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Expert in Environmental Exposure Assessment and Risk Assessment; Soil, Water, and Air Chemical Fate and Transport

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Expert has over 25 years’ experience conducting environmental investigations and risk assessments for evaluating impacts to human health, property, and ecological receptors. His expertise focuses on the fate and transport of environmental contaminants, human health risk, exposure assessment, and ecological restoration. Expert has evaluated and modeled emissions from oil spills, landfills, boilers and incinerators, process stacks, storage tanks, confined animal feeding operations, industrial, military and agricultural sources, unconventional oil drilling operations, and locomotive and construction engines. His project experience ranges from monitoring and modeling of pollution sources to evaluating impacts of pollution on workers at industrial facilities and residents in surrounding communities. Expert has also successfully modeled exposure to contaminants distributed by water systems and via vapor intrusion.

Expert has investigated and designed remediation programs and risk assessments for contaminated sites containing lead, heavy metals, mold, bacteria, particulate matter, petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, radioactive waste, dioxins and furans, semi- and volatile organic compounds, PCBs, PAHs, creosote, perchlorate, asbestos, per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFOA/PFOS), unusual polymers, fuel oxygenates (MTBE), among other pollutants. Expert also has experience evaluating greenhouse gas emissions from various projects and is an expert on the assessment of odors from industrial, locomotive and agricultural sites, as well as the evaluation of odor nuisance impacts and technologies for abatement of odorous emissions. As a principal scientist, Expert directs air dispersion modeling and exposure assessments. He has served as an expert witness and testified about pollution sources causing nuisance and/or personal injury at sites and has testified as an expert witness on numerous cases involving exposure to soil, water and air contaminants from industrial, railroad, agricultural, and military sources.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Los Angeles, California - Long Beach, California - Santa Ana, California - Anaheim, California - Riverside, California - Bakersfield, California - Glendale, California - Huntington Beach, California - San Bernardino, California - Oxnard, California

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1999 Degree: PhD Subject: Soil Chemistry Institution: University of Washington
Year: 1995 Degree: MS Subject: Environmental Science Institution: UC Berkeley
Year: 1991 Degree: BA Subject: Environmental Science Institution: UC Santa Barbara

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2003 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Founding and Managing Partner Department: Environmental Responsibilities: Environmental chemist with over 25 years' experience conducting remedial investigations, risk assessment, and cleanup programs for sites impacted by pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, furans, volatile organics, chlorinated solvents, perchlorate, petroleum hydrocarbons, fuel oxygenates, heavy metals, and asbestos.
Years: 2007 to 2011 Employer: UCLA Title: Lecturer Department: School of Publich Health Responsibilities: Served as a Lecturer with a School of Public Health where he teaches courses to medical doctors regarding risk of exposure to environmental contaminants. Publishes and presents frequently at nationally-recognized conferences.
Years: 2001 to 2003 Employer: Komex H2O Science Title: Senior Remediation Scientist Department: Remediation Responsibilities: Served as a project manager for remedial investigations. Primarily worked on client development and procurement of projects for the firm.

Career Accomplishments

Awards / Recognition
California Integrated Waste Management Board. $41,000 grant awarded to UCLA Institute of the Environment. Goal: To investigate effect of high carbon wood ash on volatile organic emissions from compost. Synagro Technologies, Corona California: $10,000 grant awarded to San Diego State University. Goal: investigate effect of biosolids for restoration and remediation of degraded coastal sage soils. King County, Department of Research and Technology, Washington State. $100,000 grant awarded to University of Washington: Goal: To investigate odor emissions from biosolids application and the effect of polymers and ash on VOC emissions. Northwest Biosolids Management Association, Washington State. $20,000 grant awarded to investigate effect of polymers and ash on VOC emissions from biosolids. James River Corporation, Oregon: $10,000 grant was awarded to investigate the success of genetically engineered Poplar trees with resistance to round-up. United State Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest: $15,000 grant was awarded to investigating fire ecology of the Tahoe National Forest. Kellogg Foundation, Washington D.C. $500 grant was awarded to construct a large anaerobic digester on St. Kitts in West Indies.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has 38 publications, including two recent books relating to pollution prevention and cleaner production relating to Agrochemical Industries and Wood and Paper Industries. He also has several presentations.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He has been involved in numerous U.S. state and federal court cases. Some of which involve groundwater modeling, consolidated groundwater data, landfill fire, evaluating the montmorillonite clay deposit, hydrocarbon exposure, multimillion gallon oil spill, contaminated oil field, nuisance case, air emissions among numerous others.

Most Recent Litigation Support: Serving as expert in catalyst release and refinery emissions cases. One case settled regarding worker exposure, but ongoing litigation remains involving ~21,500 plaintiffs who have health claims and are seeking remediation from chemicals released from BP facility.

Serving as expert investigating hydrocarbon exposure and property damage for ~600 individuals and ~280 properties in CA, where homes were constructed above a large tank farm formerly owned by Shell. Most Recent Risk Assessment and Modeling: Prepared air dispersion model for a proposed state-of-the-art enclosed compost facility. Developed odor detection limits to predict 1, 8, and 24-hour off-site concentrations of sulfur, ammonia, and amine as well as prepared a traffic analysis.
Marketing Experience
Over 19 years experience conducting environmental exposure and risk assessments for a contaminated sites. Expert's focus is on the fate and transport of environmental contaminants, risk assessment, and ecological restoration. His project experience involves the monitoring and modeling of pollution sources as they relate to human and ecological health. He has investigated and designed remediation programs and risk assessments for a wide range of contaminated sites.
Other Relevant Experience
Founding And Managing Partner, School of Public Health; Lecturer (Asst Res), School of Public Health; 2003 to 2006; Adjunct Professor, Environmental Science and Engineering Program; Doctoral Intern Coordinator, Institute of the Environment; Research Associate, Komex H2O Science; Senior Remediation Scientist, National Groundwater Association; Lecturer, San Diego State University; Adjunct Professor, Anteon Corp., San Diego; Remediation Project Manager, Ogden (now Amec), San Diego; Remediation Project Manager, Bechtel, San Diego, California; Risk Assessor, King County, Seattle; Scientist, James River Corp., Washington; Scientist, Big Creek Lumber, Davenport, California; Scientist, Plumas Corp., California and USFS, Tahoe; Scientist

Fields of Expertise

air-quality assessment, ecological risk assessment, ecosystem assessment, environment, environment-related assessment, environmental air quality, environmental analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, environmental cleanup, environmental exposure assessment, environmental health, environmental monitoring, environmental organic chemistry, environmental remediation, environmental science, health safety, toxic gas monitoring, air modeling, air-quality modeling, atmospheric-chemistry modeling, environmental design, damage model, environmental standard, environment program, environmental statistics, environmental data quality assurance, environmental condition, environmental fate, environmental compliance, California Environmental Protection Agency, environmental due diligence investigation, environmental benchmarking, environmental waste, environmental safety, volatile pollutant mass transfer modeling, environmental monitoring software, environmental sample, environmental sampling, environmental data, sedimentary environment interpretation, environmental capillary gas chromatography application, environmental restoration, environmental radioactivity, environmental regulation, environmental technology, environmental management, environmental monitor, environmental geology, environmental site auditing, ecological environment protection, environmental protection, groundwater flow modeling, water-quality assessment, water-quality modeling, water pollution assessment, waste assessment, environment simulation, environmental testing, habitat, ecological environment, beach environmental impact, environmental impact assessment, environmental impact, hazardous material, environmental effect, workplace environment engineering, watershed evaluation, habitat evaluation, groundwater modeling, environmental modeling, environmental engineering

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