanitary facilities. Installed Modular Buildings within the campsite. Structural Design of formwork used on large Turbogenerator elevated foundation, and subsequently adopted by entire LNG facility for use on LNG Compressor structures. Responsible for all engineering activities for two years within Power Generation Plant, as well as supervising Civil, Structural steel, Boiler installations, and completion of equipment internals, Desalination equipment and commissioning of Boilers and installing TurboGenerator equipment. Completed the last six months of the project as Construction Superintendent.
Years: 1975 to 1977 Employer: Self Employed Title: Chief Field Engineer Department: Responsibilities: responsible for all field engineering activities, quality control and quality assurance, and subcontracts' writing and administration for the construction of an Ammonia Plant, Ammonia Storage facility, Refrigeration area, water and wastewater treating facilities, and numerous off-sites’ facilities including tankage, lagoons and underground firewater systems. Responsible for the design and construction of numerous buildings, including control house, metal building construction and multi-purpose use buildings.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Roof Consultants Institute (RCI)
Structural Engineer's Association of Alabama
Roof Consultants Institute
Exterior Design Institute
Structural Engineering Institute (ASCE)
American Society of Civil Engineers (formerly on Construction Management Committee)
American Institute of Steel Construction
American Concrete Institute
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Affiliate)
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
American Welding Society
Licenses / Certifications
Certified Structural Engineer (National)
EIFS Third Party Inspector
Moisture Free to write warranties for Dryvit
Contractor's Licenses: Sates of Alabama and Louisiana

Engineer Registration: P.E. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Florida
Engineering Registration: P.E. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida; Company Engineering Registration in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.
Professional Appointments
Roof Consultants Institute (RCI), Structural Engineer’s Association of Alabama, Roof Consultants Institute, Exterior Design Institute, Structural Engineering Institute (ASCE), American Society of Civil Engineers(formerly on Construction Management Committee), American Institute of Steel Construction, American Concrete Institute, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Affiliate), Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, and American Welding Society.
Awards / Recognition
Awards: Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Society and Sigma Epsilon Pi, Engineering Honor Society from The Citadel, Charleston, S.C.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Defense expert for an engineering company engaged to do heavy industrial construction management and engineering work in a chemical plant.

Testified in case involving evaluating whether client performed construction management up to the standard of care of that type of company, and whether they delayed, causing to overrun budget.

Evaluation of residence to determine nature of problem with manhole under a house and related sewer line running under house. Testified in deposition.

Testified in deposition concerning bleacher board seat accident and structural analysis.

Structural analysis of airport hanger metal building to determine if building meets code and stands up under 110 mph winds. Testified in deposition and court.

Evaluation and Analysis of Structural Frame failed television tower. No testimony. Case dismissed.

Testified in deposition concerning sheet pile retaining wall failure.

Investigation structural setup, roofing evaluation and interior defects of manufactured homes. Testified in arbitration.

Evaluation of hotel roofing and handrail related to a trip and fall accident. Testified in taped deposition.

Evaluation of residence to determine defects in construction and soils related settlement, no testimony.

Testified in deposition concerning uplift of support columns and structural analysis thereof a shopping center on behalf of the defendant.

Testified in deposition concerning basement wall leakage and failure dealing with soil pressure problem.

Testified in deposition concerning the set-up and installation of a mobile home.

Inspection of 11 upscale homes related to defending an applicator to evaluate EIFS related problems and report back to attorneys. No deposition, preparation for trial that was settled.

Other Relevant Experience
Military Experience: Commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in 1970. Completed Engineer Officer Basic Course in 1972, Ft. Belvoir, VA. Served in Command capacities in The Army National Guard in AL, LA, and ILL as a Construction Officer, Water Purification Platoon Leader, and CO (Captain) in an Infantry HQ Company in Illinois. Served for fifteen years in Reserves and National Guard status, currently listed as retired in the Individual Ready Reserve.

Construction Management:
Responsible for presentations and session relating to training, retention, and recruiting of construction employees for the industry.
Engineering and Construction Contracting Coference
Seminars to include practical planning and scheduling of small and medium sized projects, construction field project management systems that work, How to select, maintain and increase productivity of equipment, and construction failures, How to identify, prevent and resolve.
American Society of Civil Engineers Construction Congress.

Continuing Education numerous examples available upon request.

Fields of Expertise

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