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Expert was previously the Director responsible for the global deployment of advanced technology vehicle fleet projects at General Motors. He led the deployment of the Chevrolet Electric Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV) Fleet. He led the FCEV “Project Driveway” and the Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) “Customer Advisory Board” vehicle fleet programs. He was responsible for all Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Electric Networked Vehicle (EN-V) vehicle platform demo fleets. He had responsibility for the US DoE Tech Val and the German CEP FCEV fleet programs. He was responsible for implementation of the Hydrogen Infrastructure plan for demo fleet deployments and designing/procuring/permitting/installing 12 hydrogen refueling stations as well as the >20 Electric Recharging Stations for the initial Volt Fleet deployment. He had responsibility for 8 vehicle repair/maintenance facilities around the globe. He had previously been responsible for Advanced Product Engineering including Advanced Manufacturing, Operations and Process, and held positions of leadership in: Research, Fuel Processing, Program Management, and System Development activity at the Fuel Cell Activities Center in Honeoye Falls, New York.

Expert began his career with General Motors in 1977 in the vehicle development group at the Cadillac Motor Car Division. He served the next 11 years in various engineering roles involved in development and calibration of numerous engine/vehicle programs for the Cadillac and Powertrain divisions.

From 1988 to 1996, he worked on International Engine Management Systems for Delphi Automotive Division in Rochester, New York. He worked with fuel system customers and spent extensive time in South America and Europe and was the lead on several “industry firsts” engine programs including the 20% and 100% Ethanol platforms for GM do Brasil.

Since 1996, Expert has been working on fuel cell technology for General Motors. He has been responsible for leading areas of the development activities in many key programs including Department of Energy Methanol Fuel Cell System, Fuel Cell Transit Bus Application, Distributed Power Applications, and several Auto Show concept vehicles. He was also responsible for the Fuel Cell System utilized in the world’s first gasoline powered fuel cell vehicle demonstrated in 2001 as well as the Distributed Generation activity for Dow Chemical. He was Staff Engineer in charge of Advanced Product Engineering for the latest Fuel Cell Power Module for the Sequel and Equinox programs.

Expert has earned AS, BS, and MS degrees and is a Doctoral Candidate working on his dissertation. He received the Excellence in Management award as the top graduate student in his class at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. He served on the Nazareth Alumni Board as well as the Management curriculum Advisory Board. He was the key technical contributor for the Weekly Reader fuel cell education program that won the SAE Environmental Excellence in Transportation award. He is a two time recipient of the Chairman’s Honors for the Dow Chemical and Project Driveway fuel cell projects. He has generated multiple patents and research disclosures during his career and has spoken at various Fuel Cell conferences/seminars.

Offers consultations for corporate fleet direction to optimize capital expenditures, fuel use, emission/regulatory compliance, funding opportunities, and corporate green image strategies at the highest levels within an organization. Vehicle expertise: ICE, Hybrid, PHEV, EREV, BEV, Fuel Cell, CNG. Infrastructure expertise: Gasoline, Ethanol(10-100%), CNG, Hydrogen, Electric Charging. Technology assessment and supplier evaluation for production readiness for multiple customers who are under NDA contract.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2001 Degree: BS Subject: Organizational Management Institution: Nazareth College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2013 to 2013 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Managing Director Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: Providing fuel neutral consulting services for corporate fleet direction to optimize; capital expenditures, fuel use, emission/regulatory compliance, funding opportunities, and corporate green image strategies. Have extensive research, development, and manufacturing expertise in multiple powertrains: ICE, Hybrid, PHEV, EREV, BEV, Fuel Cell. Infrastructure expertise in multiple fuels: Gasoline, Ethanol(10-100%), Hydrogen, CNG, Propane, and Electric Charging. Capable of assessing technology readiness and supplier qualification for low and high volume production.
Years: 1977 to 2012 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Director Department: Product Engineering Responsibilities: Director of Advanced Technology Demonstration Programs (2006-2012)
• Established a global organization (>60 employees) for servicing prototype and preproduction vehicles, power modules and hydrogen/electric infrastructure
• Conceived program that deployed 120 prototype Fuel Cell vehicles with more than 100 families and over 3000 drivers called ‘Project Driveway’, safely operated for 5 years accumulating over 2.5 million emission free miles
• Contracted 12 Business to Business partners for vehicle PR programs (Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Hilton, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, CBS, etc.)
• Implemented corporate standards for data acquisition and part tracking software
• Developed & trained Dealership/First Responder network for future technology vehicles
• Initiated Hydrogen codes and standards activity through SAE publications/regulations
• Planned and executed multiple electric vehicle demonstration fleet programs (Fuel Cell, Volt Customer Advisory Board, E-Assist, BEV Spark, and EN-V)
• Successfully delivered $78M Department of Energy Fuel Cell vehicle fleet project
• Developed, permitted, installed and globally operated 8 facilities/12 refueling stations
• Campus media representative, technical training, subject matter expert/guest lecturer for college and non-GM business executives (60 Minutes clip, Exxon-Mobil commercial, 8 Auto Show spots, >50 live TV interviews, multiple articles, and technology conferences)
• Coordinated ‘GM Cares’ community out reach program with 5 local charities with more than 125 employee participants, compiling over 3250 hours of service over 10 years
• Developed green vehicle fleet initiatives with over 20 fleet business customers, Universities, and municipalities and integrated all levels of vehicle technology insertio

Director of Advanced Product Engineering/Manufacturing Engineering (2003-2006)
• Led more than 120 GM/75 Contract employees and integrated 23 suppliers
• Managed all elements of project development from inception to implementation
• Managed annual budget/expenditure/accounting of up to $20M per year
• Developed new supplier, partner and dealership network for introduction of technology
• Cultivated/integrated >30 suppliers into 12 prefab, delivered modules for production
• Completed Fuel Cell Power Module program on time (2 years) and completed assembly, verification and testing of >150 systems for introduction at vehicle assembly plan
• Provide program/project management and product development capability
• Led GM Fuel Cell bus program, coordinated ridership and route strategy

Other positions held at GM:
Staff Engineer – System Engineering, Research and Fuel Processing (2000-2003)
Manager – Fuel Cell Programs, Calibration/Test Engineering (1998-1999)
Supervisor – System Engineering/Test Engineering (1997-1998)
Manager - Fuel Cell Applications (1996-1997)
Manager – Engine Programs/International Applications (1992-1996)
Senior Development Engineer (1991-1992)
Component Development Engineer (1988-1991)
Senior Development Engineer (1983-1988)
Calibration Engineer (1977-1983)

PATENTS 5558062–Integrated Small Engine Control
4848189–Engine Throttle Stop Control
6195999–Electrochemical Engine
6202710–Method and Apparatus for Refueling Electrochemical Engine
7740973–Modular Electrochemical Power System
7651806–Non-Flammable Exhaust Enabler for Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell

PUBLICATIONS US Department of Energy "Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project" (2010)
Disclosure 37607-Evaporative Emission Fuel Tank Actuator (2004)

PRESENTATIONS Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE): Top Tech-Fuel Cell System Tradeoff
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE): Fuel Cell Panel Discussion
GM Technology Tour Presenter
Tribeca Film Festival
Key Note Speaker: Annual Rochester Business Leader Meeting MIM
New J

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1990 to 1999 Country / Region: South America Summary: He lived in Brazil working with GM do Brasil on ethanol based fuel systems and vehicle launch. Was responsible for world's first 100% ethanol high volume production vehicle. He was responsible for the sale of over 1 million ethanol based vehicle fuel systems. He has traveled to Brazil over the life of that program 36 times in 6 years. He possess expertise on alternative fueled automotive systems/vehicles.
Years: 1994 to 2012 Country / Region: Europe Summary: He had over 50 people reporting to him throughout Germany and worked with 10 different suppliers and partners across the EU.
Years: 1994 to 2012 Country / Region: Asia Summary: He had over 10 people reporting to him throughout Asia and worked with 10 different suppliers and partners in Japan, China, and Korea. He has worked/partnered with Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, SAIC, and Daewoo.

Career Accomplishments

Awards / Recognition
Publications and Patents Summary

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He is recognized as an industry subject matter expert on fuel neutral consulting services for corporate fleet direction to optimize; capital expenditures, fuel use, emission/regulatory compliance, funding opportunities, and corporate green image strategies. Have extensive research, development, and manufacturing expertise in multiple powertrains: ICE, Hybrid, PHEV, EREV, BEV, Fuel Cell. Infrastructure expertise in multiple fuels: Gasoline, Ethanol(10-100%), Hydrogen, CNG, Propane, and Electric Charging. Capable of assessing technology readiness and supplier qualification for low and high volume production.
Training / Seminars
He has received extensive internal and external to GM training on technology, products, testing, process, purchasing, and customer requirements/expectations.
Vendor Selection
Developed global supplier base, qualified suppliers, negotiated partner agreements, etc. Managed product engineer, advanced manufacturing group for fuel cell demonstration fleet introduction.
Marketing Experience
Subject matter expert for the Automotive industry for current and future products.
Other Relevant Experience
Product Development – I led our global Product Engineering/Prototype Manufacturing organizations (120 GM/75 Contract employees) for the design and build of our pre-production fuel cell power module that powered the Chevrolet Equinox demonstration fleet. The program met all the customer requirements as well as all NHTSA on-road vehicle requirements and safely accumulated more than 2.5 million real world miles in customers’ hands. I initiated a supplier integration program where we converted 30 suppliers into 12 prefab delivered sub-modules for final assembly while maintaining production like supplier quality metrics.

Manufacturing – I led the pre-production operations that assembled more than 1500 fuel cell stacks and 150 engines for the Chevrolet Equinox demonstration fleet. Thos modules were successfully integrated into our production process at our vehicle final assembly plant in Oshawa, Canada. I have also been responsible for technology introduction for design, development, and implementation of components, sub-systems, and systems with improved fuel economy, durability, reliability, as well as alternate fuels for international production programs in Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, and Europe.

Project Execution – I led the recently completed five-year Department of Energy fuel cell demonstration vehicle evaluation program incorporating more than 50 vehicles with a budget of $78m. I was also responsible for the Department of Defense vehicle programs for three branches of the service in New York, Virginia, Michigan, California, and Hawaii where 20 electric vehicles with varying technologies were deployed for the past four years. Both projects were delivered on schedule and under budget while meeting all customer requirements/regulations.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Portuguese Passable in technical discussions.

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