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Expert in Innovation Methodologies, Processes and Tools Training & Certification. Innovative Problem-Solution Coach/Consultant using: FMEA, FH-Decomp, MVIS & PDS-G

Expert ID: 107757 Utah, USA

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Expert in:
Innovation Methodologies & Tools Coach/Consultant and Certification Training Systems Reliability & DfR DFSS-Black Belt, Failure Mode Effects Analysis, FMEA, DFMEA, PFMEA, FMECA, FTA, FH-Decomposition
Innovative Rapid System Problem Solving

Use of the Principle Driven Solutions-Generator (PDS-G), to solve system problems & engineering constraints 30X - 300X faster.
Use of 'Open Windows' to forcast or predict the next innovation your market will adopt, before your competitors do.

Implementing the MaxValue Innovation System (MVIS), to allow companies to achieve 4X more market 'hits' rather than 'misses.'
I help product development companies, systems engineers, specialty engineers and innovation specialists overcome design & development hurdles 300X faster and generate 4X more market 'hits' rather than 'misses'. He is a product development innovation coach/consultant and trainer. He is Six Sigma DFSS Black Belt certified by GDLS and by Air Academy. He is also a certified TRIZ Associate in Structured Innovation, helping corporations build an Innovation Vehicle to carry them 10-25X faster down the road of innovation to create improved product value, cut costs and improve profitability with new and old product lines. He founded the i3DAY Innovation Black Belt Certification Program.

Expert spent 11 years facilitating DfR and new Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA) and helping engineering groups at General Dynamics find innovative solution to their “unsolvable problems” by walking them through a simple innovation process to generate innovative solutions. He thus helped 22 separate engineering teams find innovative solutions, which resulted in $158 million savings for the US Army.

Expert is a 28-year veteran consultant where he has helped 53 of the Fortune 500tm to eliminate 70% - 92% of their unscheduled equipment downtime, usually within 30-60 days! He coined the acronym FISH™ and FISHing™, Functional Interface Stress Hardening, to quickly teach others how to boost reliability of new designs and of existing automate equipment by 500% – 900%. In 2009 he extracted from TRIZ Methodology all reliability conflict information and created the R-TRIZ, structured innovation tool which rapidly provides the best 2, 3, or 4 principles, from over 300,000 patents, for solving the current reliability problem. In 2010 he created similar innovation tools for solving safety problems, then maintainability, thermal, weight, HFE, manufacturability and productivity problems. Expert coaches manufacturers, design teams, hospitals, telecom, data centers, office complexes, oil companies, etc. to achieve increased reliability and Ao uptime, resulting in “Lean Capable Equipment” and increased profits. His online training and certification of Innovation Directors and Innovation Engineers empowers them with the tools and processes (the i3-Vehilce) to bring clarity and immediate solution to long standing and critical corporate and system problems.

Expert holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Technology with dual minors in mathematics and electronics from SUU and a Masters in Industrial and Technical Education from BYU. He served as Fabrication and Diffusion Supervisor for Signetics Semiconductor, as Chief Maintenance & Reliability Engineer for John Deere Co. and then for Hughes/Baker EIMCO. He spent 12 years as Design for Reliability and Innovation Engineer at GE Healthcare OEC and for General Dynamics. He now does consulting and coaching as founder of i3DAY Innovation training, certification and consulting group.

He has been a speaker, presenting papers at annual conventions for:
RAMS (Reliability and Maintainability Symposium - Annual)
NDIA (National Defense Industry Association)
GVSETS (Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering Tech Symposium)
IMTBA (International Machine Tool Builders Association),
ASHE (American Society of Hospital Engineers),
ULPA (United Lightning Protection Association),
LPI (Lightning Protection Institute,
SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)

Expert is author of various articles and papers published in:
● Measurements & Controls ● American Machinist
● Production Engineering ● Tooling & Production
● Plant Services ● Commline
● Computer/Electronics Service News ● Control Magazine
● Medical Electronics ● SME/CASA Annual Proceedings
● SuperFactory ● Oil & Gas Journal

Past Clients include:
GE, Cummins Engine, National Semiconductor, FMC, The Trane Co, Rockwell, Intel, BF Goodrich, Honda, American Express, Hercules Aerospace, General Dynamics Defense Corp, Colt Industries, Rexnord, Norgren, HCA Hospitals, Caterpillar, Borg-Warner, Texas Instruments, NTN Bower, SW Bell, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Chubb Insurance, Snap-on, Helmerich & Payne IDC, Sturm Ruger, Exxon-Mobil, Hughes/Baker EIMCO, etc.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Ogden, Utah - Clearfield, Utah - Brigham City, Utah - Layton, Utah - Kaysville, Utah - Bountiful, Utah - Salt Lake City, Utah - Sandy, Utah - Provo, Utah - Orem, Utah - U.S.A.

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1974 Degree: M.S. Subject: Technical Education - Electronics Institution: Brigham Young University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1983 to 2007 Employer: (dba) Amemco Title: Consulting Engineer Department: Automated Systems Reliability Consulting Responsibilities: Responsible for on-site equipment analysis, surveys, seminars and written reports to assist companies in eliminating unscheduled equipment downtime and increase reliability, by hardening systems against heat, vibration, power surges, lightning-induced transients and surges in power and data communications wiring, dirt build-up, and hydraulic contaminations, electrical grounding and lightning storm protection problems, etc..
FISHing, Functional Interface Stress Hardening.
Help client companies eliminate 70-92% of unscheduled equipment downtime, in 30-60 days.

Years: 1979 to 1983 Employer: Hughes Baker EIMCO Title: Electronic Maintenance Reliability Engineer Department: Manufacturing Engineering Responsibilities: He trained CNC maintenance technicians and worked with them to reduce downtime and increase reliability of CNCs, robotics, and automation controls.
Improved machine tools and equipment reliability by 634% thus reducing maintenane support costs and manpower by 68%.
Years: 1974 to 1979 Employer: John Deere Title: CNC Maintenance & Reliability Engineer Mgr. Department: Automated Machine Tool & Control Systems Maintenance Responsibilities: He developed a maintenance engineering and training program to be used world wide by Deere & Co. He also acted as the resident CNC and robotics maintenance expert to minimize maintenance downtime.
Innovative programs to improve automation controls uptime and reliability by 500%.
Years: 1972 to 1973 Employer: Signetics Title: FAB Supervisor Department: IC Fabrication Department Responsibilities: He supervised 25 production workers and interfaced with FAB engineers to maximize through-put, quality and reliability.
Years: 2004 to 2005 Employer: General Electric Healthcare Title: Reliability Engineer Department: GE-OEC xRay Equipment Design Responsibilities: Reliability Engineer, working with Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineers to design reliability into Xray equipment along with functionality. Facilitated engineering groups through reliability activities such as: FMEA, FTA, HALT and other DfR and other Six Sigma Innovative improvement projects and activities.
Years: 2005 to 2016 Employer: General Dynamics Title: Reliability Engineer & Innovation Coach Department: Design for Reliability Responsibilities: DfR Reliability & Innovation Engineer, working with Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic and Software engineering teams to design reliability into all new armored vehicle control systems.
Facilitate engineering groups through reliability activities such as: FMEA, FTA, HALT, ALT and other DFR activities, to maximize reliablity during design and development phases.
Facilitated 22 seperate engineering teams through a one-hour Innovation process to solve what they were describing as an unsolvable problem. All 22 teams innovatively resolved their problems and the improved designs were adopted by the U.S. Army, saving them $158 million over the legacy systems in use.
Years: 2016 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Coach, Consultant & Trainer Department: Product Development Innovation Methods Responsibilities: --Innovation Coaching, Consulting, Training and Certification of New Product Development Specialists, Systems Engineers and company leadership.
--Help product development specialists solve technical problems and eliminate design constraints 300X faster, with the PDS-Generator tools and without going over budget, to meet deadlines.
--Help development company leadership implement MVIS, the MaxValue Innovation System, to flip the 80/20 Rule of Failure and get 4 out of 5 market 'hits' rather than 'misses'.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of ULPA (United Lightning Protection Association). He has also participated in IEEE committees to establish guides for application and testing of transient surge protective devices.
Licenses / Certifications
Patent, EFI Inventor, Effective Power Surge Protection Circuit - 1984
DFSS, Design for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification - General Dynamics 2009
DFSS, Design for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification - Air Academy 2010
TRIZ, Structure Innovation Associate Certificaiton - 2011
Professional Appointments
He served as an honorary member of the National Advisory Board for Electronics magazine.
Awards / Recognition
He received the Society of Manufacturing Engineers "Certificate of Appreciation" for serving as instructor for "Maintenance of Electronic Controls" seminars.
Publications and Patents Summary
He is the inventor on EFI's surge suppression patent (the most "private labeled" patent in that industry). He has a patent pending on protective Internet usage monitoring and accountability software, a patent pending on a "Proxy Client" (a key ASP Internet interface technology), and "Zip-Locked PCs," a solution where libraries and institutions want to disable PCs from use or from Internet access until a registered Zip disk is installed which then logs all PC & Internet use for later accountability review. Expert has presented papers at national conventions for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, NMTBA, American Society of Hospital Engineers, ULPA, and the Lightning Protection Institute. Additionally, he has written for many trade magazines on "Maintenance and Reliability of Electronic Controls."

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Expert is open to travel and conducting seminars, equipment surveys, and generating written reports to specify improvement methods and protective device installation criteria.
Vendor Selection
He has experience locating vendors of surge suppressors, UPS (uninteruptable power sources), power conditioners, lightning rods and arresters, hydraulic purifiers, electronic cabinet air conditioners, computer and controls parts and peripherals. He has access to printed material, databases, personal contacts as well as Internet databases.
Marketing Experience
Reliability and equipment Availability is needed in every industry to maintain Lean competitive edge. Once equipment is in place and operating, there is no program as profitable, cost effective and easy to implement for maximizing uptime, prolonging equipment life and insuring Reliability and availability that FISH. We developed and have improved and validated FISHing (functional interface stress hardening) over the past 26 years and can apply it into any large facility in 30-60 days, to yield 70-92% reduction of unscheduled downtime.
Other Relevant Experience
Expert developed effective maintenance programs for over 1,000 NC and CNC machine tools, and other electronic, industrial, and medical equipment controllers. His seminar discusses the benefits and drawbacks of all the current popular maintenance programs including: FFM, PM, RM, PdM, RCM, TPM, and FISH.

Fields of Expertise

maintenance engineering, electric surge protector, series suppressor, sinewave tracking suppressor, surge protection, transient voltage surge suppression, sunspot storm interference protection, electrical grounding, sensitive electronic equipment grounding, system grounding, lightning protection, transient suppression, power quality assurance, electronic device reliability, disruptive-discharge voltage, electric discharge, hydraulic system maintenance, hydraulic purifier, plant reliability, product reliability, product reliability improvement, product reliability plan, reliability, reliability analysis, reliability engineering, reliability improvement, reliability plan, reliability test, reliability testing, telecommunication system electrical reliability, functional interface stress hardening (FISH), innovation, innovation training, reliability-centered maintenance, system reliability, electronic shielding, ground loop, ground fault protection, hydraulic pressure, total productive maintenance, numerical control machine, reliability theory, sunspot cycle, pulse power, electronic system, semiconductor device reliability, maintenance control, lightning, grounding path, electric surge suppressor, hydraulic system contamination control, productivity measurement (quantity), energy-efficient equipment control system, energy-efficient process control system, electronic control, digital control system, hydraulic fluid, overload protection, electric surge, computer numerical control, voltage regulator, overvoltage protection, noise control, maintenance management, machine tool, electronics cooling, digital numerical control, MVIS, MaxValue Innovation Systems, PDS-G, Principle Driven Solutions-Generator, TRIZ, Structured Innovation, Value Metrics, Innovation Metric, overcoming engineering constraint, eliminating system perameter conflicts, perameter constraint, simple innovation process to solve system problems, overcoming physical constraints, forcast or preduct next innovative products you market will adopt

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