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Expert in Firearms Functioning, Design, Manufacturing; History & Identification, Gunsmithing, Ballistics, Ammunition, Airguns

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Expert Witness - Firearms, 30 years experience:
Testified in State and Federal Courts, patent, liability and criminal cases.
Books have been cited as "Best Evidence"
Qualified in firearms functioning, firearms technology, firearms history, firearms identification and ballistics (interior, exterior, terminal and reconstructive)

Firearms Identification
Written over a dozen books published by Random House and Crown, developed a database on firearms makers, subcontractors, markings on firearms, and small arms from around the world. This has been used for books, and H.P. White Labs and the FAA. Worked on FAA's firearms metallurgical analysis project.

Firearms Technology
Technical Advisor, Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners
"Principal Investigator" for US Navy Polymer Case Ammunition Project (2 issued US Patents)
"Principal Investigator" for US Army Ceramic Gun Barrel Project (Pending US Patents)
Technical Director of Vintage Industries, Inc., a research, development, toolmaking and production company that specialized in products for the Defense and Armaments industries,
First licensed by the U.S. Treasury Dept. while an engineering student at the U of FL in 1970, and I am a designer, dealer, manufacturer consultant and writer since then. In 1974 entered the collectible arms trade, in 1976 registered as arms exporter with the U.S. State Dept., in 1978 started making polymer arms components and tooling. Invented armaments, detection systems, and tooling systems. Made OEM and replacement gun parts, grips for over1000 guns, and was OEM maker of grips, stocks, components, and did engineering and design. I was a supplier for S&W, Colt, Marlin, Savage, Kimber, and many others. Also did tours of my plant to show FDLE Firearms Examiners how parts are made.
Invented the polymer gun, and the patents encompass action design, recoil control, gas flow, feed mechanism design, materials utilization, barrel design, ergonomics as well as manufacturing automation techniques. Four U.S. patents on polymer guns.
As the inventor of plastic cased ammo, I am familiar with materials engineering and interior ballistics.
Invented ceramic machinegun barrels. Materials include ceramics, self-reinforced thermoplastics, thermoset resins, and advanced composites. These patent pending barrels have a new type of rifling, and I worked with FDLE/Orlando Firearms Section to evaluate the unique engraving on the bullets, and establish identification characteristics. This was presented to AFTE.

Other related experience:
Advocate for improving weapons detection systems since 1982; invited to testify to the US Congress twice, and other governmental bodies, civic groups, and debated this on live national television. Worked with Sen. McClure to define detection standards, which led to a law incorporating my ideas : "Terrorist Firearms Detection Act of 1988."Lecturer on advanced gun systems, and the future of armament technology. I've appeared on national TV and radio, as well as CBC and BBS.
Presented technical papers: ~Firearms Identification Systems~ at the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiner (AFTE), ~Thermoplastic Elastomers in Firearms Manufacturing~ at Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), ~Polymer Weapons Detection~ at the International Counter Terrorism conferences, and others.
Instructor in law enforcement gunsmithing and ballistics at Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Fla. 1970-1, and at Seminole Community College, Sanford, Fla. 1974
Police armorer and range officer, Casselberry, Fla. Police Dept. 1973-1976
Certified instructor: rifle, pistol, shotgun marksmanship; police combat firearms; FL. licensed firearms instructor

Byron first learned to program while he was a student at the Univ. of Florida. He was trained at that time in Fortran, and wrote engineering programs on card decks. Since then he has learned modern programming languages, and has written successful commercial programs since the mid-1980's.

He was an Editor of R.Fringe Publishers, Inc., a software publisher, and was a member of ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals), the Chairman of the ASP Speaker's Bureau, and a software reviewer for that organization.

Expert Byron was also well known to computer industry professionals as the co-host of the DataZone, a weekly radio show about the computer industry that was heard nationwide on the Sun Radio Network. He currently is the East Coast Editor of, a radio news gathering organization specializing on the computer industry.

He has performed programming and led teams of programmers to create boxed retail commercial software for software publishers. Application OS includes Windows, Pocket PC, Palm, Linux, as well as custom programming for dedicated devices. He created and maintained e-commerce sites, and coordinated Ebay and Amazon sites for mail-order companies. He currently volunteers his time to work with the DMOZ Project, OpenUsability Project, and Project.

He is the inventor of the NCT process for making precision plastic injection molds. The process is so accurate that it can duplicate the microscopic pits that form the data on CD and DVD disks. NCT can make a 3D mirror image, and produce molds quickly and inexpensively. His experience in the plastics industry also has given him a background in manufacturing of software, computer hardware and packaging.

Byron was the Director of Publishing Administration for Cosmi Corporation, a major publisher of budget software, and was also in charge of government sales for them. Part of his duties involved working with mass-market retailers, from sales and support to custom manufacturing. In his tenure Byron performed programming, proposed and carried through new projects, and, using virtual space, coordinated multinational programming teams with members located as far away as India and Russia.

Byron now serves as the Chairman and CTO of Science South, Inc., a research and development company located on the campus of the University of Central Florida. Under Byron’s technical leadership, Science South has commercialized a range of products ranging from those manufactured using his Rapid Moldmaking Technology, to food products manufactured with Science South’s proprietary sweetener, Zugr™, and software.

Byron created the concept of a new office productivity software, MultiMedia Office, using an Open Source business model, and started the project, led the development team, conducted negotiations for product distribution, recruited team members, and brought the product to market. Science South, Inc. has spun off this project and created a new company, Plata Software, Inc. to market it.

Created a start-up plastics manufacturing company that evolved into a leading regional injection molding, engineering and moldmaking company. Manufacturing technologies included: design engineering, toolmaking, injection molding, thermoset molding, thermoset composite forming, thermoplastic composite fabrication, assembly and packaging. Invented and led the development of novel patent-pending moldmaking technologies. Widely known in the jewelry and dental manufacturing community as a provider of polypropylene “waxes” for lost wax (investment) casting. Added a "paperless" engineering and toolmaking protocol that integrated 3DCAD/CAE/CAM with Quality Assurance and Marketing. Negotiated and consummated the sale of the company to a public company.

Independent Jewelry Dealer and Appraiser
Performed several thousand gem identifications and jewelry appraisals in Central Florida for both retail clients and business customers (Graduate, Gemological Institute of America).
Retail dealer of fine gems and precious metal jewelry, specializing in diamonds. My largest single retail sale was $350,000.00. As a dealer, I believe in turnover, and in creating non-standard markets for rare jewelry, such as donations, charity auctions, high value trades, and similar “out of the store” sales.
Wholesale dealer of semi-precious gems to the trade with contacts in the world's major gem centers.
I work with jewelry designers and manufacturers to create new styles for the retail mass market. In this capacity, I use my manufacturing experience to revise designs and materials for manufactureability, and cost control.
One of my issued patents is for diamond manufacturing.

Expert Byron was the Technical Director of Vintage Industries, Inc., a plastics research, development, toolmaking and production molding company that specialized in products for the Defense and Armaments industries, and was responsible for the direction of all R&D performed by the company, as well as responsibility for manufacturing technology, and new product development. His background also includes the civilian firearms field. He was first licensed by the U.S. Treasury Dept. while still an engineering student at the Univ. of Fla. in 1970, and has been active in the armaments business as a designer, dealer, manufacturer and writer since that time. In 1974 he entered the retail collectible arms trade, in 1976 became a registered arms exporter with the U.S. State Dept., and in 1978 started manufacturing polymer arms components and plastic's tooling. He has invented armaments, detection systems, computer peripherals, and has devised proprietary methods of manufacturing molds and tooling systems for the plastics industry. He is well known in the firearms industry as a manufacturer of both OEM and replacement firearm parts. Byron and Vintage were best known to consumers as the manufacturer of grips for about 1000 different firearms, and to firearms manufacturers as OEM suppliers of grips, gunstocks, firearm components, and for firearms engineering and design.

Precision embedded devices in both solid and flexible media were a specialty, and were designed and made for OEM clients. This type of production included firearm grips and stocks with add-in as well as integral mechanical or electrical components. For the U.S. military we produced precision optic/laser sight mounts with tolerances of .00025” in 40% carbon filled high temperature resin.

Byron’s novel utilizations of technology developed for rapid prototyping and rapid moldmaking have led to the development of precision in-situ reverse engineering by which objects can be modeled and analyzed non-destructively in their functional environment. Applications include examining prosthetic implants for wear or damage, or measuring projectile fragments, without having to remove the objects from the body. The scanned 3D image of the object can produce 3D stereolithography models as accurate as .001”, and computer virtual solid models may achieve even greater accuracy.

Expert Byron is also the inventor of the polymer gun system, a project researched and patented by Byron. The Polymer Gun represents a completely new technology for the armaments industry, and the patents encompass action design, recoil control, gas flow, feed mechanism design, materials utilization, barrel design, ergonomics as well as manufacturing automation techniques. Byron holds four U.S. patents on polymer firearms.

He is also the inventor of high pressure polymer cased ammunition, and served as the principal investigator for the U.S. Department of Defense project to develop this ammunition for military use. Byron has two issued U.S. patents for this ammunition.

He is the inventor of the NCT process for making precision plastic injection molds. The process is so accurate that it can duplicate the microscopic pits that form the data on CD and DVD disks. NCT can make a 3D mirror image, and produce molds quickly and inexpensively. His experience in the plastics industry also has given him a background in manufacturing of software, computer hardware and packaging.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Jacksonville, Florida - Tampa, Florida - Saint Petersburg, Florida - Orlando, Florida - Clearwater, Florida - Gainesville, Florida - Palm Bay, Florida - Lakeland, Florida - Melbourne, Florida - Deltona, Florida

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1971 Degree: None Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: University of Florida

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aeroballistics, aerodynamic drag, ammunition, ballistic pendulum, ballistic projectile, ballistic trajectory, ballistics, body armor, borescope, bullet-proof clothing, criminal firearm, exterior ballistics, firearm, firearm construction, forensics, grip, gun, gun action, gun propellant, gunsight, handgun, interior ballistics, ordnance science, penetration mechanics, police weapon, projectile, recoil testing, ricochet, rifle, seating (distance), shotgun, terminal ballistics, trajectory, velocity measurement, weapon, weaponry gun, weapons system, computer software, diamond, diamond single crystal, gem synthesis, single crystal growth, moldmaking, plastic injection molding computer modeling, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, solid modeling, SolidWorks, AutoCAD DWG output, composite material science, advanced pc system, CAD file, personal computer-based computer-aided engineering, computer-aided engineering software, computer-aided manufacturing design, jewelry, spinel, technical illustration software, ceramic component manufacturing, synthetic gem, natural gem, synthetic crystal, semiprecious, turquoise, drafting software, finite element analysis software, gemology, gemstone colorimetry, mechanical design automation, topaz, computer file, ceramic material manufacturing, carat, design-for-quality, finite element modeling, computer-aided optimum design, CCD camera, munitions demilitarization, die (device), color measurement, color difference measurement, assembly machine design, application software, polymer science, human factors, graphics primitive, gem, computer graphics science, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, computer-aided geometric design, spline representations, armor, ordnance system, knife, graphic arts, design engineering, amethyst, computer system, crystallography, ruby, garnet, sapphire, metrology, geometric modeling, finite element analysis, computer integrated manufacturing, computer-aided design and drafting, manufacturing automation, AutoCAD

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