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Expert in Image Processing, 2D/3D Barcode, OMR, OCR, C++, Java, Algorithms, Patent Filing, Expert Witness

Expert ID: 724405 California, USA

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He has been conducting research and development in computer imaging for over 20 years. He has extensive experience developing image processor solutions (the base of computer vision), as well as creating image processing and analysis applications. He is an OCR expert. He worked on feature extractions of objects through his experience in OCR and 2D barcode readers. He wrote imaging applications in OCR and 2D barcode readers. Wrote an English OCR. He uses and teaches software engineering. He spent most of his career designing software. He has spent over 30 years writing computer software. He teaches design and analysis of Computer Algorithms. He also develops algorithmic solution to scientific problems. He has been designing and developing computer algorithms for over 25 years. Throughout his consulting, teaching and computer designing career he has gained a great deal of expertise. He wrote a lot of APIs for different areas in image and text processing. He has long industrial and academic experience in C++. He has developed in and taught several high level languages such as C, C++, and Java. He has been writing C code since the inception of ANSI C. He has a long industrial and academic experience in OOP languages. He has written a lot of C and Pascal. He teaches and uses OOD development. He is familiar with OOA and OOD. All his development is computational and algorithmic. The expert teaches Computer Science which was his minor in college while majoring in Computer Engineering. He teaches computer architecture. He is familiar with digital circuit design through his work at LSI Logic and Tandem Computers (now hp).

Wrote a decoder and encoder for VSCode for VeritecInc, Datamatrix, CP Code for CP Tron, 3D barcode for KACST, color barcode for KACST, and GLIIF barcode for GLIIF. in C++ and JavaWrote a preprocessor (enhancement and segmentation) for English OCR in C++ and one for Arabic OCR in Java for KACST in Saudi Arabia.Wrote a watermarking product using spacial domain and frequency domain in Java for KACST in Saudi Arabia.Wrote an OMR program; a multiple choice grading system for printed exams, developed in javaWrote the Rosetta file encryption system and the DAC (Document Authentication System) in C++ for Altavion Inc.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1990 Degree: PhD Subject: Electrical & Computer Engineering Institution: Stanford University
Year: 1981 Degree: MS Subject: Electrical & Computer Engineering Institution: Stanford University
Year: 1977 Degree: BS Subject: Electrical & Communication Engineering Institution: Cairo University, Egypt

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2015 Employer: Self Employed Title: Image Processing Consultant Department:
Developing image processing solutions in OCR, 2D barcode encoding and decoding, and object identification for security and authentication applications.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2000 to 2010 Country / Region: USA Summary: Consulted as an image processing and algorithmic programmer for several startup companies in the field of 2D barcodes, encryption, and OMR.
Years: 2008 to 1915 Country / Region: Saudi Arabia Summary: Consulted full time for KACST on long government project for Arabic OCR, 2D/3D barcode technologies, watermarking, and others.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Professional Appointments
Research Scientist;
Chief Architect;
Chief Scientist;
Chief Technical Officer
Awards / Recognition
BS Top Honorary Degree in College
Publications and Patents Summary
36 issued patents in USA, Europe, and Japan.
19 publications in US and European journals and conferences.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Served as an expert witness in consultant for a California law office where he reviewed patents and IP material in image processing and 2D barcode technologies involved in a case between a Japanese imaging company and a US startup imaging and security company. The law office represented the US startup company.
Training / Seminars
OOP, C++, C, data structures, algorithm design and analysis, image processing, digital electronics, and software engineering.
Vendor Selection
Used Linkedin, CraigsList, and personal contacts to locate such vendors
Marketing Experience
He has insights in search engines industry, book search, vertical search, and image processing.

He is one of the best image processing research scientists and developer who can design complicated and efficient algorithms to solve many imaging problems.
Other Relevant Experience
He is also good at providing technical support for the products he builds.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency

Fields of Expertise

computer vision, image processing, image analysis, computer imaging software, optical character recognition grid, optical character recognition technology, alphanumeric reader, feature extraction, optical transfer function, pattern recognition, optical imaging system, image quality measurement, electronic imaging technology, electronic imaging application, bar-code scanner, intelligent character recognition technology, 2D barcode, software engineering, software design, computer algorithm, algorithm, application development system, computer software technology innovation, boundary extraction, application program interface, C programming language, ANSI C programming language, object-oriented programming language, computer programming, procedural programming language, functional programming language, object-oriented development, object-oriented design, object-oriented analysis, computational mathematics, computer engineering, computer system integration, digital circuit, manufacturing code, barcode design, Microsoft Windows 95, Java, high visibility color, software conversion, hypertext markup language, Internet firewall, computer-aided engineering software, software validation, digital logic simulation, document management software, decision system, software standard, foreign language, software installation, just-in-time software, computer benchmark, system analysis, embedded software, Microsoft Windows NT, computational method, computer-aided design software, computation, digital computer, software modeling, computer-aided software engineering, electronics, turbulent flow pattern recognition, computer design engineering, Fourier analysis, simulation software, Microsoft Windows programming, C++ programming, application software, mathematics software, software systems requirements definition, input/output software, Microsoft Windows software, computer language, hardware description language, computer-aided engineering, integrated-circuit design software, document imaging, software design for safety, computer design, American National Standards Institute material standard, electrical engineering, Internet, formal language, high-level programming language, language, hardware engineering, computer technology, computer, software inspection, software engineering benchmarking, signal processing, digital integrated circuit, computer software, computer science, code reader, artificial intelligence

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