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FOUNDRY & CASTING TECHNOLOGY: Expert (Foundry Project Consultant & Metal Casting Consultant) has worked with various molding, casting processes: expertise in process, materials sourcing; product costing; pattern, die design, conversion of weldment to casting, electroslag refining, continuous & direct chill casting, recycling, equipment, value engineering, HIPing. Expert has proven hands-on expertise in gating and riser design (methoding): computer simulation as well. Has applied chilling, directional solidification, riser insulation techniques to eliminate shrinkage porosity. Has exceptional knowledge in casting defects: shrinkage, gas porosity, gas hole, blow hole, inclusion, hot tear, segregation, their origin, identification and trouble shooting; interpretation of x-ray radiography.

INVESTMENT CASTING (LOST WAX CASTING): Expert has excellent industrial working experience (USA) in wax injection, slurry system, shell, plaster, ceramic, solid mold making, ceramic core, ferrous, non-ferrous and aerospace superalloys. Has applied low-pressure, over-pressure, vacuum pouring techniques to eliminate casting defects. Has consulted for yield improvement, casting defect analysis. Innovated panel gating technique to improve yield and reduce labor time Developed process technology for the manufacture of single crystal, jet engine turbine blade.

SQUEEZE CASTING: Expert has developed Squeeze Casting Technology to manufacture several components in Al and Cu alloys including automotive control arm; innovated horizontal parting, die design & zero-defect process technique.
PERMANENT MOLD/GRAVITY DIE CASTING: Expert has provided consultation to develop porosity-free, x-ray quality (i) Al Air Compressor Castings (ii) 33-kg x-ray scanner housing. Consulted cast to tooling (die).

LOW PRESSURE DIE CASTING: Expert has implemented Low Pressure Casting Technology for the manufacture of investment castings; innovated in the application of vacuum to fill thin section.

SAND CASTING: Expert has provided consultation to develop gating and riser design for a compressor component in Al alloy. Has evaluated melting, molding aspects of sand foundry and made recommendation for improvement.

SHELL MOLDING: Expert has experience in various resin bonded mold and core making.

METAL MATRIX COMPOSITES (MMC) CASTING: Expert has been an innovator/pioneer in melting, casting technology to manufacture prototype castings in SiC-reinforced DURALCAN & Al2O3-reinforced Comalco (Australia) Al matrix composites. Has developed investment castings in DURALCAN Metal Matrix Composites as a replacement for Ti.

MOLTEN METAL PROCESSING: Expert has experience in arc, resistance, reverberatory, induction, melting of Cast Irons, Stainless & Tool Steels, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper; vacuum melting & casting of Nickel, Cobalt, Titanium, Precious alloys. Has expertise in degassing, grain-refining, modification, deoxidation, inoculation, double-slag refining. Expert has designed Rotary Degassing Unit for degassing of molten Al and Cu alloys; Reduced Pressure Testing Unit for evaluation of dissolved H2 in molten Al and O2 in Cu. Has developed flux injection system for Cu melt processing.

METALLURGY & HEAT TREATMENT: Has excellent knowledge of metallurgy, alloy selection, weldability, Scanning Electron Microscope. Has experience in precipitation hardening of Al & Ni alloys, superalloy, maraging & stainless steels; hardening of alloy, die and tool steels.

RAPID PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY: Expert has been an innovator/pioneer in the application of RPT (1989-1993) to manufacture F12”x18” satellite launch vehicle component with Stereo-Lithography (SLA) pattern via investment casting.


He has developed Squeeze Casting Technology to manufacture several components in Al and Cu alloys including automotive control arm and innovated a proprietary die design for horizontal process He has designed, fabricated and implemented Mobile Rotary Degassing Unit attendant with Porosity Testing Unit to improve quality and to reduce cost & pollution in sand, permanent mold, plaster mold investment casting environmentsHe has developed porosity-free, x-ray quality Aluminum Air Compressor Castings, Housing and Plaster Mold Al DiesHe has established Gravity Die (Permanent Mold) Casting process along with casting fixture for a large (33 kg) x-ray scanner housingHe has re-designed gating and riser for sand, permanent & semi-permanent mold, investment castings using both hands-on and simulation techniques in order to eliminate defects and improve yield.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1979 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Foundry Engineering Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Year: 1973 Degree: M.E. Subject: Metallurgical Engineering Institution: Indian Institute of Science
Year: 1971 Degree: B.E. Subject: Metallurgical Engineering Institution: University of Madras

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1994 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Foundry Project Consultant Department: Responsibilities: He is responsible for consultancy services. He has developed Squeeze Casting Technology to manufacture several components in Al and Cu alloys including automotive control arm and proprietary die design for horizontal process. He has designed gating and riser for Gravity Die (Permanent Mold) Casting of aluminum alloys and investment casting of steel including computer simulation. He has implemented degassing, modification and grain refining of aluminum alloys. He has solved problems related to gas porosity and shrinkage encounted in Sand and Gravity Die Casting of air compressor components. He has designed Mobile Rotary Degassing Unit for degassing of molten aluminum and Reduced Pressure Testing Unit for evaluation of hydrogen content in the molten aluminum. He has offered technical consultation in solid & shell mold investment castings. He has developed Permanent Mold Casting process for a large(33 kg), x-ray scanner component. He has carried out Value Engineering Analysis.
Years: 1989 to 1993 Employer: Amcast Precision Products Title: Chief Process Engineer Department: Responsibilities: He was responsible for: Development of new projects, process engineering, cost & scrap reduction, marketing support, contract proposal. Managed projects related to first article, cost reduction, quality improvement, process development in aluminium and steel investment casting of aerospace and commercial components in a foundry environment. Achieved 20-50% reduction in manufacturing cost, reduced scrap level and improved yield by 50% by using Value Engineering Analysis. Participated activities related to Design for Manufacturing with aerospace companies. Provided marketing support in technical areas and developed new contracts. Published and presented papers

Developed new gating and risering system. Innovated Panel Gating System for the investment casting process to increase the yield and to reduce manufacturing cost in terms of materials and labor Demonstrated and applied over-pressure technique for the reduction gas porosity and shrinkage. Established material and process for an aerospace component (General Dynamics) to convert it from welded part to investment casting in order to reduce cost. Worked on conversion of Sand Casting to Investment Casting Process for an Aircraft Cylinder Block (Superior Air) to improve quality and strength with a marginal increase in cost.

Implemented Low Pressure Casting Technology to manufacture x-ray quality aluminium castings. Innovated in the application of low pressure casting method coupled with directional solidification technique for the manufacture of aircraft impeller (Garrett Air Research) which has fine blades with a large hub in Al alloy (C355) as alternative method to machining.

Established melting, casting and gating design procedures to manufacture prototype castings in SiC-reinforced DURACLAN & Al2O3-reinforced Comalco ( Australia) metal matrix composites. Developed casting process for Optical Housing Component (Martin Marietta) and Bearing Mount (Ball Aerospace) in Duralcan Metal Matrix Composites as a replacement for Ti alloys.

Innovated in the application of Rapid Prototyping Technology (RPT) and utilized in making several prototypes including F12”x18” satellite launch vehicle component (General Dynamics) using Stereo-Lithography (SLA) patterns in the investment casting process.
Years: 1982 to 1986 Employer: Lehigh University Title: Research Scientist Department: Responsibilities: He was responsible for: research and development in materials processing. Worked on research projects related to solidification of iron alloys. Designed and fabricated a laboratory-scale crystal growth apparatus. Gained experience in materials characterization using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), electron microprobe and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), elemental analysis using energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS), heat transfer models, statistical data analysis, and computer modelling and simulation.

Developed a patentable process for anisotropic, deep trench etching of single crystal silicon wafer using plasma etching technique for device isolation in microelectronics fabrication [Patent No. (i) EP0246514 (ii) BR8702442 (iii) JP63033586] Gained experience in microelectronics fabrication such as photolithography, ion implantation, oxidation, plasma etching, physical and chemical vapour deposition. Attended conferences and published papers.
Years: 1980 to 1981 Employer: Arwood Corporation Title: Process Engineer Department: Responsibilities: He was responsible for: process engineering and first article development, process development, defect analysis. Worked in investment casting of aluminium, copper, and magnesium alloys used in aerospace applications. . Gained hands-on experience in gating and riser design, X-ray radiographic inspection of casting defects, heat-treatment, welding, mechanical testing, shell production, wax injection, straightening, tooling, dimensional layout, tooling rework and MIL SPEC. Gained expertise in induction and resistance melting, and gravity, low pressure and vacuum casting techniques. Solved problems related to gas porosity, shrinkage and segregation. Developed Low Pressure Casting Technology (LPCT) for the manufacture of large castings and innovated in its application to a speed brake component (General Dynamics) and a pump component (General Electric) in RR350 Al alloy. Developed special heat treatment technique for fine-grained A201 Al Alloy castings.
Years: 1979 to 1980 Employer: General Electric Company Title: Senior Methods Engineer Department: Responsibilities: He was responsible for: process engineering, methoding, quality improvement, defect analysis, process development. Gained hands-on experience in vacuum investment casting of nickel and cobalt base superalloys used in turbine blades and vanes applications including directional solidification of single crystal turbine blades. Received practical training in gating and riser design, vacuum melting and pouring, heat treatment, vacuum brazing, radiographic inspection of casting defects. Investigated problems related to inclusions, grain size and shrinkage, and implemented process improvements. Gained expertise in identification of inclusions in casting using Scanning Electron Microscopy. Developed process technology for the manufacture of single crystal, jet engine turbine blades.
Years: 1973 to 1974 Employer: Textool Company Title: Metallurgical Engineer Department: Responsibilities: He was responsible for: process engineering, materials development and methoding. Gained hands-on experience in sand casting and arc melting of ductile and gray irons, steels and stainless steels, gating and risering, sand moulding and testing, and trouble shooting. Directed a casting project under which designed and fabricated an electroslag refining unit for the manufacture of sulphur-free high speed tool steels. Implemented commercial production.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
He has designed training courses in the areas of Rapid Prototyping Technology, Sand and permanent Mold Casting for technical personnel in India.
Vendor Selection
He has experienced in sourcing vendors in die making, suppliers of rapid prototyping machines, fabricators of melting furnaces, suppliers of various materials such as alloy ingots, graphite, wax, castable powders, etc., instruments, microscopes.
Marketing Experience
He has in-depth knowledge in various aspects related to foundry industry including, but not limited to: sourcing of castings, selection of machines, appropriate technologies for materials and labor savings, technical auditing, plant layout & design, casting alloy selection, value engineering analysis.
Other Relevant Experience
He provides special services and supplies equipments other than consultancy in the following:

(A) Sourcing of castings and dies from India;

(B) Supply of (i) Rapid Prototype Metal & Plastic components using PolyJet Inkprinter (Israel), (ii) Mobile Rotary Degassing Unit & Reduced Pressure Testing Unit for Al melt processing, (iii) Flux Injection Machine and Gas Analyser for Cu melt processing, (iv) Squeeze Casting Machine, (v) Dies for Squeeze, Low Pressure and Permanent Mold casting, (vi) Casting Fixtures for Permanent Mold, (vii) Melting Furnaces for Al and Cu,

(C) Foundry Design & Projects in sand, permanent, low pressure, squeeze, investment castings.

He has special skills in the following:

(A) Design of Machines for: (i) Vacuum Casting, (ii) Low Pressure Permanent Mold Casting (iii) Continuous Casting of Cu Alloy, (iv) Electroslag Refining (v) Direct Chill Casting

(B) Alloy Substitution, Conversion of welding, machining to casting.

(C) Design of Gating & Riser using hands-on as well as simulation methods. Unprecedented expertise and designed gating for more than 5000 parts in lifetime.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Tamil His native language

Fields of Expertise

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