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Electric Power Systems

ID: 738058 Colorado, USA

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Expert works as a consulting Electrical Engineer for a variety of projects ranging from large scale including utility scale renewable generation to oil and gas production facilities, down to smaller such as fault troubleshooting or interconnection application support.

Expert develops all aspects of protection and control designs including one lines and three lines. He also performs various technical studies including cable ampacity, transient stability, complicated grounding, time-domain transient analysis, and more. In addition to office work, Expert supports onsite commissioning efforts including HV/MV equipment testing, relay testing, and SCADA commissioning. He also provides onsite review as an owner’s engineer.

Select Work Experience
The following is a select list of past project experience segregated by project type. Additional information available upon request.

Renewable Generation
• High Lonesome Wind Facility – 500MW 345/34.5kV Substation
o Full Protection and Control Design for 24 collection feeders and 2 MPTs
o Full Substation SCADA design, integration, and commissioning
o Numerous electrical studies including underground cable sizing, relay protection coordination (including line relays), arc flash, lightning protection
o NERC Compliance reports: PRC-001, PRC-005, PRC-024, PRC-025, FAC008
• Cactus Flats Wind Facility – 150MW 138/34.5kV Substation
o Full Protection and Control Design for 6 collection feeders, capacitor bank and synchronous condenser
o Full Substation SCADA design, integration, and commissioning
o Numerous electrical studies including relay protection coordination (including line relays), arc flash, lightning protection, and ground grid
o NERC Compliance reports: PRC-001, PRC-024, PRC-025, FAC-008
o Power line carrier line relay protection on a three-terminal line with one weak and one strong source on each end
• Agate Solar Project – 10MW PV Generation Facility
o MV Single Line design and coordination with utility regarding transformer winding configuration
o Electrical studies including MV AC and LV DC cable ampacity, short circuit, arc flash, grounding, relay protection coordination
o Review of DC collection design
o Oversaw POI pole design and configuration including recloser, metering, and station service
• Tanglewood Solar – 57MW PV Generation Facility
o AC and DC collection design
o Electrical studies including cable ampacity, short circuit, arc flash, grounding, energy loss
o Dynamic system modeling in PSCAD and PSS/E
• Buffalo Dunes Wind Farm – 345/34.5kV Substation
o Design of control schematics and wiring diagrams for 345kV circuit breakers, 345/35kV transformers, Gas Insulated Switchgear, seven relaying panels and other equipment
o Design, implementation, and testing of relay settings including line, transformer, feeder, capacitor relays, and an auto-restoration scheme
o Numerous electrical studies including underground cable sizing, coordination, arc flash, lightning protection, and harmonics
o Commissioning of entire substation including schematic verification, relay testing, and SCADA testing with multiple entities
• Davis Monthan Air Force Base PV Site – 10MW PV Generation Facility
o Design and construction support of solar array connection and cable routing including low voltage and medium voltage cables
o Coordination and arc flash study of medium voltage, low voltage, and DC equipment—developed and tested MV equipment relay settings
o Facilitated interconnection of plant to existing electrical system including revising existing relay settings
• Arlington Valley Solar Site – 125MW Photovoltaic Power Plant Review
o Owner’s engineer for 500/115kV substation and 115/34.5kV substation including control schematics, underground cable installation, relay settings, SCADA, and studies
o Oversaw commissioning activities of both substations

Energy Storage
• Oakdale Battery Storage Interconnection Application
o Developed PSS/E model including dynamic models for NYISO interconnection application
o Assisted with supporting documentation requirements
• Lincoln Park Battery Storage Interconnection Application
o Developed design documents for interconnection application
• Vista Battery Storage Facility
o Owner’s engineer reviewing substation, BOP collection, and battery supplier designs

Oil and Gas
• Greater Natural Buttes Gas System – 35kV Distribution System Upgrades
(~50MW system)
o Created system model in ETAP and validated with onsite measurements
o Recommended and designed system upgrades including voltage regulators, shunt capacitor bank, and line capacitors based on power flows and voltage profiles
o Recommended and implemented recloser setting changes
• Chipeta Train 3 – Natural Gas Processing Facility
o Design and specification of 5kV & 480V equipment
o Connection of 170 motors and thousands of instruments
o Grounding plan for entire process area
o Duct bank design including Neher-McGrath modeling of cables and cable pull calculations
o Power Flow, Coordination and Arc Flash studies
• Middle Fork Compressor Station – Motor Failure and Relay Settings Review
o Performed root cause failure analysis on multiple 5kV, 7500hp motors
o Reviewed relay protection from 230/5kV transformer relays through 5kV motor relays
o Recommended settings modifications based on motor data and standard industrial practice

Conventional Generation
• Oxy Chemical Wichita – 41MW Cogeneration Power Plant
o Design, specification, and testing of 15kV switchgear retrofit, which included utilizing drawings in German from the 1980s
o Design of generator relay settings
o Commissioning and troubleshooting generator startup
• Anderson’s Ethanol Plant – 10MVA Cogeneration Plant
o Developed generator, transformer and feeder relay settings for 15kV switchgear
o Performed relaying and 15kV switchgear commissioning
o Assisted with generator startup including phasing in the generator

Electrical System Studies
• Grande Prairie Generator Interconnection – 108MW Gas Turbine Capacity

Increase Application
o Performed power flow study over Alberta Electric System Operator area for increased generator capacity to determine bus voltage and transmission line loading effects
o Performed transient stability study to confirm generator will not cause grid stability issues
• Doswell Generator Installation – Two 230MW CTGs
o Performed transient stability study to confirm generator will not cause grid stability issues
o Worked to eliminate STATCOM requirement originally specified by PJM, saving millions of dollars and additional complexity
• Comanche Unit 1&2 Shutdown Flicker Study
o Study impact to voltage flicker by nearby arc furnace as a result of removing two large generators; propose mitigation methods
• Buffalo Dunes NERC Audit
o Assisted client with meeting auditor demands
o Compiled and supplemented testing documentation to prove compliance
• Heber City Transmission Underground/Overhead Feasibility
o Developed preliminary design information to determine estimated costs for various segments of transmission comparing overhead versus underground
o Delivered written report comparing overall benefits and drawbacks of overhead and underground design options

Water & Wastewater
• Metro Wastewater Reclamation District – Relay Settings and Maintenance testing
o Automatic transfer scheme using SEL relays for 15kV switchgear including design, implementation and testing
o Maintenance testing based on NETA MTS on 15kV circuit breakers and disconnect switches

Electric Utility
• Teton Village Underground Transmission – 2-mile underground cable project
o Designed routing and details for 2-miles of underground cable to replace existing overhead line
o Electrical calculations for pulling tensions, shield voltage (cross bonded), and ampacity
• Reid EHV Substation – 345kV Line Addition
o Review of 345kV line addition design including schematics, wiring diagrams, and relay settings
o Commissioning of substation modifications including facilitating construction activities involving a partially energized substation and interconnecting with live relay panels
• Niwot Substation – 230kV Substation
o Design of control schematics for line addition to an existing ring bus substation

Training & Presentations
• Onsite one-or two-day substation operations training
• Paper presentations at IEEE I&CPS and IEEE REPC conferences
• Develop operation and maintenance manuals for unique designs such as HMI operation, Automatic-Throw-Over (ATO) schemes, and substation equipment
• Adjunct lecturer at University of Colorado at Denver for the course entitled, “Substation Design Engineering”


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2018 Degree: PhD Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Colorado School of Mines
Year: 2013 Degree: MSc Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Colorado School of Mines
Year: 2010 Degree: BSc Subject: Engineering Institution: Colorado School of Mines

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2017 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Principal Engineer Department: Power Systems
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2011 to 2017 Employer: NEI Electric Power Engineering, Inc. Title: Electrical Engineer Department:
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2009 to 2011 Employer: National Renewable Energy Laboratory Title: Student Research Engineer Department:

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
Professional Engineer (PE) in AL, CO, CA, GA, HI, IL, MA, MO, NC, NE, NY, OK, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI, WV **P Eng in AB, BC, ON
Professional Appointments
IEEE IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC)
• IAS/PCIC IT Subcommittee Chair
• IAS/PCIC IT Subcommittee Vice Chair
• IAS/PCIC IT Subcommittee Secretary
• Assisted with the development of a new PCIC website
• Assisted with the development of the PCIC Young Engineers Development Subcommittee (YEDS) website
• Assisted with the PCIC Myron Zucker Travel Award advertisement

IEEE IAS Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (I&CPS)
• IAS/I&CPS Committee Website Development
• IAS/I&CPS Protection Subcommittee Secretary

IEEE IAS Annual Conference
• Conference Webmaster
Awards / Recognition
• RMEL Emerging Leader Award
• PCIC Outstanding Young Professional Achievement Award
Publications and Patents Summary
Publications: 15

Additional Experience

Other Relevant Experience
Software Experience
Power System Modeling Software
• ETAP, SKM, PSS/E, PSLF, CDEGS, PowerFactory, EMTP-RV, PSCAD, CYMCAP Protection Settings Software
• SEL AcSELerator Quickset
• GE Viewpoint UR Engineer and EnerVista suite
• Beckwith TapTalk and IPScom
• ABB PCM600
Communications Settings Software
• SEL AcSELerator RTAC
• Various network router and switch configurations including configuration of VLANs and port forwarding
• AutoCAD
Mathematical and Data Processing
• MathCAD, MATLAB and SciLab
• Window and Linux Operating Systems
• Arduino

Fields of Expertise

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