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This summary covers all the primary expertise areas that ExpertJumaa has identified. They reflect his business, professional activities and personal development interests within the United Kingdom's (UK’s) National Health Service (NHS), the Catholic National Health Services (CNHS) in Nigeria (Profit and Non- profit) and the UK’s University and Professional environment, nationally and internationally.

Applied expertise include K&ST – Knowledge & Skills Transfer via Work Based Learning Methodology; Chartered Manager (CMgr) Skills and Assessor Capability in Leading People and Managing Change; Making Stress Work for You through Leadership and Management Development and the Uses and Application of the Processes of Strategy Management in ALL the above.

Proven Expertise in Curriculum Development and Management: Expertise in Strategy Development Directions involving these four market pathways:

1. Protecting/Building Existing Services: Led the development and the delivery of innovative Personal and Professional Development Programmes, increasing revenue at the former North London College of Healthcare Studies (at the time the third largest in England). Presiding over an overall budget of ¾ million pounds in Health Care Studies College in the UK (1992).

2. Product Development – at Claybury Hospital, Essex, England (1984); Coulsdon, Surrey, England (1990); St Francis Hospitals England (1988 – 1992); New Capabilities; Beyond Current Expectations.

3. Market Development – New segments; new territories; new uses; New Capabilities and Current Expectations; St Francis Hospitals England (1988 – 1992); Middlesex University, London, England – initiated, founded, and received accreditation from the UK’s Chartered Management Institute ( or and implemented programs for the Centre for Management and Leadership Development (1995 – 2004); the Catholic National Health Services (CNHS) in Nigeria (2003 – 2007); L4T – Leadership For Today UK, received accreditation from the UK’s Chartered Management Institute for and implemented programs for the Centre for Management and Leadership Development (2004 - 2012); Quality Assurance Projects through External Examiner Roles and Responsibilities at British Universities (2002 – to date).

4. Diversification - New uses; New Capabilities; Beyond Current Expectations, Middlesex University, London, England – initiated and developed a new MSc Clinical Leadership program – 1st in Europe (1999); A L4T – Leadership For Today UK, provided Executive Business Coaching on the Catholic National Health Services (CNHS) in Nigeria (2003 – 2007).

ExpertJumaa implemented innovative learning programs that supported and developed health care professionals who attended his workshops and development sessions at Middlesex University and in Africa. Expert has led teams that are creative, dynamic, and collaborative groups that were responsible for a variety of integrated learning: for example:
1) The learning programs at Middlesex University;
2) Leadership development and talent management in Africa;
3) Using work based learning to make impact within organisation and
4) Preparing CMgr to lead people and manage change within turbulent organisations.

ExpertJumaa is currently inventing new approaches for delivering scalable programs within innovative organizations – the S.T.E.P. leadership education process ( Expert 2010, 2001, 1997) for the 21st Century. ExpertJumaa has a wide experience of selecting the appropriate blend of learning modalities and has maximized the application of over-arching skills of Leading People and Managing Change.
[S.T.E.P. - Stakeholder focused; Technology based; Experiential, Personal and professional leadership education]

June 2010 – August 2010 Middlesex University Business School (MUBS), London, England.
ExpertJumaa is about to complete this short term consulting experience at the Middlesex University Business School, London, England where he was one of the two (2) subject experts and external assessors for the validation of MUBS’s DProf and DBA Programs [DProf – Doctor of Professional Practice; DBA – Doctor of Business Administration]. Expert’s invitation and roles at this and similar consulting experience celebrate his recognition by other experts in Expert’s area of expertise. His recognition is not a surprise as his Doctorate in Professional Studies (DProf) represents a pinnacle of excellence for quality assurance in professional practice. He was among the first candidates enrolling on the Middlesex University’s ground-breaking DProf in 1998. One of the main attractions of this programme was its focus on high-level thinking and actions designed to make a significant contribution to ongoing professional practice with emphasis on creating professional development and change. In ExpertJumaa’s case he developed the CLINLAP/LEADLAP Model, a model that encourages smarter choices for getting work done efficiently and effectively [See Expert and Jasper (Eds) 2005, Section 2]
From 2009 to 2010, at Huntercombe Hospital, a Private Psychiatric Hospital in Putney, London, part of the Four Seasons Healthcare, UK, Expert initiated and led a 3-person team from L4T for this project. He designed, developed and implemented short and long term strategic leadership, management, business and personal development programs for the Private Psychiatric Hospital in South London, England. This project resulted in significant business, professional and personal development for senior clinicians including: Medical Director; Consultant Psychiatrists; Consultant Psychologists; Senior Nurse Clinicians, Lead Occupational Therapists, and Senior Social Worker.Between 2003 – 2007, commissioned by the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, ExpertJumaa initiated, designed and implemented, with the local team, all over Nigeria, a challenging project of short and long term strategic leadership, management, business and personal development programs, within a faith-based organisation – never been done before. The Model developed by ExpertJumaa in 1997 (See the Consulting Experience, below) the CLINLAP – Clinical Leadership Learning and Action Process was used to execute this innovative project. Over 300 managers, leaders, executives, all Catholics, from all over Nigeria took part in this project. 50 registered with the Chartered Management Institute in the UK for its degree-level management and leadership development programme. Two of these candidates won prestigious awards presented in July 2007 at the City University’s Cass Business School in London.

The significant amount of funding necessary to pay for the UK CMI’s registration fees for the candidates (students) on the programme was awarded by MISEREOR.
MISEREOR’s Mandate and Principles “was founded in 1958 as an agency "against hunger and disease in the world". In its capacity as the overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Germany, it offers to cooperate in a spirit of partnership with all people of goodwill to promote development, fight worldwide poverty, liberate people from injustice, exercise solidarity with the poor and the persecuted, and help create "One World" ( )

In appreciation of the sustained success of this ground-breaking programme ExpertJumaa was installed in July 2006 at Enugu, Eastern Nigeria – The Onwa Ona Etili Ora of Igboland – the Moon that shines on other people's; lives. This is the source of ExpertJumaa’s title – Chief -
From 2003 – 2004, at the Middlesex University, Expert was part of the interdisciplinary group that applied for and secured funding for the PEGASUS Project (PEGASUS - Professional Education for Genetic Assessment and Screening). Funding was awarded in 2004 by the NHS Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening Programme acting on behalf of the National Screening Committee to develop education and training for health professionals involved in antenatal and newborn screening. The ‘Learning through Reflective Practice’, the ‘Work Based Exercise’ and the assessment of learning outcome were based on ExpertJumaa’s CLINLAP Model ( Expert 2001) as part of the online educational resources that resulted from this project.

From 1995 – 1997, while at the School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University, London, England, Expert led a consulting project of leadership and management development for one of the largest primary healthcare organisation in the UK – Camden Primary Healthcare. Expert acted as a capacity building and capability development expert and consultant using management and leadership evidence based interventions to develop 44 District Nurse Team Leaders. Additionally, he used his expertise to develop the innovative curriculum for this project. He convinced the project commissioner to use the consulting experience also as an Action Science project. This project led to the development of the Model – CLINLAP – Clinical Leadership Learning and Action Process. Expert also negotiated and converted this innovative achievement to a University award – MA in Work Based Learning – the first of its kind


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2010 Degree: Board Leadership Development Fellowship Subject: Board Leadership and Governance Development Institution: International Leadership Institute, Indianapolis, USA
Year: 2004 Degree: Chartered Manager Award Subject: Leading People and Managing Change Institution: Chartered Management Institute, UK
Year: 2001 Degree: Doctor of Professional Studies (DProf) Subject: Strategic Leadership and Strategic Learning (Health Care and Nursing) Institution: Institute of Work Based Learning, Middlesex University, London, England
Year: 1998 Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA) Subject: Business Administration Institution: Henley Business School & Open University Business School, UK
Year: 1990 Degree: Master of Science (MSc Econ) Subject: Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management Institution: London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), London, England

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2004 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: CMI’s Programme Director, Executive Business Coach and Internal verifier Department: Centre for Business and Social Progress (CBSP)
Chief Expert acts as a capacity building and capability development expert using management and leadership evidence based interventions. He is responsible for the strategic and operational management and leadership of the CMI Accredited Centre for Leadership and Management Development at L4T. This Centre is accredited by the CMI since 2004 to 2012 for the delivery and quality assurance processes of the CMI programmes from Masters Level (L7) to the basic Level 2 programs. Additionally, ExpertJumaa serves as a Curriculum Development Executive and Curriculum Development Leader and Manager.

The Centre is available to outsource the Centre's learning and development activities. This means that your organisation, working in association with L4T, could have your employees prepared within your institutions or at a place of mutual agreement, to receive the UK's Chartered Management Institute's high quality leadership and management qualifications.

ExpertJumaa is also able to assist your staff to work towards the Gold Standard of professional management in the UK - the Chartered Manager status - CMgr.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant, Facilitator/Assessor Department: Fellowship and Practice Managers Early Adopters Programmes
IHM Fellowship (UK) - The IHM Fellowship is the highest professional award by assessment offered by the Institute and as such assessment for Fellowship needs to be conducted by Fellows who meet the full criteria for assessment of this scheme. Expert meets this criteria which are: Membership and Fellowship of IHM; Up to date CPD records; Appropriate qualifications/experience and Proven ability to assess. ExpertJumaa’s Assessment Roles consists of: a first assessment to ensure that the paperwork and evidence is likely to be sufficient. This is an electronic/paper based exercise. Secondly, participation in a Panel Dialogue assessment consisting of three panel members which through the Chair takes responsibility for the conduct of the assessment, its fairness and its reporting; the Expert role with responsibility for ensuring that the role of the applicant can be understood by the other panel members and therefore requires evidence of equivalent knowledge/ experience of the background of the applicants or the lay role which allows any Fellow who wishes to be involved in the assessment process and who meets the base criteria above.

The Accreditation of Practice Managers Award (AM) - The IHM AM award is for Primary Care Practice Senior Managers seeking accreditation and who must provide a portfolio of evidence which satisfies the criteria for the scheme which will be subject to scrutiny by ExpertJumaa as an appointed IHM National Assessor. Assessors for this scheme, like ExpertJumaa, are senior managers in health or social care or in the private sector.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2009 to 2010 Employer: Four Seasons Healthcare, UK Title: Leadership and Management Development Consultant Department: Huntercoombe Hospital, Putney, London
At a Private Psychiatric Hospital Expert designed, developed and implemented short and long term strategic leadership, management, business and personal development programs for a Private Psychiatric Hospital in South London, England. This project resulted in significant business, professional and personal development for senior clinicians including: Medical Director; Consultant Psychiatrists; Consultant Psychologists; Senior Nurse Clinicians, Lead Occupational Therapists, and Senior Social Worker.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2008 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Trustee and Board Director Department: Board Level Governance and Leadership Activities
ExpertJumaa was invited by BMECP Board – Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership to become a Trustee and Treasurer of the organisation. The BMECP, set up in 2000, works with diverse BME community groups, organisations, individuals and their families in Brighton and Hove in England. In January 2008 Expert accepted the invitation and also the role of the Chair of the Finance, Fundraising and Investment Committee. BMECP is governed by a Board of 18 Trustees representing the diverse communities that it works with. BMECP ( was awarded £400, 000:00 towards the ownership and servicing of the new BMECP Community Training and Resource Centre in Brighton. The purpose of this project is to create a training and resource centre that will be focused primarily but not exclusively on meeting the needs of Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities in the Brighton and Hove area in Sussex BMECP’s vision is to be the Champions of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Community in Brighton & Hove, in Sussex. ExpertJumaa resigned as Treasurer from the BMECP in August 2009. ExpertJumaa contributes to the governance role of the BMECP
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Chief External Examiner Department: the Faculty of Health, Medical Sciences and Social Care,
Since 2007, at the Faculty of Health, Medical Sciences and Social Care, the University of Cumbria, England, ExpertJumaa is currently serving as Chief External Examiner and Consultant on quality assurance processes as well as overseeing consistency, nationally, of the Assessment of these professional programs: the MSc Leadership in Health Care; the MSc Advanced Nursing Practice (Leadership) with European Element; MSc Advanced Healthcare Practice and MSc Nurse Practitioner programmes
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2004 Employer: IMiddlesex University Title: CMI’s Programme Director, Internal verifier and Principal Lecturer, Healthcare and Nursing Managemen Department: School of Health and Social Sciences
Expert acted as a capacity building and capability development expert using management and leadership evidence based interventions. He was responsible for the strategic and operational management and leadership of the CMI Accredited Centre for Leadership and Management Development at Middlesex University, London, England. This Centre is accredited by the CMI since 1995 to 2004 for the delivery and quality assurance processes of the CMI programmes at all levels.

Expert was the founder of this Centre and became its first Director from 1995 to 2004. Additionally, he was a Curriculum Development Executive and Curriculum Development Leader and Manager
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1992 to 1995 Employer: North London College of Health Care Title: Director of Continuing Education and Coordinator, National Vocational Qualifications Department: Dept of Continuing Professional Education
Expert has designed, developed and implemented short and long term strategic leadership, management, business and personal development programs. Initiated, designed, developed, implemented and coordinated National Vocational Qualifications. As the Director of Continuing Professional Education and Coordinator, National Vocational Qualifications, his main clients included giant health care institutions such as: the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London, The Whittington Hospital, London, The Middlesex University Hospital, London, the Camden and Islington Primary Care Institution, London and the Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield, Middlesex. All these institutions are in England.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2007 to 2008 Agency: NCVO - National Council for Voluntary Organisations Role: Appointed as a Consultant and Qualification Developer Description: Expert was an active member of the national steering committee charged with the oversee for the development of the occupational national standards for Development Professionals

Years: 1992 to 1994 Agency: Former Dept of Education and Employment (UK) Role: Invited as a Consultant and Adviser Description: Expert was, on behalf of the black and minority ethnic group involved in the development of new national occupational standards for the sector - Advice, Guidance, Counselling and Psychotherapy. He was at the time the first nationally elected Chair of R. A. C. E. – a former Division of the former BAC – British Association for Counselling [Now British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy]

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1994 to 2010 Country / Region: USA/Holland/UK/Finland/Canada/Nigeria/Ghana/Poland/Spain Summary: International Scholarship Projects and
International Conference Activities. -
ExpertJumaa has been attending and presenting research-based papers to critical communities internationally since 1994 at Washington D.C., USA. His latest conference paper was at the STTI International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya from the 31st of July to 4th Of August, 2010. Overall, all his papers focus on Management Learning and Leadership Development and they are all based on his evidence based research and development activities.

He has perform well in fast paced and cross-cultural environments, including very complex challenging religious international organisations in Africa. His proactive customer-oriented approach – developing new products and services, at International, national and local levels have led to increase market share for participating organisations he has worked for.

In addition to presenting papers, ExpertJumaa has performed efficiently and effectively these other roles at some of these conferences: Chair of sessions; Paper discussant; Manuscript Reviewer; Conference Usher, to name but a few.

In West Africa, for example, ExpertJumaa was in 2003 awarded fellowship of the West African College of Nursing (FWACN) for his nique contribution to Nursing in the specialist areas of management learning and leadership development, based on evidence. He was also appointed an International Editor, West African Journal of Nursing (WAJN). ExpertJumaa’s duty included Media Representation of the WACN and the WAJN at International Professional Conferences/Conventions/Congresses. He attended and contributed to the success of the FIP Congress in Cairo, Egypt in 2005.
Years: 2003 to 2007 Country / Region: Nigeria Summary: The Catholic National Health Service (CNHS), Nigeria, West Africa. -
ExpertJumaa led a team of local trainers and developers to successfully implement an innovative ground-breaking and challenging project developing the Catholic health services, nationally, in Nigeria. Through the Chief Emeka Anyaoku Research and Development Centre for Work Based Learning and Leading (the Anyaoku Centre), which was founded by ExpertJumaa, over 300 participants attended L4T workshops all over Nigeria between May 2003 to July 2006. Expert has committed over one hundred thousand pounds of his company’s and his money to the success of the Catholic health services project in Nigeria (May 2003 – July 2007) with amazing positive results and products

Through this project Expert provided leadership and an oversight for global initiatives He increased sales revenue of over 50% within the project life while He created and implemented new policies and procedures to enhance and increase management learning and leadership productivity.
This project is a good example of strategic leadership, management, business and personal development in action within a turbulent environment.

Developed and implemented short and long term strategic leadership, management, business and personal development programs that resulted in an increase market share for 24 Catholic Health Service Institutions throughout Nigeria, one in the Cameroons and another in Malawi. The activities of two (2) institutions – the CSN – Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria and the Nsukka Diocese won prestigious awards from the CMI – Chartered Management institute’s London and the South-East of England Convention in 2007. From May 2005 to July 2007, 24 managers and leaders have successfully obtained the Degree-level Professional Diploma in Management and Leadership (9 Units), 14 received certificates for 5 Units and two candidates competing with others from London and the South-East of England won prestigious awards from the United Kingdom’s Chartered Management Institute in July 2007.

Years: 2009 to 2010 Country / Region: Antigua; Barbados Summary: International Humanitarian Projects
Activities as a Rotarian
In his role within the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) District 1250’s Lead on Literacy and Lifestyle Education Resource Group, ExpertJumaa is initiating a Literacy and Lifestyle Education Project in the West Indies and in Africa. This project is at the infancy stage. The aim is to widening Youth participation and Lifelong Learning through Leadership and Management Capacity Building and Capability Development for Youths 16 – 25 yr old. ExpertJumaa’s teaching innovations include: extensive studies of evidence based practice in the use of leadership and management development interventions at work ( Expert 2009; Expert 2006; Expert 2005; Expert 2003; Expert 2001; Alleyne and Expert 2007). His work is addressing how best to support leadership and management discovery-based learning through workshops, executive co-coaching, and one-to-one coaching through the production of evidence based workbooks and the creation of P.A.L.S. (Peer Action Learning Sets) to promote student-centred learning and face-to-face teaching for the 21st Century.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
ExpertJumaa belongs to these professional organisations:
Association of MBAs (UK); Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (UK); Chartered Management Institute (UK); West African College of Nursing (Nigeria); the Royal Society for Public Health (UK); the Institute of Healthcare Management (UK); the Institute of Directors (UK); the ASTD - the world's leading association of workplace learning and performance professionals (UK); the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (UK); Rotary International (RI) USA); Rotary International of Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) (UK); Gatwick Diamond Rotary Club (GDRC) (UK); Honor Society of Nursing – STTI (USA); FSB - Federation of Small Businesses (UK).

ExpertJumaa used to belong to this professional organisation:
AoM/IAoM – Association of Management/International Association of Management (USA)
Licenses / Certifications
ExpertJumaa has these Licenses/Certifications
Fellow – FCMI - Chartered Management Institute (UK)
Fellow – FRSPH – Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (UK)
Fellow – FRSA - Fellow of the Royal Society (UK)
Fellow – FIHM - Fellow of the Institute of Healthcare Management (UK)
Fellow – FWACN - West African College of Nursing (West Africa)
Member – MCIPD - Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (UK);
Member – the Institute of Directors (UK)
Member – Association for MBAs (UK)
Member – IANE – International Academy of Nurse Editors (USA)
Professional Appointments
Former Chair, Healthcare Management - AoM/IAoM – Association of Management/International Association of Management (USA)
International Editor – (Commonwealth Countries) – Journal of Nursing Management (UK)
International Editor - West African College of Nursing (West Africa)
Manuscript Reviewer – Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA) (USA)
Manuscript Reviewer – Journal of Nursing Scholarship (USA)
Governor – Londonmead Primary School, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.
Governor – Downlands Community Secondary School, Hassocks, West Sussex.
Trustee and Director – Mind in Brighton and Hove (UK)
Trustee and Director – BMECP – Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership
President-Elect, Gatwick Diamond Rotary Club (GDRC) (UK)
Founding Chair, International and Foundation Committee, Gatwick Diamond Rotary Club (GDRC) (UK)

External Examiner for: Liverpool John Moore University for: MSc Healthcare Management and the BSc (Hons) Clinical Management, plus CPD programmes at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in Leadership in NHS Direct; Clinical Governance – Determining a Quality Service; Human Resources Management; Political and Economic Influences on Healthcare Management; Improving Effectiveness in Quality Systems; Developing a Needs LED Service; Organisational Design; Principles and Methods; Commissioning and Finance for Effective Healthcare.

External Examiner for: Northumbria University, Newcastle, in Advanced
Diploma in Professional Effectiveness & Leadership; and undergraduate CPD modules in: Decision Making In Practice; Effective Patient/Client Focussed Team Working; Quality Assurance and Governance; Leadership in Interprofessional Practice; Working in new ways: Partnerships with Users and Carers; Assessing needs for health and social care; Application of Evidence based practice. Promoting health and Well-being

- Residential Tutor – OU Business School MBA Elective B822 – Creativity, Innovation and Change; (2002 – 2005). The OU Business School. UK. Residential Tutor: on the courses – The Capable Manager; and the Effective Manager 1997 – (September, Leeds, UK); 1999 (March - Brussels, Belgium); (September, Beaumont Centre, UK); 2000 (March, Bexley Heath, UK).

Academic Group Chair (Health Care Management), School of HEBES, Middlesex University in London.
Awards / Recognition
ExpertJumaa was awarded the Chartered Manager (CMgr) status. The first Nurse to be awarded this highest accolade for a professional manager in the UK. For more details about the CMgr see

Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholar for original contribution to Evidence Based Practice in Nursing, Healthcare Leadership and Management

ExpertJumaa was Invited to join the membership of the STTI – Honor Society of Nursing ( In February 2007, the Leadership Succession Committee of Sigma Theta Tau International selected me, after a rigorous selection process, as a distinguished candidate on the 2007 ballot for the position of Leadership Succession Committee. He was subsequently elected to the membership of the STTI’s influential Leadership Succession Committee in November 2007. He was the first UK Nurse to be so honoured.

In Enugu, Eastern Nigeria, Nigeria, ExpertJumaa was installed as a Traditional Chief - Onwa na-etili ora of Igboland (the Moon that shines on other people’s lives) in appreciation of the management and leadership capacity building and capability development skills and consultancy activities that L4T implemented, through ExpertJumaa, for the development of health and public services managers and leaders from the Catholic Community in Nigeria. The project was commissioned by the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN).

After just over a year as Co-Chair (see HSJ, News, 16/12/99), Expert was invited to become the Chair of the Association of Management/International Association of Management's Health Care Management Division ( This made him the first Nurse to hold one of the association's Divisional Chairs, and the first non-American to do so.
Medical / Professional
ExpertJumaa conducted a post-doctoral exploration study, carried out in Finland in 2002, under the patronage of the Finnish Medical Society, Duodecim. The study was sponsored through a scholarship awarded by the Florence Nightingale Foundation in London, UK.
Publications and Patents Summary
Chief Expert has published (co-editor – Oct, 2005) one book on healthcare leadership. Section two of this book is devoted to ExpertJumaa’s specialized model and the application in various professional contexts.

This model has successfully assisted hundreds of nurses, midwives, managers and executives to build the appropriate culture through the use of the cultural paradigm framework, for example.

Expert has nine (9) relevant Chapters in Books and has conducted a Post-doctoral research and development project on evidence based medical practice with Primary Healthcare Physicians (GPs – General Practitioners) in Finland ( Expert 2003). He has produced and published 3 editions of the Journal of Nursing Management) and led on three guest editorials - Nov 2005; March 2007 and Nov 2008. He has published over 10 Articles. Relevant and recent conference papers by Expert at national and international conferences are about 18 including his latest presentation at the STTI conference in Kenya (31st July -3rd August, 2010). The paper was well received at the conference.

Expert just completed a book review (August 2010) for the Chartered Management Institute (UK).

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert presently has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience that will professionally serve him, effectively, as an Expert Witness, although he has not registered for this experience yet.
Training / Seminars
ExpertJumaa as an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable expert in curriculum development, management and implementation has designed, developed and delivered many leadership, management and personal development programs from Masters level to single study-day workshops. He has also supervised doctorate students in professional studies (DProf). From 1995 – 2004 as Principal Lecturer (Health Care and Nursing Management) and Programme Director, Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) Accredited Centre for leadership and management development at Middlesex University, his offering included: Post-Experience Diploma; Post-Experience Certificate; Post-Experience Certificate in Quality Management; Post-Experience Certificate in Team Leadership; Scottish and National Management and Leadership Qualifications at Levels: 5; 4; and 3 (June 1995 - 2001); as Programme Leader, Middlesex University Certificate in addition to the CMI’s Professional Post-Experience Certificate (1996); as Programme Leader, Middlesex University Advanced Diploma in Health and Social Care Management in addition to the CMI’s Professional Certificate (1997 - 2001); as Programme Leader, Middlesex University Advanced Diploma in Health and Social Care Management in addition to the CMI’s Professional Diploma (as above CMI’s Diploma replaced the Certificate from 2002 – 2004); as Programme Leader, Middlesex University MSc in Clinical Leadership Programme (1999 – 2003); as Programme Leader, for the Former English National Board for Nursing, Health Visiting and Midwifery (ENB) Approval for ENB D16, the first for a professional Post-Graduate Clinical Leadership Programme (2000 – 2003).

This tenure of office, above, was an excellent opportunity fJumaa to grasp, apply and integrate the principles underlying creative thinking, problem-solving and strategic management and relating them to good nursing as synonymous to good management and leadership. This helped him to implement imaginative, flexible and practical thoughts and actions which led, for example, to the first MSc Clinical Leadership programme in the UK and in Europe. This development was a significant contribution to his professional doctorate in strategic leadership and learning. Pedagogic Outputs (for example, open learning package with details) Feedback from L4T workshops and programme participants have confirmed the significant contributions of L4T’s evidence based Workbooks. They were first produced by ExpertJumaa at the Middlesex University in London as one of the tangible products of his doctorate studies (2001). Known affectionately by students as ‘the red book’ and officially titled ‘Module Evidence Texts (M.E.T). The first two produced were, Managing in a Turbulent Health and Social Care Environment (L4 – Masters) for Semester One -2000-2001) and Managing Services (Health & Social Care)(L3 - undergraduate). These workbooks became key elements of all L4T programmes from Introductory to the CMI Stage 1 of the 2-stage MBA. At Middlesex University ExpertJumaa’s teaching include (main areas of teaching interest) Strategic Management with particular expertise in Health Care, Nursing and the Public Services; Strategic Leadership and Learning in the Workplace; Creative Management; Emotional Intelligence of individuals, groups and organisations; Facilitation Skills for Leadership and Management Effectiveness; Performance Measurement and Evaluation and Work Based Learning Methodology. Modules that ExpertJumaa taught at Middlesex University included: Strategic Clinical Leadership (MSc) (module leader); Managing in a Turbulent Health and Social Care Environment (MSc) (module leader); Managing People (2) (Health & Social Care) (MSc) (L4); Managing Health and Social Care Organisation (MSc) (module leader); Managing Services (Health & Social Care) (Undergraduate) (module leader); Managing Resources (Health & Social Care) (Undergraduate) (module leader) and Managing People (1) (Health & Social Care) (Undergraduate).
Vendor Selection
ExpertJumaa commenced senior management (board-level) executive responsibilities within the UK National Health Service (NHS) on the 4th of July, 1988. Prior to entering Middlesex University as Principal Lecturer (Health Care and Nursing Management) and Programme Director, Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) Accredited Centre for Leadership and Management Development, ExpertJumaa was, as a senior manager and executive: in 1992 – 1995: Director of Continuing Professional Nurse Education and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) Co-ordinator; in 1990 – 1992: Head of a Mental Health Department (Grade 4) and Senior Tutor, Mid-Down and East Surrey District Schools of Nursing and Midwifery and in 1988 – 1990: Head of a Mental Health Department (Grade 4) and Senior Tutor, Mid-Down District School of Nursing and Midwifery.

These achievements demonstrated his competence about organisational restructuring and renewal strategies as well as his capability to develop partnerships across organisational boundaries, involving key stakeholders and sharing knowledge before, during and after the implementation of patient care innovative ideas and initiatives. These capabilities enhanced his activities and made him efficient and effective in sourcing or locating vendors/suppliers in his area of expertise and departments..
Marketing Experience
ExpertJumaa has spent over 35 years within the UK National Health Service (NHS) and the UK University sector. He is passionate about the uniqueness and the role of management and leadership interventions to deliver and improve professional services, as well as providing smarter choices for getting work done. He believes that the contributions of evidence based practice in Management and Leadership through professional practice is at the heart of effective and sustained professional development. This was the driving force behind ExpertJumaa's professional doctorate awarded by Middlesex University in 2001

ExpertJumaa is a firm believer that a key factor in the success of any business, especially one that is innovating and growing, is the quality of its management and leadership. For businesses to be competitive, they need managers and leaders who understand the value of and need for skills, and can deploy and utilise skills in support of innovation. It is no surprise that ExpertJumaa has developed a practical working model to assist achieve and implement his beliefs – the LEADLAP/CLINLAP Model. Whatever activity you engage in, the LEADLAP/CLINLAP Model assists managers, executives, administrators, leaders and practitioners to: Establish purpose and direction through aspiring to agree on Specific Goals; Make an organisational and personal impact through Explicit Roles; Think strategically and get the best from others through Clear Processes and Focus on continuous quality delivery, learning and improving service through Open Relationships.

Through the S.T.E.P Leadership education process (Expert, 2010, 2001, 1997), ExpertJumaa can harness the essence and the benefit of work based learning methodology. Using this methodology, evident from his model and the processes of the DProf and the DBA, ExpertJumaa has: Led the development of personnel and procedures to meet individual and organisational objectives; Established strategy to guide the organisation; Had operational and strategic responsibility for substantial programmes and resources; Reviewed the external and internal operating environments and Evaluated and improved organisational performance. One of ExpertJumaa’s areas of expertise is Work based learning which is contributing to the intellectual capital not only of employers as partners in education and development but also to the knowledge creation processes of education providers like L4T. Work based learning has the potential to provide education providers and universities with a unique opportunity to develop a new kind of knowledge based partnership to enhance organisational performance and effectiveness.

Other Relevant Experience
In July 2009 Expert was appointed as an Ambassador of Goodwill by the UK Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to raise the awareness and profile of CMI and the core competencies of management & leadership. In this role and from the Ambassador Programme, [] ExpertJumaa is able to: raise his personal profile & exposure through undertaking an ambassador role that is most suitable to his skills and career development; he has full access to all of the CMI online resources whilst working towards CPD and continuing in his Chartered Manager status; he networks with like minded people across different sectors; attends exclusive events and access cutting edge research and he receives mentoring from CMI’s high profile Companions.

ExpertJumaa became, in September, 2004, the first UK Black Executive to be called on to the Roll of Chartered Manager (CMgr). This status recognised ExpertJumaa’s Practitioner Knowledge and Understanding. He has, for example, and evidently, an in-depth and a wide range of knowledge in the complex area of health care and professional practice and is currently working at the leading edge of practice underpinned by theoretical understanding. Additionally, ExpertJumaa demonstrates effective and critical selection, combination and use of research and development methods; and has developed new approaches in new situations and contributed to the development of practice based research methodology – the CLINLAP/LEADLAP model for example.

Professional cognitive skills - ExpertJumaa’s professional cognitive skills include demonstration of his ability to analyse and synthesise complex and at times conflicting ideas and information in order to redefine professional knowledge and develop new approaches. There is evidence of his work with 'critical communities' through whom a new or modified paradigm has/is being established, the new S.T.E.P. Leadership Education Process ( Expert 2010, 2001, 1997) for the 21st Century, for example. ExpertJumaa habitually reflects on his own and others professional practice so that self-appraisal and reflective inquiry are intertwined, thereby improving his own and others’ actions.

Professional Practical skills - ExpertJumaa has constantly demonstrated awareness of operational context and application of learning taking into account complex, unpredictable, specialised professional work contexts that require innovative approaches. ExpertJumaa’s professional activities involve exploring current limits of professional knowledge and, in particular, interdisciplinary approaches and understanding. ExpertJumaa’s publications showed that he is able to translate and disseminate theoretical knowledge into workable frameworks and models for practice. Additionally ExpertJumaa makes effective use of resources within wide ranging, complex professional environment. ExpertJumaa has engaged in full professional and academic communication with others in their field and place of work and has given papers and presentations to 'critical communities' for developmental purposes, locally, nationally and internationally.

At the heart of ExpertJumaa’s development and preparation for all professional and personal activities is his Accreditation as a Facilitator of Organisational, Group and Personal Development through the post-graduate Diploma in Humanistic Psychology, the Facilitation Styles Program (1986 – 1988). He was trained at the University of Surrey, England and accredited as a Facilitator by the IDHP – Institute for the Development of Human Potential. Specialist skills and knowledge from this programme include: effective facilitation skills using emotional, group and interpersonal dimensions of relating. Accreditation Process Expertise, Curriculum Quality Assurance Roles in various Assessment Positions and Program Development processes documented in this profile are the evidence that ExpertJumaa has appropriate capability.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Yoruba ExpertJumaa speaks, reads and writes the Yoruba Language spoken by over 20 million people in Africa and also in Bahia, Brazil.
German ExpertJumaa has learned Introductory German. He is a fast learner and will learn and speak any language if it becomes a strategic necessity. He is willing and keen to learn a particular language, if required. His ability to learn new languages is very high.

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