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Expert is the founder & CEO of a company which offers cleantech related expertise & advisory services both in USA & in India to investors and companies. Clients include PE firms with over US $500 MM of assets under management, publicly listed companies on Nasdaq, and VC firms. Expert has deep domain expertise in cleantech (energy & environment) with focus on energy storage, batteries, nanotechnology, nanomaterials, fuel cells, green building materials, waste management, CO2 mitigation, and solar.

Expert has over 15 years of hands-on R&D + innovation experience having worked on over half a dozen clean technologies ranging from lithium-batteries, sodium-batteries, solar, biodiesel, hydrogen separation, fuel cells, green building materials, nanomaterials, and clean coal (oxygen) combustion.

Expert has three invention disclosures in Li-batteries (as lead internal consultant and/or senior engineer for Li-battery program where he contributed towards battery design, material processing, material yields, and manufacturing yields) – his efforts increased battery performance by a factor of two and increased yields by 50%. In another assignment, he mapped the Electric Vehicle (EV) market for a Fortune 1000 client. The Project involved defining dominant (commercial) Lithium-battery technologies, identifying linkages between EV companies & lithium battery manufacturers, JV partners, and their collaborations (both Globally & within China). He also conducted a detailed review and analyses of various grid-scale, grid-tied energy storage technologies (lithium battery, lead-acid, sodium-sulfur, ultra-capacitors, flywheels, flow batteries, and redox batteries). Expert also consulted on Off-grid solar & storage and helped recommend design improvements to achieve a 10-yr battery life (a 40% increase) for lead-acid batteries.

In the waste management sectors, he has worked on various innovations like nuclear waste remediation, fly ash waste usage, CO2 mitigation, sodium removal from industrial wastes, and on-site, point-of-use water disinfection. In Fuel cells, he developed and patented a novel insulation material for SOFC technology. In his over 15 years of professional experience, he has taken up various roles (with increasing complexity): engineer, investment associate, product manager, principal investigator, program manager, financial consultant, and technical advisor.

Expert has a dozen US patents in several of these cleanTech areas and won a materials innovation award from State of Utah and two research & innovation solicitation awards from the US Dept. of Defense. His patented fuel cell insulation material received invitation to the Worlds Best Technology Showcase. Expert also lead the marketing efforts for a winning product proposal funded by the US Dept of Energy. His cost cutting and process improvement approaches have saved Clients over US $1.0 MM to date.

Expert has evaluated over 100 business plans in various cleantech sectors including Ocean Power, Solar Power, Electric Scooters, Jatropha Plantation, Organic Foods, Energy Management, and Electronic Waste, to name a few. Expert has also advised socially-focused VC firms interested in for-profit rural energy opportunities in India like micro-hydro, solar, and biomass power.

Expert is often invited on Cleantech panels in conferences like the TiE Midwest Conference in US. In Dec 2010, he was invited as an expert panelist for the Annual Environment Awards organized by Frost & Sullivan, Mumbai. In Jan 2011, Expert co-chaired & conducted Solar PV Workshop at the International Energy Conference in Nagpur. He was also an invited speaker (Solar PV) at the World Renewable Energy Technology Congress & Expo,

Client - NASDAQ Listed Solar PV EPC & Project Developer Firm with market cap of over US $1 Billion (among world's top 5 solar EPC firms)

He mapped the Lithium-battery & Electric Vehicle (EV) market for a Fortune 1000 client. Project involved defining dominant (commercial) Lithium-battery technologies / chemistries, identifying linkages between EV companies & Lithium Battery Manufacturers, JV partners, and their collaborations (both Globally & within China). He also recommended design improvements to increase the life of alternate energy storage options like lead-acid batteries. He also provided initial assistance in the bidding for a Hawaii RFP for Grid-tied Energy Storage Pilot Project. Client: Utah based Private Equity Firm with Over US $500 MM under management.

He provided investment advisory services to which resulted in over 30% savings in transaction costs for the client. He sourced deals (create deal flow), conducted due diligence, and pre-screening of deals.
He identified risks & opportunities, SWOT analysis, and conducted financial valuation for investment opportunities.*** Client - A Venture Capital Firm active in USA & India ***

He conducted detailed business modeling, ROI & financial modeling for rice-husk based biomass power generation start-up company & micro-hydro start up company. He developed an operational & financial model to accurately estimate the carbon credits generated from these renewable energy projects. He identified best strategy to monetize carbon credits generated from renewable energy projects. He finalized Emissions Reductions Purchase Agreement and contract negotiations with carbon brokerage companies.
***** Another Client - A Venture Capital Firm active in Utah *****
He provided technical due diligence, IP due diligence on incoming clean energy deals like Ocean Power, Solar PV, Waste Recycling, etc. He interacted with CXOs to understand their business model and provide investment recommendations. Client - A large North America Based Fuel Cell Company. He conducted a very detailed India market opportunity, policy analysis, and India market entry strategy study for US-based Fuel Cell company. The grid tariff rates in 30 different States in India were analyzed and grid up time & availability were factored in to identify the low hanging opportunities. Further, the price points, desired subsidies, and policy recommendations were also highlighted. Client - A London AIM Stock Exchange Listed Indian Firm.

He audited and analyzed their 5 MW Solar PV plant and recommended several cause-and-effect relationships that lead to significant reduction in generation losses and a potential increase of US $0.50 MM per year in revenue due to higher kwh per kw generation per year.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Salt Lake City, Utah - Provo, Utah - Sandy, Utah - Orem, Utah - Ogden, Utah - West Jordan, Utah - Layton, Utah

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2008 Degree: MBA Subject: MBA (Entrepreneurship & Finance) Institution: University of Utah
Year: 1998 Degree: MS Subject: Materials Science & Engineering Institution: The Pennsylvania State University
Year: 1995 Degree: B. Tech. Subject: Materials Science & Engineering Institution: Indian Institue of Technology (IIT), Bombay (India)

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2008 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Founder & CEO Department: Responsibilities: He is the founder & CEO of this company and has been working in the cleantech sector in USA for over 13+ years, before the word cleantech was even recognized. His consulting firm offers cleantech specific expertise, advice, and services both in USA and in India to investors and companies. Clients include PE firms, VC firms, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Years: 2001 to 2008 Employer: Ceramatec Title: Principal Investigator Department: Responsibilities: As Principal Investigator, he was responsible for new idea incubation, technology innovation, IP management, and new business development. He developed and/or contributed to the expert base within the company in the areas of nanomaterials, ceramics, fuel cells, lithium batteries, waste management technologies, energy storage, biodiesel catalyst, etc.

For the Lithium-battery program at Ceramatec, he has 3 invention disclosures in Li-batteries (as lead internal consultant and/or senior engineer for Li-battery program where he contributed towards battery design, material processing, material yields, and manufacturing yields) – his efforts increased battery performance by a factor of 2 and increased yields by 50%.

He was also the program manager / principal investigator for Nano-Materials and Innovation within the New Business Development Group. He was also the Principal Investigator of a US Dept of Energy funded Fuel Cell project.
Years: 1995 to 2001 Employer: Title: Senior Engieer Department: Responsibilities: As senior engineer, he was responsible for next generation energy storage ceramic capacitors, and develop ceramic tape production and ceramic component fabrication line.

He supervised the next generation ceramic storage (capacitor) production line; established processes, QC & optimization. He initiated 30% yield improvements leading to over $100,000 cost savings per year. He was also responsible for 3x scale up of existing processes with emphasis on statistical process controls, and involved with technology transfer from Japan to USA.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2008 to Present Country / Region: India Summary: He helped PE firm with over US $500MM of assets under management with their India entry strategy. Also assisted US-based VC firms with their investments in India.

Career Accomplishments

Awards / Recognition
(1) Utah State Annual Stoel Rives Innovation Award
(2) SBIR award from US DOD & US DOE
Publications and Patents Summary
Over a dozen US patents in several cleantech areas and 3 internal invention disclosures in Lithium batteries. Six publications in peer reviewed journals & conferences.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Solar PV
Marketing Experience
Have been consulting in these sector - Cleantech, Fuel Cells, Lithium Batteries, Solar PV. Hence he has a good understanding of the issues and trends.

Language Skills

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